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just say a random comment.

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yep, honestly. just say a random comment that's going hrough your head at the moment. it can be funny, serious, silly, risque, or anything you want. and you can post as many times as you want.


i really have to pee.

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You wouldn't be able to tell I'm a perfectionist from the state of my house.

he always wants to say hello to me.

you said that already.


Who knew Human Sexuality would be soooo boring?

I love you broccoli slaw. Who woulda thunk it?

I want wine!!!!

Ketchup, when used to excess, is nearly enough.

didn't have wine but i found some whiskey inthe house and am having grape juice and whiskey...strange combo , but it'll do...


(Ketchup reference) Say hello to my little friend.

I have been ballooning up like crazy ever since I stopped CC-ing about half a year ago. Tried to do the C25K but couldn't get past W1D1. I no longer have the time to do that since my classes are in the evenings now (my runs used to be in the evenings as well). I shall wait till I have enough stamina and health to continue doing that in the mornings. I really need to eat healthy more often but the lack of a fridge is seriously restricting. Anyway 29lbs to lose by 28th Feb 2010! Wow this is the first time I have had a more realistic goal, 7 months as opposed to 3-4 months "instant loss" as I had hoped for in the past. I'm sick of my ever-bulging tummy and can't wait for it to be gone!

Purple Rain...never will get sick of that song.

Hell’s basement isn’t so bad, it’s decorated with 1970’s faux wood paneling stained dark walnut and some really hideous maroon carpet covered with fleur de lis. It smells just a bit worse than the one that used to adorn the floors of the Orpheum in Boston, but the whiskey’s fair and the clientele highly amusing, so it’s all good.

People that force really horrible songs upon others, that are sure to get stuck in your head, are evil.  

I love my new hybrid car.

I am a fragging aardvark and so is your mother.

Is that a gigantic zucchini, or are you just happy to see me?

I hate him with all my heart :)

Proud to be an American!

so this is how you repay my love?

I haz wine!!

Today has to be a productive day!

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