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What will my physical entail??

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Afternoon all...

I haven't long moved to the US from the UK and my new doctor wants to give me a physical, which is fair enough, but what does this entail usually? Is it just li8ke blood pressure, heart, lungs, etc?

Also as a female will they give me an internal? Or will that wait until I go for a pap smear? (sorry to be personal!)


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Depends on the doctor, my doctor does paps, but I have my ob/gyn do that instead. So my doctor just presses on my stomach, listens to my heart, blood pressure, eyes, ears, in my mouth, asks me 50 questions. And every two years I have blood work done (I don't have insurance so, can't afford to do it every year but if you have insurance then, every year) to check sugar levels, hormones, liver, and I think mine also checked thyroid.

if you have had a pap in the last year you don't need another one. Just say so if they say they will do that. Or just let them know you plan to find a gynecologist for that if that is your preference.

Usually it's a listen to your heart and lungs thing, look in the ears and throat, bp and weight check, with basic blood work...unless you have some sort of ongoing issues.

Ask your doctor.  :) There's no reason to fear calling ahead of time. Some people have their yearly exam/pap smear at the same appointment. It depends on the circumstances/person in question.

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