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How to get rid of mold/mildew on shoes?

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Hello. I have been living in my apartment and I am having issues with mold. There is mold growing in my closet and on my lower window wall. The old has got on some of my shoes. The shoes are not that bad. I put my shoes in the sun to help with the mold growing control. Some of the mold is off, but there is still some mold spores left in it. What should I do to get rid of the mold left in it? How can I get rid of the mold off of my shoes (especially suede)?

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Perhaps take them to the dry cleaner?

Mold is really bad for you.  Have you addressed the problem with your landlord?

Suede is hard but simple green will work on the leather and athletic shoes.

Use full strength


First cut up a used t-shirt to small pieces. Soak the cloth pieces in alcohol and wipe the shoe clean inside and out. This would remove most of the mold and kill the majority of them without getting your shoes more damp. Be careful and not get the alcohol to drip since the glue in the shoe soles may be damaged by the alcohol. Replace the cloth piece with a new one when you see that it is loaded with mold.

Put the shoes out in sun shine for a day to kill the remainder of the mold. Don't be tempted to keep the shoes out in sunshine for more than one day since it can over dry the shoes and damage the shoes.

As an additional precaution step to prevent the spores to get your shoes moldy again, you can wipe down the shoe with half water half vinegar solution or full strength Simple Green.

Last step: Shine your shoes with appropriate shoe polish. The polish will restore the protective film on the shoes and keep the mold spore from sticking to them and grow again.

My brother put a lamp without the shade in the closet and left the light on and it helped. mold likes darkness. I you have a walkin closet this will help.

Hope you don't have allergies but you really need to talk to your land lord it's bad for you.

wipe walls down with bleach water or tilex (sp)

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