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By order of the prophet, we ban that Chatter sound

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Good morning, all.

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sounds so much more strange than saying lambchops or leg of lamb or mutton or something.


Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.........

aww peaches


Hey star.

I is all alone  :(

10 out of 2 people have dyslexia.

^^ I really tried to find some kind of funny response to that, but...I'm just too brain dead.

Edit:  *smacks head*

Doh!  I completely missed your joke.


Mutton = sheep?

I never knew that. Huh.


*is quietly munching on a dinner I made all by myself*

yes, mutton is sheep.  i want to pronounce it moo-ton (ie: mouton in french = sheep)...handy that they're so similar.

You've never heard the phrase "mutton dressed as spring lamb"?

Last post.

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