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Are OX Tail bones safe for dogs?

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I'm cooking a pot of Hawaiian Oxtail Soup for dinner. Are the  bones safe for my dogs to chew?  I never give them real bones except for a knuckle.  Have never used ox tails before.  Thanks for info.

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I never give bones of any kind to my dogs, but maybe Kotov will chime in.

My main concern with the oxtail would be choking on it.  That's the main reason I usually go with knuckles.  I also don't know if cooking the oxtail would make it splinter, as I've always heard that raw bones are safe (apart from choking) but cooked bones vary.

Cooked bones are not generally considered safe. Raw bones will not splinter, but can be choked on the same as any other.

I don't let my dogs have bones except for the rare occasion when it's one large enough that I don't feel they can bite actual chunks off of it. Even then, I sit and supervise so I can take it away if it looks like it's becoming too sharp, or they are managing to break pieces off.

I prefer to give them (the small dogs and the big ones) "Checkups" which I get from Costco. They're made with rice, which maybe is not ideal, but they're digestible, and will not create sharp pieces at all. And..they are not 'greenie' brand which I still don't quite trust after those recalls a while back.

Other than these things, my dogs love chewing on raw carrot, those 'nylabones' (You have to take those away once they're breaking them, too..)

Ice cubes, apples, etc.


So the fact that my dog occasionally gets ahold on an entire roast chicken and eats it all when my back is turned isn't a good thing?

Perhaps not :)

Original Post by pavlovcat:

So the fact that my dog occasionally gets ahold on an entire roast chicken and eats it all when my back is turned isn't a good thing?

It's not so good when my Mom's dog stole an an entire roast of beef, either. The fawker took the bigger one out of the two. Mom was NOT impressed.

Never give them cooked bones.

Always raw, and always watch them.

Yup cptbunny has it right. I raw feed and know this one as well.

Thanks!   I'll try to just pick some meat/fat off and treat them. 

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