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Penis size after weight loss

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This question is for other guy's. has anyone noticed a major change in the size of their unit after weight loss? just wondering if it's true or false about gaining a inch for every 30lbs lost.

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Dr Oz said it was true, on Oprah.  Although, its not like its going to grow...  it just gets hidden by the extra skin around it, and kinda "hides", until you lose the weight, and it comes back out again.  Dr Oz compared it to a turtle...   So, if you were thin, and it was 6 inches... you gained weight and it went down to 4...  you lose 90 lbs..., you're not going to gain another inch, on top of your original 6.  does this make sense?  Oh, and Im not a guy, I just heard it on Oprah!  :)
that's a darn good question.  I'd like to know that too  :)
That's why I've always dated really skinny punk rockers. ;-p
What??!!!??  Is that true?  Hmm..that could explain why I only date skinny guys.  Ha!  My sister has this theory that only guys with small penis are concerned with getting all buffed up.  Her idea is that the amount of time spent in the gym is indirectly related to the size of a guy's penis.  I know it's probably complete bunk ...but still funny.
Well, yeah... the bigger a guy gets muscle wise the smaller his penis gets. So never date a body builder!
No change in size. Its always been...uhhhmmm....big. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my dad for passing his genetics to me...."Thanks Dad!"
I thought that was only if they took steroids, min.

LOL Mike!!
I vaguely remember hearing something like this ... I think it was that men carrying excess fat, especially around the middle, have lower testosterone levels.  I don't know about the inches thing but I do know that weight loss is often recommended for ED
I was referring to it as an insecurity/compensation thing. 
Well, from what i remember of my bio lessons this year it's not just because of drugs. 
So Michael, how you doin?
I may be wrong but hey still amusing.. thinking all those hugely muscley guys with tiny penis'
I think that bodybuilders have smaller.. er.. units because steroids, but if they do it all naturelly they're fine. As for weight loss, I believe its just the fat around its base that makes it appear shorter, so when the fat goes, it appears longer. 
Man i'm glad i'm not a guy... Having to worry about "it"..  My hoo-ha stays the same size when I'm fat or thin... At least it's not noticeably different.  That aside most guys will stick their you know what in whatever they can.. LOL.. Sorry for the graphic post.
Am I the only one who finds it amusing that of 15 posts answering the question, only one is actually from a guy. lol
I thought of the same thing, sarah!! I think all of us girls have one thing on our mind!!!
I think it all comes down to genetics, honestly. It may "appear" bigger after you have lost weight but its not going to grow. You can also do a lot of damage using steroids....A LOT!

(winks at Shill)

(blows kisses at peaches)
i wonder if it is an appearance thing more than anything, like it looks bigger because you are smaller. like they say it will look bigger if you um...groom the area more closely? 

and speaking of overcompensating, i was on the highway about a week ago and saw a guy driving a giant hummer. his license plate? "sooo big" wonder if someone was trying to make up for lacking elsewhere....  
Actually, yalcekim, I think it might.  Higher testosterone levels = better quality erection = possibly bigger.  Plus exercise is good for your blood pressure, which will help the blood go ... um ... where it's needed.

But non-erect, yeah, you're probably right that it's all appearance.
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