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Poll time, Ladies and Gentlemen!

What was your FAVORITE Cartoon? Did you love the EPIC Cartoons like Voltron? Were you more into the Classic Cartoons like Mickey Mouse or Heathcliff?  Or the movie spinoffs like Ghostbusters?

What was your favorite Cartoon of all time? :) 

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Home movies is great! Anything from Brendan Small is great!
ghostbusters, captain planet, and garfield
I can't believe no one's mentioned Top Cat! That's my favourite for suuuuuuure.

2 stupid Dogs is so funny I think its on late night on the toon network used to be on at a decent hour lOL

Many years ago the CN also had "Cartoon Planet" with Space Ghost and Brak and that was a riot to watch too.  Oh and Dangermouse

From my growing up years (showing my age for sure)  Tom Terrific, Huckelberry hound, yogi Bear and I don't remember the name but the squeaky mouse that would follow the other character and keep asking questions - oh and the one with the chicken and chicken hawk.  The Banana Splits, HR Pufnstuf and the Monkees for the non animated Saturday morning shows.


I was also insane over G.I. Joe and my earliest favorite was Kimba, the White Lion! Laughing

Definately Pinky & The Brain!

"What are we going to do tonight Brain?"

"The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!"

Haha, classic. Also, Ren & Stimpy, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, and of course the Pink Panther! (I own a collectors series that includes every Pink Panther episode ever. Haha I'm such a loser.)
Who can sing the Pinky & The Brain theme song?? I can!!!- I am such a dork!! 
Another Roadrunner fan here.   Also, for pure kitsch - George of the Jungle and Superchicken.
lots of good ones mentioned here, but what about Freakaziod! Short run, and I wasn't a kid anymore, but I loved it! My boys still watch Voltron (internet is a great thing BTW), Mazinger Z and Grandizer. Thier dad was a huge fan, so he passed it along to them - and they love it. I have yet to meet a little boy that doesn't love huge robots and badly synced up voice overs! I used to watch G-Force as a kid (see, even little girls like bad translators) and Star Blazers. Thinks to self...Hmmm, Japanimation .... maybe that's why I married hubby....Smile
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Not mentioned here yet but I love Dexter's Laboratory. In addition most things Chuck Jones are great. Various Japanese cartoons are good too such as Azumanga.

Edit: And I'm going to tack on Pink Panther 

Freakazoid was awesome!!! Why do they always cancel the *good* cartoons?
I loved "Hey Arnold!"
Scooby Doo, - I have a scooby Doo watch and mats for my car. My fav.

Yogi bear - Hey Boo Boo, smarter than the average bear.

Bull winkle and Rocky

Underdog - something - lighting - bolt of thunder - underdog.

baby Huey

caper the friendly ghost

This is not completely on topic but related...

My favorite cartoon strip of all time is Calvin and Hobbes- I like them so much I got inked with them.

Someone on here mentioned Spongebob, I'm the kids ask to watch something else and I'm like, just wait just's almost over. 

Voltron was fantastic.  She-Ra was awsome, and...Thundercats, Thundercats HOO!
Loved Battle For the Planats.  We always called it G-Force and played it at school on recess!!

mid 70's

Surprised no one mentioned it
Dragonball Z!

MY absolute favourites were The Flinstones, Sesame Street (although not a cartoon, it must be mentioned) and The Animaniacs...Hellllooo Nurse!  Was animaniacs  even written for kids? I remember one dialogue went like this..

Wakko: Who are you?

Piano Player: I'm the Pianist 

Wakko: The What?

Piano Player: The Pianist

Wakko: Potty Mouth! 

I was about 14 and nearly died laughing! 

Ahh!  I completely forgot the BEST show EVER... Pinky and the Brain. 

Pinky: "Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
The Brain: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky?Try to take over the world."
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