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How did you meet your husband/wife/fiance(e)/SO??

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 A fun thread: How did you meet your husband/wife/fiance(e)??

I met Jeremy a little more than 2 years ago. I had just moved to the US to work as a postdoctoral scholar, in the middle of a cooold January. The fire alarm went off about 3 times during my first week and we all had to get out and wait in the freezing winter before going back in. I was chatting with my office mate when he showed up and started talking baseball with her. Being from Europe, I could not care less about baseball...When he left, he promised to talk about something else next time we meet. There was nothing, no spark then, but that's the first time we met.

We met many times after that, at work, and I started to really like him :-) It seemed reciprocal but not really clear. And I had a boyfriend in Europe. I wanted to leave him for a long time but could not find the courage to do it. I did not know Jeremy knew I had someone else (he asked around!) and that's why he was cautious not show too much he was attracted to me. I interpreted that as "he is not really interested in me, I have no chance". Uhuh!! Not at all. I remember thinking once, way before we started dating, that I could see myself married to him. I thought I was crazy, that I just wanted to find a way to escape from my european relationship.

We went to a dinner once, just the two of us because the other people who we asked to come with us bailed out. I  lready had a big crush him!  But my european boyfriend was visiting me and coming to Boston the day after... So nothing happened.
But a few weeks later I called Jeremy and asked if he wanted to have dinner again. It was not officially a date, although we both secretly were hoping it would be! And it turned out to be.

Unfortunately, the day after I was flying to Europe for a conference and to see that boyfriend. For 3 weeks. Horrible 3 weeks. Jeremy and I stayed in touch every day by email and I broke up with the other guy as soon as I arrived. I was FREE!!!

When I came back, Jeremy picked me up at the airport and we stayed together since then. I met his entire family and all his friends during 2 weddings about 1 1/2month later. 8 months after we started dating he proposed to me and I said YES!!!

We got married in August 2005.

All right, your turn now!


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Crappy Dive Bar.


Ok, that sounds worse than it is - I was out with friends from work, including one who drank *way* too much.  He was out with friends from his work including one who drank *way* too much.  Of course the drinkers knew each other and our groups ended up mingling. 

We went out and I didn't have a very good time.  He had really bad hair.  I mean *really* bad.  It was down to his collar, parted in the middle, and feathered back - and this was not in the 70's! He called me after our first date and asked how I thought the evening went.  I was tired when he called, and that little layer of consciousness that prevents you from saying something mean had already gone to sleep, so I told him he had really bad hair.  I felt so bad for saying it, that I agreed to go out with him again.  When he showed up for our second date - he had cut his hair off.  Then I felt so guilty, that I agreed to go out with him again.  He sort of grew on me by the third date...
a friend of mine was going out with him when i met him.  several months (almost i year if i remember right) later i hadn't seen my friend for a while because she was more into drinking than me (i don't like to drink that much and i stopped going to the bars cuz i lost interest) and i heard that the two of them had broken up.  I emailed him to say i was sorry to hear it (he was a friend of mine by proxy so i wanted to be nice.. didn't think anything of it) and about a month went by without hearing from him.. then out of the blue he emailed me and told me that he didn't check that email account very often and emailed me back as soon as he got it.  He made me download icq (no aim at that time! this was 9 years ago or so) and we chatted all the time.. he lived about 45 minutes away from me then.  He asked me on our first date shortly afterwards and sent me 3 roses every day for a week and every week thereafter (until i married him and the flowers dried up!)  well.. i was hooked and he proposed about 2 months after starting dating (i know fast.. but when you know you know) and we've been married for a bit over 7 years now.  He said that he thought i was cute from the first time he met me (and bought me a drink that night too without his girlfriend knowing).

the funny thing is is that we actually talked to each other on irc when we went to the same college (and didn't know each other then).. such a small world.. hehe
That's cute. I thought that we went fast by getting engaged after 8 months, but you beat us, obs!
we faced alot of dramatic odds against us...Our story is truely unbelievable..We would make Oprah speechless....We still laugh ..But 10 years later we are still happily married with my daughter and 3 more amazing kids..:)
We met on a ski lift at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY.  It was a quad chair and we were both alone.  The lift operators don't like to send up one person on a quad chair ... especially when it's busy.  We rode up together, gabbed the whole time and the rest is history.  BTW....we had our wedding reception at a ski resort!
In college we lived in the same dorm. I loved his long red hair and he never met a girl thatl iked sports, especially hockey , which he played. He said he knew he wanted to marry me when I not olnly watched sports but new stats of specific players!

