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I am a big listener to classical/soundtrack music. Most of it is instrumental stuff, and some of it is such powerful and moving material that it gives me goosebumps. Is anyone else like this? Heres some of the stuff that I really like:

  • Almost anything from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks
  • Requiem For a Dream
  • Guardian Suite (by Trevor Rabin.)

Anyone else got any?

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some songs do give me goosebumps as well.
the other day in the car the song 'dream on' by aerosmith was on, definitely gave me a chill (in a good way) and goosebumps.

  • claire de lune ...every time
  • montague and capulet (from romeo and julliet)
  • misererie (spelling?)
  • gymnopedie       ;  and many, many more , horrible feeling i've forgotten something really important

loving the pride and prejudice soundtrack at the mo. Anyone heard/played it?

A few Ayumi Hamasaki, Pierrot, and Diru songs but I have yet to find anyone else on here who listens to any of 'em so I'll just.. not list the titles.. yeah..

Styx, Come Sail has instantaneous nostagia for me, I think it was the song they played at my high school graduation in 1983 and I recall myself as the 17 year old naive girl with very high hopes and dreams, before I experienced trauma and stife and life.  So that song will either evoke goosebumps or tears, usually both.  I'm weeping right now, I just read the lyrics online, its really weird isn't it?

Other songs that will evoke either goosebumps or some other non-voluntary reaction, like euphoria:

Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts

Rock the Boat - The Hues Corporation

Just about all the serious stuff that crawled out of the Psychopathic Records label gives me goosebumps.  Thy Unveiling, and The People, both by ICP, in particular.

the queen of the night's aria from the magic flute.

and wish you were here, but for different reasons ;-)
lynnlette, me too! One that really gets to me is Thy Unveiling. And their is a Twiztid song called Darkness that gets me all goosebummpy.

Carl Off - O Fortuna

definitely wish you were here...and fast car (tracy chapman), three little birds (marley), dear chicago (ryan adams), going to california (led zeppelin)


i don't usually like covers, but sarah mclachlan's version of blackbird (from the i am sam soundtrack) is really beautiful.  and i will never ever get tired of van morrison's caravan (the whole moondance album, really, but especially caravan.  and everyone.

that is an awesome cover...and i love the moondance album (although my favorite is "and it stoned me")

i second everything fruit_fairy said. also, reverie by debussey, anything by chopin, lizst's liebestraum, and various other piano pieces.

Nessun Dorma - particularly if done by Pavarotti, sometimes moves me to tears

Ave Maria - instrumental mostly, but with vocals by any classical opera singer it's simply sublime

I really like the soundtrack from "Last of the Mohicans", particularly the track called "The Kiss"

Don't laugh... but Conway Twitty's "It's only Make Believe" used to creep me out. Now it just gives me a chill, but still... haha.

"First Arabesque" by Debussey, and "Raindrop Sonata" by Chopin always give me chills. Love to play them, too.


And if I can be just a bit cheesy, "Seasons of Love" from Rent does it for me. And the song that the little girl sings in Les Miserables? Is it called "Castle in the Air?" Definitely chills.

found one the other day that was pretty good,

E-nomine - Deine Welt

any song by jeff buckley

Kate bush, wuthering heights,

Allain Bougrain Dubourg & Arno Elías - Guide me : The voice is very beautiful in this song. It's relaxing actually.

Hybrid - Finished Symphony (soundtrack edit) : Only a certain version of the song gives me goosebumps.
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