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Modern Ruins

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tatanjaturtle had a cool profile pic that inspired me to post these pics of some modern ruins I've visited.


These are from about 1994, it's an abandoned hotel and nightclub on the shores of

the Salton Sea, in the southern California desert. It's a trippy place. /1_haikyo_approach.jpg /2_south_bay_yacht_club_sign.jpg /3_haihotel_outside-1.jpg /14_haiyachtclub_kusobush.jpg /5_haihotel_joke.jpg /10_haihotel_balcony.jpg /13_haiyachtclub_enter.jpg /14_haiyachtclub_ballroomview.jpg /15_haiyachtclub_stairs.jpg /18_haiyachtclub_roofview.jpg


And this last one is a town we went to in 1996 at the base of the Fugendake volcano, which buried the town under pyroclastic flows in a catastrophic eruption in 1990 or so. You can see just the second stories of houses sticking out of the ash. We were able to go in one house and see a child's bedroom, which was eerily left exactly as it was the day the house was abandoned, with toys on the floor and kids' drawings on the walls. In recent years, a museum has been built here and a few of the houses have been cordoned off and preserved in this state. /18_Unzen_Fugendake_Ruins.jpg




And here's a Japanese website with some cool ones:

Translated Version

Click on the photos to see the whole gallery of each abandoned place.


The translation is quite crude, sorry.


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Is it haunted then?
Original Post by schnooder:

Is it haunted then?

Not to my knowledge, but then, again, what the hell.  Yeah, it's haunted as a MF if that makes the pics more interesting to look at.  LOL.

Actually, I heard that the Salton Sea location (it's in a town called Salton City on the  Western shore of the sea) was torn down in 2003.  Frown

that place does look freaking creepy though. thats cool that you posted the pictures.

Interesting pictures and links.

Thanks for sharing.

=^..^= MOLLY

Wow those were pretty amazing. Thanks!
Original Post by clarkplace123:

Wow those were pretty amazing. Thanks!

 Thanks.  Not everyone gets into thisstuff, but I find it fascinating.  I spent much of my youth on my grandmother's ranch, which was a busy poultry farm sending chicks all over the country from the 1920s up until the 1960s, so as a kid, I was always exploring all the abandoned buildings, it was fascinating to find all the artifacts of days gone by.

Anyway, I updated the link to the Japanese site so that you don't have to go through the steps of translating it.  Enjoy. 

I spend a lot of time in empty buildings and on grounds of abandoned places.

They tend to be very peaceful.  Thanks for sharing! :)  

Here's another link: ;

The pics on the opacity link are....well, many places I'd like to visit.  He's a great photographer, I admire his work.

Another good one was Centralia, PA.  I think they recently tore down the last standing house though.  We went this past summer but didn't make it into the town because it was way to hot to walk all the way there. tralia.htm

I can feel the brooding atmosphere of the building through these pictures. After years of destruction or isolation, they only appeared as the recognized landmarks of the state. Most of them had defined the evolution of art but some may be riddled with the image of haunted. Nevertheless, that just boosts the mystery of the building itself.
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