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HELP!! I just bought pb2 from using paypal but I don't have an account... and I thought I cancelled it but it sent an email to me confirming my order!! I went to the site and tried to cancel it but it said that it had already been shipped or in the final stages of being shipped!! Help me please!! I don't know how it could send because I don't have a paypal account and I didn't give them a credit card number to bill to.. 

I just 'order' it about 2 hours ago, how is it already shipped or about to be shipped?? 

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Been using paypal for years and I dont see how this is possible... If you went through the checkout process then you have to complete it by logging into paypal or giving credit card info.

It sounds like it is their side is where the glitch occurred.

 Bell Plantation customer service call them monday:1-229-387-7238


If you haven't given them any account details or a credit card number then I don't see how you have been able to purchase it. But then I do have a paypal account (useful things, those) and there always is a Confirm button somewhere.

If it's a case of an order where you pay later you should still be able to send it back. I'm not sure about the US but in Germany and the UK you have 14 days of a guaranteed return (with a few exceptions such as knickers or things that have been made specifically for you)

Call Bell Plantation on Monday - I'm sure it'll be fine.

  If worst comes to it, you can refuse the delivery, be sure to get delivery/return proof just in case. But likely a call to their customer service will fix it.

Thank- you everyone for your replies it's EXTREMELY appreciated!! I think I'll try calling them.. And I know it made absolutely no sense why they would send something to me without any way of them getting their payment... 

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