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Can/Should I report a jerk to his boss?

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Sup guys! I work at a petrol station, and one of the regular customers keeps filling up and being unable to pay. He's either forgotten his card, his wallet, brought the wrong credit card, or, and this is the latest reason, he was filling up his bosses car, so he would phone his boss and get his boss to pay, because he wasn't going to pay for it. He walked out, without paying, then, had the nerve to try filling up his own car up about 30 minutes later and fipped out when I said no way, pay for that other fuel first. 

He's rude to me, rude to other staff, and we have had to threaten to call the police if he dosnt pay or back down. He usually shows up in his works uniform, and this last stunt about it being his bosses car is making me think I should just call his boss and report him for being a colossal douchebag. Is that a thing I can do? I dont think his boss would like knowing this guy is running around stealing fuel and harassing people while wearing the companies uniform and blaming it on his boss. 

Is there a procedure I need to follow or something? Would you bother or would you let it slide? Do I just phone up the guys boss or what? I really am mad about this jerk face you guys.

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If he's stealing, I think you should make a report to the police.  Let them contact the jerk's boss, if that's the next step. 

If you contact his boss, it's possible he could find out you did so.  Do you think he'd retaliate in some way?

I think it's better to go through official channels.

In the states you'll get arrested, pay a hefty fine, and possibly lose your license if you don't pay for your gas.  I can't believe he's allowed to get away with that crap!

I wouldn't call his boss - he's not going to do anything.  I'd call your own boss and find out what he wants to have done.

^ this, for i would add: document his behaviour and have another employee initial or sign it, in case you are asked for specific incidents.

I'm not sure what country you are in, but in the UK petrol stations have CCTV & panic the police, it could be that he doesn't even work for the company.

Hey Heat been awhile since you've graced these the cops, let them sort it out.

Ok you guys! If he pulls another stunt like that I'm gonna call my boss, the police, and then his boss. Guy can't go around being such a jerk without any repercussions. NOT ON MY WATCH

Here in my neck of the woods, you can't even get a gas pump to put the stuff in your tank until you pay first.  YOu either swipe your card and they deduct $126 right off the bat - then the actual amount it took to fuel and put the $126 back in.  If your account doesn't have the $ in it to cover this initial removal you don't get fuel.


That is such a good idea! I have to look out a window to see who is at the pumps. Like I can tell if they have money with them or not :(

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