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What makes a bad/good hairdresser ? LIST IT

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I just wanted to know what you guys hate and love about getting a haircut. i plan on going to school for it so i would love to hear some input.

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I love getting my hair washed (very relaxing!), unless the water is too hot or too cold or gets splashed in my face/down my neck.

I love it when my hairdresser really listens to me, and hears what I want. But I also love it when she will be completely honest and tell me when she thinks what I want won't work for my hair type or face shape.

I especially like hairdressers who have a gift for knowing what styles work best with my particular face shape and even my height. For example, those who have taught me that keeping my hair on the shorter side, with some volume at the top, makes me look taller. I.e., they're taking into account the whole package deal, not just my head. Or the one who suggested I part my hair on a particular side, to complement the better side of my face.

I love it when a hairdresser first confirms what I mean by "oh just an inch" before she cuts. I suck at estimating measurements. :-)

I love it when a hairdresser doesn't simply follow the lines of the previous cut, but approaches my hair new each time. It makes a big difference.

I love it when my hairdresser gabs with me when I feel like gabbing, but keeps quiet when I'd much rather put my nose in a magazine and not socialize.

I can't stand it when the hairdresser keeps interrupting the cut to answer the phone to schedule other people's appointments. Once, okay. Several times? Nope. The salon should have a dedicated person to do this. Even worse is when it's to answer her own cell phone to take a personal call!!!! Again, once, fine... repeatedly text messaging her boyfriend during my cut... nope.

I hate it when the hairdresser will spend the entire cut gossiping with one of her coworkers. It's fine to chit-chat ... what I hate is when they start bad-mouthing their employer, or other coworkers in front of me (I left that hairdresser shortly after... it just made me so uncomfortable).

I hate it when, despite repeatedly explaining that my hair takes highlights very very fast, the hairdresser comes to check my hair way too late, and it's already fried beyond recognition.

I think that's everything!
Good hairdresser --
1 - a hairdresser that remembers me
2 - one that listens to what i want
3 - one that does what i want!
4 - one that doesn't asks stupid questions about my life that really no one wants to know
5 - one that makes recommendations as to my style (i.e. cutting the bottom of my hair at the back shorter than the rest because it grows faster!)
6 - One that massages my head when they wash my hair (it's so relaxing)
7 - one that shoes me how much they're going to cut off before they do it
8 - one that doesn't mind cutting some more off after it's done if i think it feels a bit long
9 - a hairdressers where i can pretty much walk in and be seen straight away (i don't plan haircuts i just get them when i get bored of how my hair is)

I finally found my perfect hair dresser/stylist when I was 19 in January last year.

Before that I had been in my opinion, basicly tortured, and had to pay for it.

I will never again get a 15$ hair cut.  Things I hate.

1.) Having my hair washed so roughly, I go home and lose about 100 extra strands. I don't know how many times I have to mention politely that I have a sensitive scalp for you NOT TO SCRUB WITH YOUR FAKE NAILS.

2.)There are so many tiny tiny hairs on the back of my neck from my hair dresser correcting the cut that it itches, even after a shower.

3.)Excessively touching my FACE, I HATE my face touched, move my head whatever, but don't re-adjust every 9 seconds.  OR shocking, ASK me to move a little, I'm not retarded.

4.)Poping a zit on my face, even after I insist angrly NOT TO.

5.)Not speaking english well enough to understand me, then getting pissy when I tell you you cut my hair wrong. =\

6.)Asking me where I'm from.... when I live 10 mins away... And insisting I can't possibly live in California, I GET IT, I'M NOT TAN.  Tackless =_=;;;

7.)Sprays me in the face with hair spray/other products. OMG I have BAD SKIN, hello new break out...

I love my chick, she costs me 70 smackers (with tip) I'd gladly pay more, but it is a lot considering I only work part time.  I go much longer without a haircut than I'd like, but I still look better on those days then the days I got a 15$ hair cut.

You get what you pay for about 90% of the time.  I feel terrible for the people who paid like 70 bucks and got a crap hair cut, that should NEVER happen with that kind of money flying around.


Stuff I love about my new hair dresser.

1.) She writes down pretty much everything I tell her so she doesn't ask me more than once.

2.)She will go over books and books and books with me.  Asking me what I like between the things she thinks would look the best.

3.)Is on time, I don't sit waiting an extra 20 mins I don't have because she didn't space her appointments far enough.  Professional hurray.

4.) Doesn't talk to anyone else unless they ask her a question about where something is.  Seems like she's the mature mama of the group of young chicks.

5.)Informs me about all the products she is using, but never pushes them on me, or assumes I want them.  I'm EXTREMELY sceptical about hair products.  I've discovered that it does matter what shampoo and conditioner you use, and it's made my hair look and feel 100% better.  I'm still a little product shy though.

6.)Educates me, I have wavey hair, and it's somewhat hard to tame, I like letting it air dry sometimes.  She showed me with a little product and a disfuser attachment I can get pretty curly hair, so awesomeeee.

7.) Waited like until my 6th hair cut to hug me, I'm a very uncomfortable person, I don't want to hug someone I've just met. She seems to really get personal boundries.
I don't usually know what I want, except that I want something "different" just about every time, so the most important thing to me is usually that the person keeps my features in mind when giving me color and style (I usually just tell my hairstylist "just do something that will make me look great!").

