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I know its Friday night and I'm at home.  How lame is this?
Who is here tonight?
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I am just as lame.  I am here working a crossword puzzle bored out of my mind.  My hubby doesn't get off work until 11pm CST.
I work mid-nights and its my night off.  Everyone else is a sleep in the house.
Lol, I work midnights too and it is my night off.  I am off for the next three nights.  My hubby works afternoons and stays up all night long on my nights off so we have a little time togther.  It is hard to switch back to a day schedule when you work nights all the time.
Where in Michigan are you from?  I am across form Detroit in Windsor.  (Looked in your profile)
No prob, I am in Ironwood the UP. 
Not sure where that is?  I have travelled I-75 alot traveling to Sault St Marie, but have never veered off to explore.
I am on the border of Wisconsin so the far west side of the Upper Peninsula.  We border Hurley, WI
Cool, must be very pretty this time of year with the leaves changing colours.
It is gorgeous.  I live right off of Lake Superior so with the colors and the lake it is very nice.  It has been unseasonably warm this year because we usually see snow already.  I am thankful that we don't have snow yet.  We usually get a snow in Sept. then it melts and get snow back in the end of October that stays until March or April.  Very long winters and a lot of snow :(.  My hubby is from up here and dragged me up here kicking and screaming, hehehe.  I  am originally from Southern Arkansas where it doesn't snow hardly ever.
My S-I-L's mother is from Arkansas.  She just moved back there two years ago.  My grandson wants to visit her (to play with the lizards!).
yeah there are a lot of lizards and gators.  I loved growing up there as a kid.  I miss it but I love the atmosphere up here too.  We live in a very rural small community with very little crime and it is a great place to raise children if my hubby and I ever can conceive.  I just need to get used to the long winters.
I don't mind the cold, but I really don't see much sun in the winter.
How long have you been trying?
We have been trying for five years and two miscarriages.  I have PCOS so it is difficult for me to get pregnant.  We did the fertility treatments for awhile but then gave up on that.  I am not sue if they diagnosed the PCOS right because I have gotten pregnant and miscarried.  So I do ovulate on my own just maybe not every month.  Who knows.  We have given it a rest here because I just turned 30 in July and had a miscarriage on my birthday.  So I wanted a little bit of a break.
My cousin has been trying for 10 years.  She is now due in May, yes we are praying everything is going alright.  Her mom has been waiting a long time to be a grandma.
Well my mom has been a grandma for 14 years but they are all hoping that it happens for us sooner or later.  I just figured why stress trying it becomes like a chore.  So we decided to give up on trying but we are preventing either so if it happens it happens.  We just wanted the stress off of us.
Sometimes it is the stress that hurts your chances. 
Do you have any hobbies to keep your stress down?

I crochet and do cross stitch.  We have been bird hunting for the past three weekends which is a new thing for me but something that my husband and I can do together.  I enjoy walking through the woods and getting the exercise hiking up and down hill looking for the partridge. 

I also play darts with my husband.  My husband and I were best friends before we started dating so we are still best friends and do a lot of things together.  I do go walking with a girl friend of mine through the week which gives me time away from the house and my husband.
I crochet as well, but not to much anymore.  I started my last project about a year ago and I am still working on it.
I like to ride my bike, but it is getting a little chilly for it now.  Looking for a gym for the winter months.
We don't have a gym but there is a junior college here that has an indoor walking track that I am going to do for the winter.  I also have some workout DVD's that I can do.  I like to mix it up so I don't get bored and unmotivated.  I just got done doing three baby blankets over a month and a half.  I can usually get a blanket done in ten to fourteen days.
If I keep at it it takes about two weeks.  For some reason it keeps getting buried and I forget about for a while and then start back up. 
I just got a commision to make a baby quilt, so this week-end I am looking for fabric.  Thinking of doing a magic patch. 
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