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nifty trick for getting rid of fruit flies

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With healthy eating I always have bananas and lots of fruit around, so at times, fruit flies can get crazy! So the best way I have found to catch them is to leave an open bottle of wine on the kitchen counter by the bananas with just a little bit of wine left in it. I leave it there for a few days and WAHLLA! ALL the fruit flies are drawn to the sweet smell of the wine and they end up being trapped and drowned in the wine. It works every time!  

Any other nifty tricks to share?

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I make a "trap" using by making a funnel out of paper and fitting it into a jar.  Put white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, wine, or something in the bottom, and they are attracted.  They fly or crawl in, but they can't get out because of the funnel. 

White vinegar removes odors from the air if you set it out in small dishes.  yeah, the vinegar stinks, but not as bad as skunk... and it absorbs the skunk odor well. 

White vinegar in you laundry get rid of lots of odors; sweat, mildew, etc. 

To get rid of skunk odors on a dog or cat use a little bit of Dawn dish washing soap mixed with white vinegar.  The skunk spray is very oily and the Dawn really helps get rid of the oils, while the vinegar helps with the smell. 

I've come to believe that vinegar is a very hand thing to have around the house :)

live in a disposable trailer and use a shotgun

I use cider vinegar with a little bit of dish soap (it breaks the surface tension, so the flies drown faster) in a glass - put some cling wrap over the top, and poke a few holes in it.

Thanks , I will be trying these. Those nastey little nats have been a pain this summer.

"...little bit of wine left over...." NEVER!

lol.. I had to google this subject a couple of days ago.. They were driving me crazy...   I read one site where this lady said that she put apple vinger,  lemon  juice and some sugar in a 2 liter bottle.. cut off the top and flip it upside down so it would fit inside the bottle... but i didnt have a 2 liter, nor did i have apple vignnger.. so i just used my white vinger, lemon juice, and some sugar and put in it a bowl with a top and just poked holes in it.. It did catch a few of them... but ive still seen some more flying around here.. so i need to try something else.. someone also said they put a lemon in a bown and put umm plastic wrap over it, and poked little holes n it..  maybe ill try that with a Banana...

The best way to get rid of fruit flies is to get rid of the fruit.  Put it in the refrigerator.  Get some of those green bags and put your bananas in one of those.  Don't leave food residue in the sink.  Run your garbage disposable regularly and flush it with several quarts of cold water while it's running. 

I have the strangest thing - a single fruit fly buzzing my computer.  I never see them anywhere else and I've cleaned the desk and there is nothing to attract them.  My guess is that there's a sticky spot somewhere I can't see or reach. 

It wasn't until this summer I noticed them at all.  39 yrs on earth and I never had a problem with the little beasties until now.  They congregate in the kitchen and the master bath.  Some mornings there will be a dozen or so on the mirror.  I have been using the cider-funnel method and it helped.  Actually, they disappeared, then, a week later, they returned.  I suppose it was a second generation.  I dunno where they are breeding.  My fruit is all in the fridge.  I'm no neat-freak, never have been.  My cleaning habits haven't changed.  Could it be global warming?  Is there some imbalance causing them to proliferate like this?  Anyone else noticed an unusual population of them this year? 


I know exactly what was causing them when I got them.  And then I had a little talk with my teenage son.  He was taking sodas to his room, and putting the cans in the trashcan in there.  Unfortunately, some soda had dripped into the bottom of the can and made a delightfully syrupy mess where the fruit flies were happily breeding.

Got rid of the mess, and used the funnel w/cider traps to get rid of the ones that were still around.  Problem solved.

Lol, Karozel.

I realize this is a bit off topic but... Where do they come from? How do they get in? I swear... NO doors open... No windows open.. Yet a banana is left out and suddenly there is a swarm of them.... >_ < It's like they have a magically porthole.

Just want to chime in with some thanks for you guys. I've been having an issue with fruit flies myself these past two weeks so I tried the dish soap and wine in a glass. So far their population has been decimated. We are talking 10 drownings in the past 8 hours. With success I shall eradicate them entirely from the household!

Huzzah! Thanks again.

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