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You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a looney chat you're searchin' for.

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One of my theme songs. :D
No, seriously!

Happy hump day all! :D How y'all doin?
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Im not crazy about the idea of food in a box for dinner, but I cant realy complain when the majority of our meals are from scratch and he's cooking so I dont have to worry about when I get home
they can definately be a convinience, i won't argue that.  but it's just not something i'm in the habit of having around.  doesn't really even occur to me to buy the stuff
Bye Sparkles. in a box..
SC keeps none of that in the house.  It's just so overly processed it is of little value to your body.  SC got a crash course in physiology and nutrition when diagnosed with diabetes.  Even tho we, as a family, got rid of overly processed foods and foods containing TF and made it even more ....we just put our foot down and became lable readers.  DS#2 doesn't understand.  The other two do. And...that is that.
I like "sausage"
i like chorico  :-)
1026 = 1006.

And that's the only time that will ever be true.
I just found out that a Get Smart movie is coming out next summer...

I'm not sure how I feel about that :-/

I like Melons?
I saw a commercial for a new Mr. Bean movie.  I looked at E and was like, "Isn't he, like ... so 10 years ago?"
yeah i saw something about that too sammi.  kevin spacey i think?  maybe?  don't remember quite right.  i loved get smart, not sure about a movei though
lily, you mean chorizo?
SC likes fruit.

SC has a massive crush on Anne Hathaway.
no!  steve carrel.  not kevin spacy
No I think it's Steve Carell...and Anne Hathaway as 99...
anne hathaway is GORGEOUS!  yeah, wish i was her

chorizo is good too ben :-)  spanish or portuguese, i won't agrue :-)
Yeah but as 99 SC?  I just don't know how I feel about this.
i not a big fan of portuguese stuff due to a spanish teacher i had from portugal
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