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Party games for 60th birthday

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So my mum is turning 60 soon and we're throwing her a party (****'s a surprise!) I'm trying to think of 2-3 light-hearted party games for a crowd of adults of all ages plus one or two teenagers.

A couple of things make it harder to plan the more "conventional" party games. First of all, I think this entire group is a bit ADD so they don't like the long-winded half-hour games. Quick 5-10 minute things are better. Also, not everyone is from Canada so they don't all have the same reference points for doing a trivia about 60s TV shows or things like that, and not everyone speaks English as a first language, so word games aren't great.

I think most of the evening will just be hanging out, chatting, and eating, but it would be really nice to have a couple of games.

Any ideas appreciated!

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Ooh, CC has a stict filter there I wrote "shhh!" and then "it's" and it ***ed me out!

What about some tried and true "kid" games to get everyone laughing and acting silly?

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • a pinata
  • put a bunch of beans in a jar and everyone guess how many are in there to win a small prize
  • put a bunch of oddball items on a tray and let everyone look at the tray and then try to write down everything they saw, one with the most correct wins a prize

I found this: irthday-party-ideas

I kind of like the idea of old pictures and guessing which one is the birthday boy/girl.

Musical chairs.... :D

These are great, thanks!

Tie a couple of donuts to strings and suspend them from the ceiling.  See who can eat the donut fastest with their hands behind their backs.

Get a chair, clothespins and a bottle.  Put the chair in the middle of the room.  put the bottle on the floor behind the chair.  Contestants have to kneel on the chair with a clothespin held between their chin and their chest and try to drop the clothespin into the bottle.

Get 2 pairs of oven mitts, 2 plastic grocery bags and a bag of cotton balls.  Spread the cotton balls on the floor.  Contestants have to pick up the cotton balls and put them in a bag while wearing oven mitts.  Whoever picks up the most within a certain time period wins.

Try to bounce ping-pong balls into a glass.

Watch the TV show "Minute to Win It" for some more ideas.  They have more party games than you can imagine.  Not all of them require long explainations of the rules or obscene amounts of manual dexterity.

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