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philo/anthro major

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So, i'm a philosophy and anthropology major and i have all kinds of stuff to read for my metaphysics class, but theres only so much aristotle i can read before i need a break. hence this post.

i was just wondering if there where any other philo or anthro majors out there and what you plan on doing with your degree.

i'm mostly just trying to procrastinate here, but i am interested, as i am a senior, and still not positive what i'll be doing in a year from now. i have ideas, but the reality has just set in that i dont know what will really happen after graduation and if i'll be able to find a job.
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awesome majors!

i minored in philosophy (with a gov major and another art minor).  i work at a non-profit now.  totally don't use my degree at all for work.  honestly, for the most part, my friends don't do anything for work that has to do with their majors.  BUT i do exhibit art and my work definitely utilizes philo, gov, and art (and some anthro too actually).

 enjoy your senior year!

see, i'm worried i'm not gonna end up using my majors too.

i do plan on grad school however, its just the whole paying for it thing that i'm concerned about.

ideally, i'd like to study the original peopling of the americas, (i'm talking clovis, or before accordign to some people, not the vikings), but yeah, i have no idea how to even get involved with that. and then i get excited about philosophy and wanna go into that too, something to do with comparative religion.

i have no idea, haha.

very cool.

well, my mom is an anthropologist, and a you can always teach.  otherwise, i suggest looking for jobs at cultural institutions and non-profits, such as the smithsonian in DC. 

I know you posted this a while ago, but I'm new to the site and just found it.

I majored in philosophy and psychology. I only majored in philosophy becasue I loved it so much I thought it should be a major since I planned on taking all the classes. There isn't much to do with a philosophy degree other than teach, write, or go to law school. Luckily, though, it's a really good subject to have a background in, even if you don't use it as a primary job.

I'm going to go to grad school and get my Ph D in psychology, then go back for a Ph D in philosophy. I want to work in psychology for a while (10-15 years maybe) then find a teaching job at a liberal arts college teaching both psychology and philosophy.

 Maybe we can team up and write a book that will change the world!

Of course, you can also do tons of other things... Google "famous philosophy majors." You'd be surprised who's on the lists!

unless you teach a phil degree is near worthless for what you end up paying for it.
cant you go to law school with those majors??

Law school is totally an option, or do a teaching degree afterward.

My sister took phil and is now the manager of a real estate company ... totally unrelated ... she reads Heidegger in her spare time.

Anthropology/Psychology major & Master's in Education.

I started out developing Cultural Studies programs for a Children's Museum and now teach Global Studies to K-5 at a school in NC (I got to develop my own curriculum which is a cool mix of science and world issues...molding the minds of the future...I plan on flooding colleges with anthro majors in the future)...

There are lots of things you can do with your degree, read "Careers in Anthropology" by John T. Omohundro...


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