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What does your screen name mean?

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Some of them seem so creative, just curious as to what they meant :)

so come on people, fess up!

CHROME HEARTs is one of favourite brands, it means something else too but im keeping that under lock and key

Signed, The Thread Killer
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mine is my school ID... just easy when you can remember all the same account name haha. Guess I'm lazy. Fun topic tho!


mine is boring! Just parts of my whole name smashed together.  I am terrible at coming up with screen names that aren't taken.

Garb is slang for costumes people live in at Renaissance Faires. I'm a seamstress that specializes in costumes for this venue. Geeky, I know. :)

Mine means I didn't pass kindergarten English :/

It's supposed to be "Muscovite" ...
Not too geeky!  My whole family is full of rennies, and my 10 year old will be coronated as Princess of our home faire in just a couple of months.

Man, I have to get working on a TON of garb.

Have you checked our  There are a lot of rennies on it.  It is a lot of fun!
ab1435 - ive never even thought of using a school ID, i like that idea its neat :)
Main character in a play i wrote ^_^

 Well met Vendi Care!

Heh Heh....nope, not that site. I frequent a few other places. Funny how we Rennies find each other though. :)

Fun Post 'chrome heart'

thanks Flower Eating Lady :D (i thought i was going to get flamed for that topic lol)

Laughing right along  with you Great Post Pal :o only get flamed if you mention Spenda in the same topic! *P

*Ducks and runs for cover*

from the poem "lady shalott" ...if anyone knows the poem they know her curse...yes i spelled mine differently but i like to be that sort of way so meh

Mine's kind of boring- in middle school, my friends all tried to think of animals that would best suit their personalities. My friends chose me as a phoenix.

I also love the mythology of tears having healing powers and songs that bring hope to people, as my goal in life has always been to help people. (I'd like to be a doctor)

As for the number, I like doing fun math things with 121 as the square of 11. (If you keep squaring it, there's cool patterns)
haha! yeah then youre as good as dead XD

phoenix - i love that idea too (about the tears) my sis does a lot of phoenix themed art pieces, theyre so pretty :o
Shortly after getting engaged I was looking at my body, naked, in a mirror and wondering what kind of wedding dress was going to flatter this awkward shape.

I took particular notice to my ass, which instead of having cellulite had massive craters and looked a lot like the moon.  I took it pretty hard, realising I was too fat to even have cellulite.  Instead, I had giant dimples and craters.

Since delight rhymes with cellulite, and cellulite in my opinion is quite delightful, it rolled off the tongue well, it was memorable, and I simply had to have it.

Even now people I know who ask about my weight loss, when I mention Calorie Count and my screen name they get into giggle fits.  The nickname CD sticks with me online and offline.

mine is because i love martial arts and i dream of hosting a martial arts tournament (and competing in it too, of course)

Mine is just a song title by one of my favorite bands, His Hero is Gone.

Mine is an abbreviation of my name and badge number.  Not too creative but it sticks.  although somepeople call me "straps" instead of staps.  I guess it just depends what's on you mind! LOL

i was a vegetarian when i made my dn. it's the obvious peace, love, and harmony-only it's hominy to represent not eating animals to go along with all the peacefulness.


my initials= v.m.c and butterfly is what my name means in greek
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