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Paula Dean

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Is any body here besides me wondering how Paula Dean is still living. If not just watch her cooking show on food network. She loves to add butter to everything. Personally i think she is hilarious how do you guys feel?

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Her food is ridiculous and trivial. When you drench everything in butter, it is going to be tasty, you're not exactly stretching yourself.

Her ethics are repellent. Glamorize the unhealthiest possible food, then disclaim any responsibility by saying its just "entertainment" and people have to be "responsible"? Doesn't work for the local meth seller either.

I'm not surprised she has diabetes, and I won't be surprised when she dies of cardiac failure.
Is this all because she came out and said she's a diabetic? Her show is great, the food is wonderful and I think she just watches what she eats and try to take care of herself. It's up to us to take care of ourselves!

There are a lot of things on TV.

We don't have to do or mimic all of them.  And if we do, it is a personal choice.

Original Post by jesnewbury:

I think she just watches what she eats and try to take care of herself

Which is why she is obese and diabetic, I guess. 

Original Post by lostpumpkins:

There are a lot of things on TV.

We don't have to do or mimic all of them.  And if we do, it is a personal choice.

I agree with this.  You don't have to be a kitchen genius to know that a dish with pounds of butter, cream and cheese isn't health food.

I'll admit that I don't particularly like her, and I don't watch her show, but I also don't recall hearing anything about her touting what she does as a healthy lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, in my experience it's been the opposite... how unhealthy her food is has kinda been a running joke.

I didn't know about the whole going healthy because she's got a spokesperson deal, but I guess it's not really surprising that she's trying to squeeze what money she can out of the situation...

Obviously, we must demand that any cooking show where they show us how to make a dish that has more than 1000 calories receive an MA Rating.  As for all those reckless cake-baking shows, they must be moved to pay-per-view!

We are all just too stupid to know whether what's cooking is fatty...even though they show all the ingredients right there on the tv screen in front of our fat faces... 

What makes me so mad is that all the articles written about his do not address the real cause of type 2 diabetes and the idea of her having "too much butter" being thrown around like that's the main reason.   It's sloppy sensationalistic writing.

Her biggest dietary issues are: hydrogenated oils, processed foods, and sugars/flours/carbs.

Here's an explanation of how Type 2 diabetes probably works but our sugar-addicted culture doesn't want to address the real reason. 1jvS54NTa


Yeah, I don't really get why people are irritated or offended that she didn't tell anyone sooner.  It's her personal business.  It was never a secret that her meals have always been unhealthy.  She put at least 1 stick of butter in just about everything.  So, why are folks going on and on about how she should have told everyone sooner? 

Who freaking cares??

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