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Most attractive male/female celebrity

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If you are a woman, what male celebrity/model/musician/etc. do you find the most attractive? If you are a man, which female celebrity/model/musician/etc. do you find most attractive?

Personality COMPLETELY aside. I'm very curious as to what different kinds of body shapes, facial features, hair, etc. people are attracted to. I'm especially interested in who men find attractive -- typical top heavy blondes like Jessica Simpson (she is still very pretty, but you know what I mean :P) or more unique women like Halle Berry.

I know this thread seems shallow, but I'm curious as to how everyone's tastes are different. :)
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The Beckhams.. Victoria and David... WOWZA... #1 in my list!

James Franco, Matthew McConaughey, Dermot Mulroney, Will Smith, Channing Tatum (They're all tied)

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Orlando Bloom.. I can't help it!

As long as he doesn't talk. :D 

I mostly like my women curvy.  In Chicago, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifah just got my blood going.  Mm-mm-mm!  Not a big fan of the typical 'top-heavy-blondes' myself.  For some reason, I prefer my blonds althetic/tom-boy-ish with short hair - Denise Crosby, for example.

As far as men go, Sean Bean (as Boromir in LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring) is about as hot as they come for me.

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Omfg Sean Bean was my close second. =o
I'm with Shellios, the Beckhams are freakin gorgeous!
Past celebrity crushes were Stephen Baldwin, David Boreanaz, Brendan Fraser and Vin Diesel.
Matthew Fox & James Roday (Psych) *drools*
Original Post by baker45678:

Matthew Fox & James Roday (Psych) *drools*

I ADORE JAMES RODAY!!! He's so precious! 

Heck yeah he is!!! And absolutely hilarious!!!!

umm, how many am I allowed? haha

Actors: Christian Bale, Joh Krasinski, Nathan Fillion

Musicians: Matt Bellamy (lead singer of Muse), Justin Furstenfeld (lead singer of Blue October, I'm not sure if I spelt his name right), Daniel Johns (singer/guitarist for Silverchair).

I guess I don't have one set 'type'.

I have to second the Channing Tatum thing. I also like guys who are not traditionally hot like Adrian  Brody and  David Krumholtz. I also like Colin Firth :)
Matthew McConaughey.  Will Smith.  50 Cent.  Matt Damon.  Attractive bodies, attractive smiles, sense of humor.  Except for 50 Cent, he does not appear to have a sense of humor, even though I rank him at the top of the body factor.    I think Mathew is the Total Package right now.  All of the above.

Hand's down...Johnny Depp.  I've been lusting over him since waaaay  before all the Pirates of the Carribean Craze.

a very very very close second would be Channing Tatum (as mentioned by other smart girls)

female-Rachel Bilson,Carmen Electra,

Male-Adam Brody,Milo Ventilo(Heroes star),Hayden Christian, i no theres alot i just cant think right noww..ill write more later Smile

Terrance Howard especially in his role in The Best Man.
Anne Hathaway

Kate Beckinsale

Tricia Helfer

Penelope Cruz

Jane Seymour
Had a crush on johnny depp since i was about 6 (who COULDN'T love edward scissorhands?!?)

Though I'm female I would still like to say that I greatly admire Helena Bonham Carter, absoloutly georgous woman with (shock horror) an actual figure!!


Okay, I know I'm strange...............but Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard - Star Trek:TNG) is the hottest bald man ever.  I lusted after him before I knew what lust was.  I also adore Tim Curry's legs in Rocky Horror.  If only!


Anne Ramsey.
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