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do you lose a lot of hair?

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I'm trying to find out if this is normal. For years (maybe longer, can't remember if it's always been an issue) I'm always finding loose hairs. I get so annoyed when I feel one stuck to my shirt somewhere and it's tickling my arms. In the shower especially a lot of hair comes out, and after it dries more comes out when I brush it. I always find a couple hairs on the bed. I can grab my hair and run my hand down the length and pull out a bunch of hairs. I did this 4 times just now and got 9 hairs, I wanted to check if they were just broken (which is what I was suspecting, my hair is kinda damaged) or if they coming from the scalp. Well I think 7 of them had the little white tip, meaning it came from the scalp :/

So is it normal to shed a lot of hairs? I've always just brushed it off as my hair breaking, my hair doesn't look or feel thinner, but it's still concerning me more (especially when both parents have thinned out hair :s).

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My hair sounds just the same as yours!! I have no idea why either...
I'm the same way. I've read that it's pretty normal.

Yeah I just read a few sites and seems about average 100 per day is normal, that's a lot lol.

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Everyone loses hair; the only times you should definitely be worried is if it is coming out in clumps or you feel/see that it is getting thinner on your head. One way to prevent some of the annoying hairs from getting on your clothes is to comb your hair in the shower. Make sure you have conditioner in and do it very gently.

Certain shampoos (PANTENE) makes my hair fall out more than normal. 
My hairdresser told me this is normal. In fact, on a side note, when I had extensions put in she told me that when the extensions came out it would seem like they were pulling out a lot of hair, but actually all the hair that would have normally fallen out was trapped in the braids and so would all come out at once. Just a natural part of life.

Yeah I know it's normal to lose hair, but I just thought 'normal' would be less - like a couple here and there.

Nope, normal hair loss is about a hundred a day. My hair is naturally very curly. I have to put conditioner on in the shower and run a wide-toothed comb through to get out the tangles. It is shocking how much comes out at that time. Then when I get out of the shower and comb it again, even more.

I can't comb my hair during the day or all the curls will separate and I'll end up with big frizzy hair (I dread curl separation). So when I comb it in the shower and afterward all the loose hairs come out at once and because they're so curly the volume looks more than it is.

Just hope that when you have a baby you don't experience the hair loss. My hair went what is called dormant while I was pregnant. I didn't lose hardly any the whole time. Then wham after the baby was born I started to shed more than my labrador. It was scary. My doctor said it was normal for about 20-25% of women to experience this.

I've heard that losing 100 hairs a day is normal.

hypothyroidism and low iron can cause hair loss, so can a number of other conditions....if you feel as though you are loosing more than normal, then consult your doctor. 

Poor diets can also cause hair loss.
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Also, certain hair color products do that to me.  And at certain stressful times.  When I've moved, had a car accident, severe health problems, etc.


Totally normal.  If you brush your hair regularly, a lot of it will come off in the brush, so you won't get as many strays lying around.

To keep my hair as healthy as possible, I only brush mine when absolutely necessary (once it is FULLY dry).  As a result, I lose hair EVERYWHERE.  I'm blond, and when I wear black coats, I have hair all over it.  Not to mention the number of vacuums I've killed from my hair wrapping around the beater brush.

As mentioned above, I would only worry if it came out in clumps, or started to look thin.

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