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Poll: What time do you eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

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I grew up eating thanksgiving dinner at around 4pm. Early, but not all that bad (plus this is when I ate the cabinets daily, so it didn't phase me).

This year I'm having it with my bf and they're eating dinner at 2pm.

So what time do you all eat the big turkey?

And for you early eaters, how do you handle the meal and make it through to actual dinner time?

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Whenever I get to slaughtering the one in the pen behind my home.

we usually have veggies and dip, shrimp, and cheese and crackers around 12:30. then we have dinner around 2:30.

but i pretty much just eat all day, cause thanksgiving is a freebie day for me!

1 or 1:30 pm, depending on how long it takes to carve the turkey

We'll be eating around 2... Everyone usually goes back for 2nds (some 3rds) around 6 :) I usually eat enough to keep me full the entire day.. My b/f's family is big on making ridiculous amounts of food.

I read a great tip on women's health website on one way to make it through the meal... They said if you're eating with people who's goal is to see you eat, fill your plate with veggies and white meat and then just put a spoon of the high-fat, high-carb, high-everything stuff on top to give the illusion that you have lots of rich sides on your plate... not sure if it will give the illusion I'm hoping for but it's worth a shot!

My family starts at 1:00 and then we have another dinner with the hubby's family at 6:00.  It's a very fattening day for me...

It was usually anywhere's between 1-2 pm. Depending on when the cooking started and when everyone got there.

We used to do it around 4ish as well. But the last few years, it's moved to pretty much real dinnertime, like 6 or so.

We have more of a "Thanksgiving Lunch"...around 1-2pm.


same here, oneish, later, howlin' wolf blueberry pie and vanilla frozen yogurt.

Blah. Why is it called Thanksgiving Dinner then? I'm not liking these answers :)

I've never heard it called Thanksgiving "dinner"  Honestly we just say, "when you coming over for Thanksgiving??" lol  My mom and I would always get up at the A** crack and start cooking all the veggies for the stuffing that we stayed up chopping the night before.  It's a process that starts at about 6 am every Thanksgiving.

We've always eaten between 2 and 3.. most deffinately at 2 this year b/c my dad actually has to work at 6 :(

whoa i'm shocked! all these years i thought my family was crazy for eating thanksgiving dinner at 2 in the afternoon but i guess it wasn't as unusual as i thought!

Original Post by x17star17x:

Blah. Why is it called Thanksgiving Dinner then? I'm not liking these answers :)

Quite a few people call their noon meal dinner and their evening meal supper.

We usually eat the big meal around 2-3. Then major munching on different desserts anywhere from 5-7. Then major left over munching around 9-10.

We usually have a lite brunch around 10ish and then the big dinner at 4ish.

Original Post by graciek82:

We usually have a lite brunch around 10ish and then the big dinner at 4ish.

 Here in Canada, we eat our Thanksgiving dinner much earlier  - like a month earlier!  But 4:00ish is pretty much the norm in our family.

umm ALL DAY! my parents are divorced so...appetizers around 10 then I gorge myself at 1 then head over to the other side of the family to continue with their appetizers and then another HUGE meal at 6 UGH. Christmas and Easter is the same routine as well, plus the boyfriends familySealed

split had to ruin my lame joke...I was going to answer "October" :P

Thanksgiving at my aunt's with the extended family is around 1 or 2pm for us also, but at home, mom has it ready by real dinner time.

Wow. We eat Thanksgiving Dinner for actual dinner, 6:00-6:30!

Original Post by boston93:

Wow. We eat Thanksgiving Dinner for actual dinner, 6:00-6:30!


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