I still remember a time about 5 years ago or so, I told my hairstylist that I used all throughout my childhood and teen years that I wanted my hair to be chocolate brown and she told me honestly "I don't think that would work with your skin tone." Yeah, it sucked to think that I couldn't pull off what I wanted, but the honesty and the fact that she really considered it before actually doing it was great... and she picked a better shade that I loved! So yeah, I would say honesty is important, too. I mean come on, most of us can't pull off platinum blonde color, ya know?

Oh, and all of the hairstylists at a given salon should always all have great hair. :)
The hairdresser I used to go to (I cut my own hair now...) was really good. She was nice and interesting to talk to, she took interest in what I said. She also knew how to cut curly hair! I don't know if at school you do that, but everyone should take special classes on cutting different hair. I used to go to people that didn't know how to cut curly hair, and treated my hair like it was straight :(

I also don't like having my hair actually styled, because I'm not going to do that when I get home. but I think that's just me.
umm.. I like it when the hairdresser brushes my hair before she combs it if I'm not getting a wash, and uses a large tooth comb before the tiny one when I do. My hair loves to knot and trying to comb my hair straight off with a tiny tooth comb is soo painful!

I agree that the hairdresser should have nice hair too. I remember the salon I used to go to had alot of woman cutting hair that had these crazy hair styles and you could tell they dyed their hair at least every other week and their hair looked so dead and gross with many layers of different colour roots.
Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

Good hair dresser:

1. Patient
2. Comments on the hair style I want and reassures you that is okay for your face shape.
3.  Shows you the amount of hair they are going to cut off before they start chopping
4.  Is knowledgable about hair nutrition, and lets me know what they are putting into my hair
5. I love to be able to ask a hair dresser what would suit me and they can come up with an amazing creation I never thought of.
6. A hair dresser that shows me how to achieve the same look.  I suck with the hair brush and my part, so just take a minute to show me the easiest way to get my style back.

BAD hair dresser:

1. Asks if I blow dry my hair every day :) NO I have a dying addiction.  Yes I know my hair is getting dry, but dont ask, just suggest how to fix it.
2. DO NOT ANSWER your cell phone when cutting hair, or walk away from my head.  I had a lady that would cut and chat on the phone and my hair just kept getting shorter and shorter.  SCARY.
3. Properly cover my body with the mock.  Hair down the shirt does not feel good.  Hair on the skin is itchy.  So please brush as much off of me before I leave.
4. Finish the job and blow dry my hair.  I JUST got a hair cut last week and I noticed after my bangs were dry that they are a good quarter inch crooked.  NOT cute. I will get them fixed, but I wont go back to that lady.
5.  A hair dresser that does not listen to what I am really askin for.  If I show you a picture in a book, thats how I want it.  Dont close the book, pay attention to the cut!  Dont do a half assed immitation of what's in there.
6.  A speedy hair dresser that tries to rush through.  Makes for a bad cut.
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Good hair dresser:

1. Doesn't freak out when I walk in with hair to my hips and say, "I want it all cut off with the remainder being no more than 3" long." (I turned around and left the one who was refusing to cut my hair. I went to another place where they did ask twice just to make sure before they cut it all off -- all 35" of it.) 2. Doesn't try to talk me out of cutting off all my hair. You can ask twice to make sure you truly understand what I have said. After that, I leave. 3. When I say, "Trim the split ends only and even up the length" only cuts a maximum of 2" off my hair -- especially when my hair is approaching that hip length again. 4. Knows how to properly wash and condition really long hair and doesn't make it more tangled after washing than it was before. 5. Understands that I am NOT a hair stylist and will NOT put up with a bunch of bs to make my hair look "good". It had better be a fairly easy wash, comb, and go style no matter what my length currently is. (Three years ago, my hair was 3" long. Now it's at my waist heading toward the hips again.)

Bad: 1. Gives me a high-maintenance hair cut which requires more than wash, comb, and go. I refuse to use hair gel, mousse, or any other styling product in my hair. I also do not use a hair dryer -- not even in the winter. I LOVE the feel of cold winter air through my still damp hair in the mornings. 2. Cuts my hair and does not pay attention to the three cowlicks I have (and didn't listen when I warned him/her about them).
i havent read this whole stream so excuse me for any repeats :P but at least youll know what really matters!

bad: just something to start with:  if they say they dont want length taken off,  no matter how much you KNOW they need to get more cut off because of damanged tips or what not .. its not up to you so just go with the flow..or at least ask dont just do. (this happend to me this week actually! and i got an entire 1.5 real inches cut off.. uhm NOT what i wanted! and i was ticked!)

good: hair dressing is an "art" so try to make suggestions, i know a lot of ppl dont really even know what they want or would look totally cute with a differnt style, maybe minor changes .. make suggestions they might agree and love it! 

ps. good luck with it.. that should be FUN!
thanks guys...

seems liek the universal bottom line like everything else..


and yeh..i totally hate those high maint. cuts they give you when you show up in no makeup and bummy"do i look like i love a curling iron?cause i dont" lol

i never say anything either...but at least its fun while the hair spray lasts.
What bugs me about a bad hair dresser is when they don't talk to you.  You try to make conversation and they just sort of stand there and make you feel uncomfortable.  For me, personality, and listening to what I want and keeping an open mind are the things that sell me.
i have dreadlocks, and so what i hate is hair dressers who scoff at me when they see them. I also have a friend who went into a shop with a pretty interesting idea for a hairstyle, and the stylist was kind of rude about it, and kept going on and on about her long beautiful hair, and how she shouldnt cut it all off (my friend wanted a short style). I figure, its her hair, she can do what she wants to it. Shes the one paying for it.

so i guess what makes a good hair stylist to me is one whos open minded about hairstyles.
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