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Rain vs Snow= Which do you prefer and why?

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My husband and I are talking about moving from Oregon to North Dakota. We are both beyond tired of rain 5 days out of 7! He is from North Dakota and I was afraid of the snow. He says that snow is no where as annoying as rain and I just figured I would get your opinions.

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I'd pick rain.  It's not as cold, and it's easier to drive in.  Snow is pretty, until it stays around for too long and gets dirty.  :P

Rain, I do not have to shovel rain.

It's a tough one.

I'll take snow in December over rain in December.

I'll take rain in March over snow in March.

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I vote rain. Snow is fun the first day and then a pita to shovel and drive around in. I grew up in Oregon and honestly miss the rain sometimes. Go figure.

Snow, because some of the people who completely lose their ability to drive when it rains have the common decency to stay home when it snows.

Snow -- because it rarely snows 5/7 days and you usually get to see the sun.

Snow -- because there are activities you can still do outside in the snow but rain precludes a lot of them.

Snow -- because you burn more calories dealing with the snow (even if you have a snow blower/plow) than you do with the rain.

Snow -- because in ND people know how to drive in the snow, and I don't think tourists go to ND Laughing -- seems like no matter where you go people lose their minds when they have to drive in the rain...

But I couldn't handle the cold...

I live in a unheated barn which stays around 45-48 in the winter so you do get tired of the cold and propane is expensive plus wood burning is restricted on smog  inversion layer days.... but we have lots of sun and hardly any fog which I hated in N calif coast....but wind blows alot and finding a spot for good water is getting hard to find now, new pump and bladder tank should last 10+ yrs now, Its not free water ....have to save up for next motor etc. but still cheaper than water meters in town. Dakota's get those tornado things also... I extreme cold...Cry


I vote for rain. When it stops raining, you're fine. When it stops snowing, you deal with sludge, icy roads, and idiot drivers. Plus I hate cold <_<

Well, living in Wisco, there used to be terrible snow! This winter was as mild as those I experienced in Bologna. However, Bologna was pretty rainy. After living in both places, I'd say rainy climates are easier to live in. 

It's also prettier ;) 

Too much of anything isn't good, so I would rather snow for a few months as apposed to rain nearly every day all year.

But I like both.

I'd take snow any day.  You can go outside while it's snowing and sled, ski, skate.  All kinds of winter activities.  But what can you do in the rain???  Stay inside and feel sorry for yourself.  No thanks! 

Apr 19 2012 21:33
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Rain... I'm from a bit farther North of ND... Manitoba.  While this year we didn't get a lot of snow there is usually a lot and the driving and the cold and the shovelling and the slipping and sliding and frostbite and stains on your good boots even after you've weather treated them and the salt stains on your clothes and your car...I could go on!


Rain because i love the smell of it afterwards!
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I prefer snow. I do like it at Christmas and I downhill ski. Yellow snow however is a no-no. :)

Always snow! grew Up in Pa. the roads are always kept cleared off. I hate going out in the rain and getting wet.

The sun come out, you can play in it. I just hate rain it's depressing.

OK, I lived in the midwest; however, I have spent the last 16 years in Oregon.  I think I can answer this one fairly honestly.  I hate the rain in Oregon by December 1st; however, I also hate the snow by December 1st in North Dakota.  The rain stops in June; however, the rain continues in North Dakota all summer.  Oregon is beatiful.  North Dakota not so much.  If you want to get some snow in your life in Oregon you can head for the mountains anytime of the year.  I played in the snow in August last year.  You can't do that in North Dakota.  You can also enjoy the beach in August.  No beach in North Dakota.  So, although I really hate the rain, specially in April... Oregon wins.


 Thank you everyone for your opinions. It has been helpful in giving me a better understanding of what I will be getting into. The funny thing is, the people that chose Snow gave the same reasons as my Hubby. LOL

I'm like the previous poster gilt and from Manitoba. From my experience it isn't the snow that people who move to the area have a hard time with, it's the cold. If you agree to move I'd put in the a caveat that you get a 1 week vacation somewhere warm (carribean?) per winter. Very popular around here, I guess it helps to break up the winter.

RAIN.  Snow means it's cold and I hate cold weather.

Rain.  I live in MN and the cold and snow seems to last forever.  While it is true there are a lot of winter activities, they aren't enjoyable if you hate being in the bone chilling cold.  It is the middle of April and I have had ice on my car windows twice this week.  It was 28 degrees when I left for work this morning. 

Plus, it is not fun shoveling snow...or trying to get your car out of snow drifts.  And when the snow is finally gone, you get rain anyway...sometimes day after day after day.

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