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How can I make myself look older?

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Hey everyone. I am 22 years old and I will be turning 23 this summer. I am 5'5 and I am 134 pounds (but don't look it). Most people say that I look 15 years old because I do not have any adult features and people say that I have a babyface. So what can I do to make myself older? There is a link for my picture below. 099ew.jpg/

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I don't think you look 15! You look about my age (I'll also be turning 23 this summer).  People often tell me that I look younger than I am too, but I think it's a good thing though.  When we get older, we'll be happy to look younger than we are.  :)

I could see you being mistaken for late teens (17-19) but not really 15. Be grateful for your face it means when your older you'll look great and if you really want to look older you could try make up, eye liner and/or shadows especially add years and filling-in eyebrows at least for me helps too. If I don't want to look too made up with make up I just fill in my brows a bit and a bit of eye liner. Non-make up is how you dress and have your hair, if I put my hair up I look younger apparently.   

At 13 I was told I looked 18, at 21 without make up I looked 13 or 14. At 26 I was told I look 16 and a little kid (7-8years old) thought I was in my 30s at 27 several months after being mistaking for 16. It makes me wonder is this why I never date someone around my age (mostly older guys and one younger guy) because they think I am illegal or too old? I am 27.5 now.

I'm no good at guessing ages, but I would probably assume you were 15-25.  Looking youthful is a good thing!

However, if you want to avoid being mistaken for a teenager, I would suggest checking out your wardrobe.  Avoid anything that looks like it could be from the junior's section (or actually is), especially things like graphic tees, converse, "teen" brands, or anything overly trendy.  Try to lean toward more "sophisticated"...pair a blouse with a high wasted skirt rather than a pair of denim shorts, or thow on a nice piece of jewelry or something.

You could also experiment with different styles of hair and make up.

I don't mean you need to dress professionally all the time, but generally, people look slightly older/more sophisticated when it looks like they put more time into their outfits.

By the way, you have a goregous smile:)

As a teen, I was regularly mistaken for someone in their early to mid-20s. Now, when I'm about to turn 22, people usually think I'm 18-19 (some don't believe that I'm even that old). High school kids hit on me.


Anyway, just try to embrace it. Later you'll be glad that you look younger. If it's at least a bit comforting to you, I don't think you look 15 - I would guess 18 to 20-ish.

Original Post by lasposacadavere:

As a teen, I was regularly mistaken for someone in their early to mid-20s. Now, when I'm about to turn 22, people usually think I'm 18-19 (some don't believe that I'm even that old). High school kids hit on me.


Anyway, just try to embrace it. Later you'll be glad that you look younger. If it's at least a bit comforting to you, I don't think you look 15 - I would guess 18 to 20-ish.

Yeah, I get that too :P and mistaken for my brother's girlfriend and I am 12 years older than him (twice once by an adult and once by a student). I crack up cause my brother was telling off the other teen "Dude that is my sister!" and the teen goes "But she's hot" I was still a bit overweight then and did give me a boost of confidence :P

I have this same "problem" and ya know what? I absolutely love it.

I used to not like it, and would feel the same way you do - but I've learned that this is a good thing and will be beneficial for us baby-faces in the future!!!

embrace it girlfriend.

by the way, you are absolutely gorgeous... such an amazing smile!!!

Everybody's desperate to look younger and you wanna look older!??? Damn .... i say, if you're 22 but look 15, you're the luckiest chick in town coz when you'll be 50, you'll still look an easy 40 woopwoop !!!! You're the lucky one ;)

Enjoy it while you can!   I always looked younger, too.  I didn't mind.   Now, at 63, people still think I look younger.  I really like it now. :)

I have the same problem, I am 31 and have recently been mistaken for a minor who should still be at school (!) as in: why are you not at school today? LOL yeah, I enjoyed telling that person my age. They were gobsmacked.

Both my parents had the same problem, so I don't think that helps me as it's clearly partly genetic.

Anyway, apart from looking young, do you come across as young in your speech and 'presence'?

I have a very young sounding voice, especially on the phone. In jobs it has hindered me when I have needed to get respect or control of a situation with a client/customer and they have not felt it because I seem/sound so young. This is going to sound funny/nuts, but I have been consciously trying to make it sound more adult/a bit deeper!

I also think the way you style yourself in terms of hair and makeup and dress can help to make you seem older. I have never been that bothered about clothes (because of my weight issues) and haven't felt the need to wear makeup on a regular basis. So the past couple of years I started making more of an effort to wear makeup and to dress myself smartly in a more structured way and I feel that not only does this help other people realise I am older than they might first have thought, but is also helps me to feel more confident and to carry myself and project myself better.

You could wear more makeup and age appropriate clothes?

I have the same problem. I'm 22 and I'm a pretty small girl. I especially look young when I don't wear much makeup and wear "teenager" style clothes (ie hoodies, sweatpants..etc). 

You have to find a good balance with the makeup though, too little makes you look like a 14 year old, too much can either make you look TOO old, or make you look like a teenager who is trying too hard... or a whore. :/

Enjoy looking youthful, don't rush to get old. You'll enjoy looking 30 when all your friends are 50!

Well,  as nice at is too look younger once you'Re past 25-30 it is annoying when you're not taken seriously.

In your case I'd say ditch the lose sweater (if you are wearing it outside the house) for something more tailored and if you pluck your eyebrows maybe leave them a bit larger and longer, especially towards the middle. Edgy or biker style boots with a low heel also add some 'umpf' - whereas ballerinas often tend make women look very girly.

There is no battleing the cute, though, and you do have a very cute smile.

For work issues - if there are any - it might be good to try and be a bit more 'serious'. Not less friendly just less bouncy - if you are. And no squeaky voice even when there are great news.

But apart from that: Congratulations, you'll be saving a lot of money on creams and whatnot in the decades to come :-)


The easiest way to look more mature is to focus on a sophisticated style of clothes/hair/makeup, in my opinion.

start smoking


You beat me to it!

It was a slow day in the Lounge, had plenty of time to come up with that one! ;)

I have the same problem ish. I get told I look 19-20 and I'm 27... no complaints from me! :D

Thank you. I do shop at the junior section in stores, and this is probably why people think that I look younger. Thanks for the advice.

Thank you. I guess you are right, I will like it in the long run.

Yes, in 20 or so years you will love it. I'm 40 and no one ever believes it. I'm constantly guessed much younger. Youngest do far, at 40, has been 28. My husband is younger than me and when we go out I always get carded, he doesn't. Although, I have been using wrinkle cream since I was 19. That was one thing my gran was adamant about with me is that no one is too young to use wrinkle cream. Don't know if it's good genes or the wrinkle cream but I look young and love it.
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