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I have started the 1st club the shirtless... the requirements are

1.) you have to be shirtless

if you meet all of those you can join

(people in the fitness forum know what im talking about)

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So it would seem. Frown


But where all still here, I think we just need new topic

Original Post by trhawley:

I'm going to be out for the next week so you'll have to keep the tread alive without me.

 OK, I'm baaack.

^The shirtless king is back?!?!?!?

pshhh i thought i was the shirtless king =[ =p   after all i am the OP lol Wink

You're the shirtless god, haha!

aww but i want to be the shirtless goddess lol Wink   i wonder if this thread will make it to page 20 lol

Merry shirtless Christmas everybody!!

lol now im shirtless because i ate to much and my stomach ripped through my shirt =p     merry chirstmas

I ate so much over Christmas that I'm keeping my shirt on for awhile!

Where have all the shirtless men gone?

Gone to clothing stores every one, oh when will they ever learn, oh when will they...ever learn.


the club is aliiiiiiiiivvve!

Not shirtless..but rooting for those who are! *yay!*

It's been a little quiet in the clubhouse over the holidays.

Yep.  I just took my record PT test this morning- passed okay.  It was the weight I was concerned about.  I'm still 1 lb over the max (grr), but at least I passed tape this time.  Since the diagnostic in November I've lost 1 inch from my waist and 2 from my hips and managed to not lose any from my neck.  Pretty soon I'll be able to post a non-furry shirtless pic!  (G-rated, of course) Laughing 

Woo hoo, more shirtless pics!

arg shirtless hangovers suck

they're better than fully-clothed hangovers

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