I actually met my husband through the internet - he saw a web page I had made and we both liked a similar band so he e-mailed me.   We met and became good friends.  He dj'ed a party for me and I had a little to drink and it slipped that I like him more than just friends so we started dating and were engaged 3 months later.   That was 5 years ago.  It's always funny when you say you met your husband on the internet :)
We met bowling.  Friends from work and I had a team consisting of five girls and one guy.  The teams were to be only 5 people total and you must have one memeber of the opposite sex.  We noticed this other team that had four guys but no girl.  So we offered up one of ours to them.  This league only had six teams (summer league) so we bowled what we dubbed the "guy team" often.  I had to miss a couple of days due a bad back, when I returned my now husband asked if I wanted to meet on Saturday night for bowling lessons.  I held back the laughter and said yes!  One year later we moved in together, one more year later we are married and have been for five years now! 

We still bowl, now on the the same team with his  parents as our team mates.
Just Bethy - not gonna tell us?
I was 14-yes 14 years old and he was 17 yrs old and we were both at a water park called Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida spending the day me with family and he with friends, when they were in a line for a slide and two lines besides them my friend and I were giggling about how cute they were and doing those dumb, girlie things you do when your 14 when the next thing I knew they were gone. So I asked my girlfriend where did they go and a guy tapped me on the shoulder and said " here we are". As you could image I almost died right there on the spot but we giggled and started talking to him and his friends and ended up spending the rest of the day together. No I did not get married at 14 but we were phone buddies for about 2 years before he finally asked me out on a date. If you can believe this he called by chance during my sweet 16th birthday party and asked me out. We have been together ever since, even though the odds were against us! He went away to college 5 hours away, and we got pregnant before we were married. It's been 15 yrs now and we are still completely happy! I call it fate that we met because he has been so important in my life and getting me through so much of life's disappointments I truely don't know where I would be without him.
Well let's see I met my husband through my co-worker at the time.  I had already been divorced from my high-school sweetheart.  I then started dating another man, which thanks to St. Johns Wort and the effect it has on birth control pills I became pregnant with my second child.  I was a single mom raising two boys and basically loving life.  The father of my second child didn't stick around much and this lady at work started telling me about Dan.  I heard about "Dan" for six months before he called me.  I caught an odd first glimpse at him too (I guess you could say that).  His father was a contractor and was doing some remodeling where I worked at and he was just getting ready to leave his first day on the job when Becky (my friend) called me up front for an emergency.  Well the emergency was I got to see what would be my future father in law pulling out of the parking lot.  Both my husband and his father look way too much a like that it is scary.  So I told Becky, he was cute.  So anyways about a month later I received a phone call.  The caller ID listed Dan's bother's name. (now I knew his brother because he was married to one of my friends).  I wasn't interested at all in hooking up with his brother...but then I found out I was actually talking to Dan the man I had heard about for six months.  We talked for a couple of hours. We planned on going out on a date the following Saturday night.  He called me every night.  Then I got totally nervous when he showed up 3 hours late for our date I thought he had stood me up.  I actually had to call him and ask him to come to my house early because I had to take my kids to my mom's that lived 2 hrs away and yes we went out of our way but our date was basically towards the way my mom lived.  He finally showed up and I loaded my kids and off we went to my mom's.  Dropped the kids off and went on our date.  He took me to a comedy club and out to dinner.  Becky had warned me that I had to be strong enough to deal with Dan's ex and I had to be strong enough to put up with his mother.  We hit it off and our first date was a blast.  We didn't run out of things to talk about even on our way out of the way trip to have someone care for my kids.  I told my kids he was a friend because both of us refused to drag our kids into the relationship until about two months later, when we knew things were going well.  We had our first date in October got engage in March, and in July we were married.  We are known around here as the "Brady Bunch". He was a single father of 4 boys and I was single mother of 2.  We became on big happy family on July 14, 2001 and that will be 5 years this July.  In our wedding we had 3 boys on each side standing up with us and we had an outdoor ceremony in our yard.  It was perfect. 

Caroline...thanks for this is a good one I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories and looking at your pics.
    Thank you for sharing!
I love reading all this. And love remembering the thrill of the first dates (and pre-first dates)

Keep on posting!
What a great topic!  I was married twice, divorced twice.  What can I say?  I was attracted to bad men.  At the age of 40, on my own for the very first time in my life with one child left in the nest, I was not going to start dating.  Friends were always trying to fix me up and I did go on some awful blind dates (another story!)  I was doing just fine!  I had a good job, my daughter was doing great in school, I had a big extended family and friends for company - what did I need with a boyfriend.  Get the picture?

I joined a book club and there I met a man, about 10 years older than me - short, bald, dressed like an absent minded professor, drove a stodgy old car - I wasn't attracted.  But every week we sat together and every week we ended up talking and talking and laughing and laughing.  I agreed to go out for coffee. I found out he is a psychiatrist and decided never to date him!

We had such a great time that I agreed to go to a jazz concert.  As we talked and got to know each other, we discovered that we had a mutual friend.  The next morning I called the friend and told her I'd met a friend of hers.  She said "Yes, I know, he already called me."  I wanted to know what she told him and she said she told him I was the nicest person in the world.  The she told me that he is the nicest person in the world and to stop wasteing time. 

