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12 Year Old Stripper? Only in Texas...

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Dallas city officials are looking into ways to revise an ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses after it was reported that employing someone under the age of 18 isn't enough to shut down a strip club.

The Dallas Morning News reported the existence of the loophole this week after it came to light that a 12-year-old girl had danced nude at a northwest Dallas strip club.

The sixth-grader danced at Diamonds Cabaret over a two-week period late last year, police said. They also say they found a 17-year-old girl working in the club in January.  According to court documents, the 12-year-old told club employees that she was 19, but couldn't give them identification and didn't know what year she was born if she were that age. Still, she was allowed to dance in the club, records show.
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Yeah, I saw the news story about that.

What creeps me out, is, is there really ANY way this girl looked over 18?  I know some kids look a lot older than they really do, but this one should have sent up some red flags.

I agree with the previous poster. I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe a 12 year old could POSSIBLY look over 18. A 17 year old I can see as maybe looking older.. but a 12 year old? I think not.

.. yeah, that's a law that needs to change.

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely a way for a 12 year old to look 18. I worked as a door person in a bar for years - I was generally pretty accurate but one night (a Wednesday so it was pretty slow) a really nice, pretty, pleasant girl comes in and starts talking to me and my two bouncers. After about 30 minutes I allow her up; she starts talking to one of our barmen he buys her a drink, and so on and so forth. They go home together, and start dating. She was coming in to the bar every night until we find out 2 week later that she is a 13 year old runaway.

Legal drinking age is in NZ was 18, but still. I have never been that wrong before, and never ever let anyone up without ID again unless I knew them well. All the other bars in the district let her in no problem as well, so it wasn't just us. You can swear up and down that it was a flaw in my (and every other bouncer/doorperson in the district's) judgement (yes I should have been more strict about asking for ID) but I will counter that she didn't only look 18; she looked older than 18.

I also know of a strip club where a 14 year old was working for a little over a month. She used her sister's ID to get a job. She was fired for doing extremely nasty and illegal things on stage. It wasn't until later that they found out she was 14.

While your average 12 year old doesn't look 18, there is always an exception to every rule.

Finally, crazy news from a state other than Florida.


that's awful - is that girl an orphan and/or homeless?


I've got an 11 year old girl swimming for me -- she's 5"10' and has already hit puberty.  Facially, she still looks young, but a little make-up would go a long way.  I also have a 12 year old  girl -- I have to chase the military boys away from her and explain that she is a brand new 12 year old (to their credit, most are appalled when they find out).

Unless you spoke with these young ladies, you would never know how young they are.  And unfortunately, because they get extra attention, I fear their parents will be working overtime to keep them in check.  One of them has already been removed from school and is home-schooled, because she was getting too much attention at school.

Girls are hitting puberty at age 9 now... so yes a 12 year old can definitely look much older.  I actually went to school with a girl who was a DDD bra size in the 6th grade when the rest of us weren't even wearing bras yet.  At age 11-12, she regularly passed for college age.  She had a breast reduction at age 17. 

This isn't common, but it does happen.  Especially in the beef and dairy capital of the world... Texas... LOL

So ponda, how old is she?

*waiting to find out how old Ponda's mystery girl is*

One of my female friends growing up developed very early. It was sad, because her body had outpaced her mind even at 11 and 12. She was treated as an adult a lot of the time, and definitely got a lot of attention from the guys, but she was still immature. She wanted to be a clown when she grew up, and had a very sweet innocence about her. It must have been tough.

At age 12 I had size C breasts, and was FINALLY forced into a bra. I hated it. Still do some days. Needless to say, there are some 12-13-14 year olds who look up to ten years older. It is possible. Not condoning the strip club by any means though :P

hmmmm, p0nda's mystery girl looks late 20's to me.  p0nda, how old is she?

I started developing early (boobs 4th grade, period in 5th -_-) and have always been told I look older. I remember years ago I was waiting in a bus shelter with my mom, and this old lady was talking to her, she thought I was 18. I can't remember how old I was but don't think more than 14.

Haha, I developed early too. When I was 13 my mom had my little brother. She worked 2nd shift, and I had to play mommy. So I was taking care of the family and all, and we'd go grocery shopping (me, dad, my littlest brother) and people would always say "You have such a beautiful baby" to my dad and I. Ewww! No! I was 13!

Sorry, classes all morning! She is 12 in the photo, 13 now. Her name is Maddison Gabriel.

Edit: took out the link of who I think must be Kirsty Hinze - sorry for the confusion, I went looking for a photo of the girl and poor labelling brought up that woman, and even the caption said it was her.

Edit:  This is definitely her though.

Wow.  She's was 12 in that picture!  If the article wasn't dated 9/15/2007,  I would have thought that it was an April fool's joke.
The real issue here is that the club is the club not being held accountable - they were never provided ID or proof of age. 

"According to court documents, the 12-year-old told club employees that she was 19, but couldn't give them identification and didn't know what year she was born if she were that age.
Still, she was allowed to dance in the club, records show

Afterall, it wasnt as if they'd risk losing their license.  Sadly it took this extreme for officials to look into possibly revising the ordinance regulating strip clubs that has kept the clubs unaccountable.
Hey, I'm 18 and look 12, it could always work the other way around, haha.

STILL. Like everyone else has said, they should have insisted on I.D. at that club. It's so sad that she's doing that! And that model girl that p0nda posted about....
I'm pretty sure the person with the snake isn't the 12-year-old. This site has more pictures of her though.
Original Post by trustwomen:

I'm pretty sure the person with the snake isn't the 12-year-old. This site has more pictures of her though.,23599,22420723-2,00.html

that site says she actually is 12, and it is dated September 2007, so maybe (..maybe..) shes 13 now. even the link you gave says she is 12. i think its so crazy how some girls can look so much older at such a young age. wow. when i was 12 i looked like maybe a 14 year old, nothing more than that. the steroids and hormones that are added in many foods nowadays, perhaps?

The pictures I linked to are indeed of a 12-year-old model. The picture with the snake, though, seems to be of a different woman who is not 12 and doesn't even look like the 12-year-old model (face OR body).
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