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New Fit - New Sizing at Lane Bryant

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My pants were literally falling off of me, so I HAD to get some new.

I am still in the 'Plus' sizes (sigh) so the first place I went was lane bryant (only because there's not an avenue store nearby).  But I have to say, overall it was a good trip to ol' LB.

#1 - They have a new line of jeans called Right Fit.  Jeans that are made depending on your BODY SHAPE! (warrior cry: lalalalalalalalala!!!!!!)   Essentially, they're cut for either an apple shape, a pear shape or a straight non-curvy shape, but they call them circle, triangle and square, and red, blue and yellow because who really wants to say, I need the pear shape jeans...  ?

I've got a big butt and I cannot lie, as some of you already know ::giggle:: and I was THRILLED that these jeans FIT ME PERFECTLY!  OMG they make my a$$ look soooooooo HAWT!  So I can't say enough great things about them (being that in the past I might try on a dozen pairs to find ONE that would fit without too big of a gap at the back of the waist)

#2 - What I have mixed feelings about is that they have re-done their sizing for these.  The store itself says they sell sizes 14-28 right?  But these jeans are sized 2 - 8, petite, average and tall.


I know women want to wear small sizes, but it just seems like a cop-out to re-label PLUS sizes as 2-8.  I don't care what size you tell someone you're wearing, your butt is still gonna look the size it really is!!!  LOL....
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I hadn't seen that... how funny!!!

I remember when I could finally fit back INTO Lane Bryant... that was a good day!   Their clothes actually seem to run smaller than other plus xize stores (like Avenue)

I'm an upside down bear..  Do they have those?/  *lol*  Busty on the top... small(ish) on the bottom.  I am LITERALLY two sizes larger on top no matter what my weight.

I want hawt ass jeans!

Torrid does sizes like that too.  They have 1,2,3.
I agree LB sizes run smaller than say The Avenue.  They're also much pricier and I never seem to find anything on sale with them that I actually want to buy.  I went there a few weeks ago looking for shorts.  I would've spent $50 bucks on 2 pairs of shorts had I bought the ones I was looking for...and that was a sale!  I couldn't do it though...I couldn't justify spending that when I KNOW I'll need a smaller size by next summer.  :) 

So...I went to Target and picked up some that didn't quite look great on me but were alright.  I'm glad I took that route because the jean shorts I picked up are already falling off when the material stretches after wearing them for a couple hours.
i hold most of my weigh around my waist and have a relatively smaller butt/thighs...which sucks...but when i'm shopping for pants if they fit in the waist, then i have about 2 extra yards of fabric in the legs! argh!

It sounds like they might have something that works for me, i'll have to go check it out this week!
wonder if I can get these to look... :)
that's true... LB can be pricey...

But I dunno... I bought a pair of the new jeans, 2 pairs of capris that were on clearance (one jean, one black - both simple & classic, I liked them) and a t-shirt all for like $89.

At my rate of weight loss, these should last me til maybe end of Oct. before they're too big... hard to say.... my weight loss has been slow-ish.  :) 

I would go to a consignment store except that with jeans and pants, I find that larger women tend to um, *thinking of nice way to say this*  wear out the inner thigh of their jeans and pants before the rest of the garment is worn out? But I hope as I keep losing, that will be less of an issue. :)
"I find that larger women tend to um, *thinking of nice way to say this*  wear out the inner thigh of their jeans and pants before the rest of the garment is worn out?"

Ha! love this cuz it's soooo true! all of my pants get worn out there! makes me mad too, cuz the rest of the pants will be perfectly fine, but i certainly can't walk around with a hole in the crotch can i!

I look forward to the day when this is not a problem....although i'm pretty sure my thighs touched even as a baby!
Ya know... my thighs still touched when I was considerably thinner... but they didn't make friction and burn anymore... *lol*...

I was just looking at my size 10 jeans waiting in the closet for me to put myself back in them... (won't be THAT long!) and they DO NOT have the wear spots that the size 16's I'm wearing right now do!
Ordered some jeans... thanks Nomo...Yee haw...
I like Ashley Stuart. They are made for women with butts. I'll have to check out the Lane Bryant sizes. Maybe one will fit me right!
I never find anything in lane bryant that actually fits me its all to big even the smallest size they have is still to big for me in that store but everywhere else that size fits me just fine. Im plus size and thats a plus sized store so I have no clue why stuff wouldnt fit me in their.
I love lane bryant.  I know it's pricey, but I dont' have a whole lot of other choices where I live.  I can shop at Catherines, but most of the stuff is styled to older women.  No offense, ladies, but I am 31 and want to look 31 not 61 with a plaid shirt with flowers on the pocket.  YUCK.

I will have to try the new pants.  I am definately an apple and have yards of extra fabric in the tushie....can you say...load in the pants!  It looks horrible.  I did get a few pairs of dress pants there and love them.  I had to have the tailored for length since I am petite and they don't always carry petites in each style.

I am waiting for approx another 20 lbs before I buy a new pair of jeans...but I will get them at lane bryant.
Finally!  When I was fat, I was too big for normal sizes, but too small for Lane Bryant sizes.  It left me with no clothing at all.

I'm built the same way. I love Old Navy jeans, they are the only ones that fit at the waist but don't bag out at the thighs.

Just in case you haven't tried them yet...they run up to size 20 (and they are a bit vanity-sized, so you can wear a size smaller than you can in other stores - except Lane Bryant now, apparently). :)
unfortunately i'm between sizes in Old Navy right now. The 20W are too baggy, but the regular 20's are too tight, i guess i'll just have to wait it out and lose another 5-10 lbs before i go shopping again
Yee Haw!!! They fit!! Thanks, nomo for the idea!!!
I am just now looking at the flyer from LB about the new right fit jeans...

I think this is interesting...

Right Fit Yellow (Straight) - measurement difference of waist compared to the hip = 2-5 inches

Right Fit Red (Moderately Curvy) - measurement difference of waist compared to the hip = 6-9 inches

Right Fit Blue (Curvy) - measurement difference of waist compared to the hip = 10-13 inches

I never thought about it that way... the difference in measurement of the waist and the hips...

I wear blue - and now I feel that my fears that my butt is freakishly large were well-founded after all... 10-13 inches difference!?!?!? 

holy CANnoli!
:(...i thought my jeans fit...after wearing them for a whole day, I was able to slip them off without unbuttoning

I must have measured myself incorrectly...

ah well, back to the drawing board.

have you washed them yet?

will they shrink?

I haven't worn my jeans yet (too hot) but I think they might already be too big...
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