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I made a big do I fix this?

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I'm made an enormous mistake...I feel like a horrible person. I don't know which of my friends to talk to about this so I decided to post it.

Last night, I went to this semi-party/gathering thing. About fifteen people. I only knew like three people. So I got there in party mood and started to do shots. I did them realllyy fast, and a lot. So needlessly said, I was really drunk really soon. My memory is very hazy from then on in.

The problem is, in my drunken rampage I hooked up with the guy one of my closest friends likes. Right in front of her. How could I have done that? Its so low and I always look down on girls like myself...

I know it was a terrible thing to do, and even though I was drunk I'm trying not to make excuses. Please guys don't tell me what a horrible thing it was, I already know.

But how do I fix it? I've already apologised a million times and it's not enough. What can I do? If you guys have been in a similar situation or have any advice pppplllllleaasseeeee I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you.

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I've been in a similar situation, only I was on the other side.  I was the girl who liked the guy that a good friend hooked up with.  I got over it, just took some time.  Though I will admit that I was always hesitant to talk about certain things with her after that.  We're really not that great of friends anymore actually, though that's more because she moved and we just haven't stayed in touch.  We're still friendly when we do see eachother.

I guess my advice is to apologise, like you have, and don't expect her to treat you like normal again right away.  She probably feels like it's a pretty serious breach of trust and that'll take a bit for her to get over.

Also, of course you feel bad, and maybe you should, but don't beat yourself up over it.  We all make mistakes.  Though I would also suggest that you watch what you drink a bit more if being really drunk generally makes you do things that are out of character for you when you're sober.

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