Our first real date (ended with a kiss) was lunch and the St Patty's day parade.  Does that sound a little nuts?  Well I loved it.  That was 21 years ago, and we're still together, not living together and not married, but perfectly happy.  We get together every weekend and take vacations together, and talk on the phone every day.  We call ourselves the culture vultures, and go to concerts, museums, galleries, and all kinds of events.  We have a wonderful time together!

Last year he gave me a gold locket with our pictures inside, engraved "1985 to 2005, 20 wonderful years"  Sweet?

I met my husband when I was in high school.  I was 15 years old and he was 18.   He liked me....but I didn't like him at the time...well, I was shy about guys.  Anyway, later on he attended the same church as mine (my father being the pastor) and we became friends.   We soon fell in love and became engaged when I was 16.5 years old.  Married soon after I graduated from high school...I was then 17 yrs. old.  We will be married for 31 years this year in July.....we have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters!  God has been great!!!
Some people go to college to get a BS, or an MS.  I got a Mrs!  heehee

We lived in the same dorms.   Met at a hall council meeting.   How dorky is that?   LOL
LMAO you know..I started to and thought its such a looong story..A few highlights...He asked me to marry him the day we met...He was ALREADY married..(seprerated..) ..found out months later I was his 3rd wife not second..He FORGOT about Barabra!!!! He was my mum's ex boyfriend...We lost EVERYTHING when his ex turned up and resettled the divorce...he had dinner with his EX on OUR wedding night...(had to get his kids!) We ended up living in an RV 4 weeks after i moved here... We had been together 4 weeks when I got pregnant...left and was gone 4 months...I lost the baby when he was here and I was in England...He sent $1200 cash and I walked out of my apartment with 2 cases and my 7 year old married 2 weeks after I got back..His family hated me so much his bro-in-laws and sister beat the heck out of me...Like I said those are a few of the highlight..LOL..Crazy first 6 months to our marriage.. The last nine and 1/2 years have been boring and quiet and we love it like that!

BUT given this rocky start...we have 3 wonderful kids a mortgage and just had our 10th anniversary in Feb..Love at first sight..against ALL odds..Yeah it can happen..:)
Met mine on my first day at a new job.  He was the IT guy sent to
train me.  For over a year we spent a lot of time talking and
always ending up next to each other at company events and social
gatherings.  If my car hadn't been towed twince in one week he
probably wouldn't have asked me out on a date.  I could never have
made the first move since I'm a few years older than him and figured
he'd never be intersted in me.  Funnily enough he was thinking
that becuase he was a few years younger than me I'd never be interested
in a date.  Well when he kindly drove me out to pick up my car
from the towing lot he asked me out for dinner since I'd been having
such a bad week.  I spent the rest of the week trying to figure
out if it was supposed to be a date or just a friendly gesture! 
By the end of the evening it was officially a date.  He ended up
gradually moving into my appartment.  When the stereo and computer
arrived I knew he was planning on staying :-)  On my 30th birthday
he proposed and we were married on a paddle wheeler in the spring.
just-bethy, all I can say is.....OMG! if you can make it through that you can make it through anything.

How I met my hubby: I had just broked up with a guy who I was with for 7 years. I was 24 and single. My best friend suggested that we throw a huge "Pimp and Ho" party to celebrate being single. You know, the kind of party where all the men dress up like 70's pimps and the women dress up like Ho's. Arthur (my hubby) was working at the same place I was and I invited him to the party and that's how we met. He likes to joke around with people and tell them that when he met me I was wearing a corset with leapord thong panties and fish net stockings. LOL.  
Okay - so God does work in mysterious ways.  I met Mike in college BUT we had the same group of friends for over two years before we met.   We were both really busy people and were never in the same place at the same time.  So i was going to visit an old boyfriend in CA for a week and the night before I left Mike and I kissed 9 i had met him a week before) So I left for CA and Mark ( the other guy) announced that he had gotten a job in Chicago to be near me.  Yikes! now I had two guys.  So Mike is really quiet and I was not (I was the total sorority girl and captain of the poms squad).  We dated for a few months but he was so quiet that I broke up with him because Mark had moved to chicago and I knew I liked him.  The only reason i had broken oup with Mark in the first place was because of the distance.  So Mark and I dated for a year or so  AND I wasn't happy but I didn't know why.  So one night I was out with firends and Mike was there and he pulled me aside to talk.  We took a walk and he told me that if I was happy he wouldn't have said anything but he knew that I wasn't so i needed to know that he loved me.  So I ended up breaking up with Mark and marrying Mike. I have never looked back and we will be married 4 years this summer. Mike still doesn't talk much but now I can read his thoughts :)
Wow. Long time. I've actually known my husband since I was about 13. I'm now 24. He moved to Texas when I was about 16. We had always wanted to get together then, but well, let's just say he's 6 years older than me and that wouldn't have been a good idea then... haha. We then met up again after he moved back here a couple years later... which was about 4 years ago... And here we are.

Hmmm... now I wonder where I'm going to meet my next husband... :) Just kidding.
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