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Like the Walking Dead? Care to find out how you would fair in a zombie apocalypse?

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UPDATED: Mar 5, 2012

This is now the administration thread, which I will use to maintain relevant character information, important facts that you've learned, changes to the game, etc.

The game will be played in a separate thread under the name: The Ides of March.



If you are not playing the game and have any suggestions for possible story lines or plot hooks, please DO NOT post them here, and instead pm me so that if I decide to use it, the players are not given a spoiler.

Game Administration:

Currently the game supports up to 6 active players. If there are more interested players, I am willing to wait list people and perhaps work them in as occasional "surprise guests" while they wait for a slot to open up, of course if it feels like it can work, I'll incorporate them into the world. See "Expectations" below.

I may take liberties to flesh out your back stories, with potential hooks, motivations, etc. Please note I am willing to work with players on the story development of their character.

Game Ending Conditions - The game will last for as long as the heroes survive, until the zombie threat is neutralized or until interest wanes.

Game Mechanics - I may tweak game mechanics to keep the game interesting. Because you do not deal with the actual numbers, these changes should feel imperceptible, though if a significant change is necessary rest assured we'll discuss it before it is implemented.

How Play Progresses - I will send pm's to players describing a scenario and ask for their response in pm. This will continue back and forth until I have sufficient information to post a recap in the in game thread. It is possible for the in game thread to go without a post for up to a week if necessary in order to prevent specific player's from having access to more information than their character should have. This is usually only an issue when a party splits up (a dangerous proposition as there is safety in numbers).

Refer to posts 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 for an example.

Player Information:

Active Players: See post 17.

  1. thesuperbex as Rose McFallon
  2. htimsmr as Timothy Collins
  3. mjsophia as Nicole Jakowski
  4. kotov_syndrome as Tim Kern
  5. dnrothx as Max Worthington
  6. barbarjinx as Noel Bartram

Waiting List: 

  1. caverlady

Inactive Players: n/a

Deceased Players: n/a


It is common for players to have a sense of attachment to their avatar, however they may very well die, even if played intelligently, or survive in the face of a tremendous blunder. This is not personal; this is chance, proof that life is as fair as it isn't.

As the person bringing your stories to life, I am coldly impartial: neither for you or against you. Your fate will be decided by your decisions and chance. While you will not see the number crunching going on behind the scenes, know that I will NOT change the results of the game's mechanics to change your fate for better or worse.


  • No experience required at all.
  • Meet post requirements of one post per day Mon-Thursday, special play sessions to be noted above.
  • Inform me absences and approximate duration.
  • Do NOT tell other players how to play their turn.
  • Information should be passed from character to character, not from player to player. See post 30 and 31.
  • Don't complain if fate hates you for some reason on a given day and you end up as zombie chow, I didn't kill you.

Additional Notes

  • The best way to kill your own fun is to share information with other players, which outside the confines of their in-game experience, their character couldn't possibly know. Do NOT share details about your character outside the game with other players. 

Without suspense the game will fall flat, trust me.

  • I prefer Out of Character comments to be left out of the game thread to keep things tidy, but in character commentary is perfectly acceptable though it may change the course of the game.
  • I will handle the majority of the record keeping, if not all of it: the goal being to make it really easy to focus on just the game.

How to Apply 

PM me the following of a fictional person you wish to play:

  1. Name (please abstain from stupid names like Seymour Butts)
  2. Characteristics (whatever you feel is relevant to you),
  3. Defining trait (Strong, Intelligent, Cunning, or Charismatic), 
  4. Pre-apocalypse career


  1. George Romero
  2. White, male, 72, glasses, divorced, 1 adult child, 2 grand-children
  3. Intelligent
  4. Writer, Director, Actor
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Also, if you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask; there are no dumb questions, I'm assuming most people here have never played such a game before.

I am interested, but I only have access to CC mondays and wednesdays. For some reason I can't post from my android. I'll be watching how this goes!

I may be able to accommodate that assuming you gave me a priority of list of things you'd like to do in order of importance.

In combat with zombies:

1. If friendly player needs help assist them

2. If possible for everyone to escape then run

3. If I have to fight, assist _______

A lot of the game is played in PM's between myself and individual players and the result of that is what you see in the thread.

Basically what you'd see in the thread would be your in character commentary, because your friends could hear that and my descriptions of what you elected to do and how it panned out.

You read the current situation in the thread and you PM me what you'd like to do.

Me!  Count me in!

I need to think of my name, role, etc, but definitely want to play!

So far that is two people not counting MJ for whom I believe we can come to an acceptable work around.

One or two more and we can get this thing off the ground.

My only concern with running less than four is that two people probably won't have sufficient safety in numbers to do much but try to avoid almost all combat unless there are no more than 5 zombies facing them and they'd definitely have problems with other humans, especially if their opponents had superior weaponry, also with only two there's very little room for error that would not result in death.

I'd like to give it a whirl! I'm not entirely sure I understand, however, is it sort of like "Clue"? I might not be smart enough to play! :(

It's very straight-forward. You describe to me who you are in a pm:

Name: totally up to you so long as it's not a joke name

Characteristics like: age, race, gender, tattoos, family situation, whatever matters to you

Your defining characteristic: Strong

Pre-apocalyptic career: I was a cop (and maybe you spice it up with "but secretly competed in lucha libre")

From there I create your character and help you fill in the rest as needed to flesh out your character.


When the game begins I will then place you somewhere in the game world:

1. I then describe to you your situation and ask you what you'd like to do.

2. You tell me what you'd like to do,

3. I determine how to best your character would simulate that, do a bunch of dice rolls that you never see, and post in the game thread what happened.

4. Start back at 1 until you die or some other game ending condition occurs.

Fair warning btw, games like this can last for months. They require minimal effort on your part, but take a while to conclude.

An example would be:

I pm you with the following:

You look out into the atrium, light pours in from up above and there's no sign of life (or lack there of).

On the first floor you see various non-gated shops, a candy shop and a large sporting good store with a broken display window.

On the second floor you see more stores though you can't tell the type and further down you see a food court. Your stomach rumbles at the thought of the last decent meal you had two days ago.

There is an escalator about 50ft ahead and much further down, an elevator.

What would you like to do?

Perhaps you pm me back:

I want to search the food court for something to eat. I want to take the elevator up carefully, keeping any eye out for trouble.

I do a bunch of rolls and then post the following in the game thread:

Peering out into the atrium AC, notices a food court on the upper level. Pistol in hand, he carefully makes his way to a nearby escalator and ascends the steps, his eyes scanning the room for any sign of trouble.

As he crests the top of the escalator, he sees something move inside one of the upper level clothing shops, though he can't tell what it is or if it saw him as well.

My next pm to you would be:

At the top of the escalator you saw something move inside the shop on the right side of the atrium. The same side as the food court further down.

There does not appear to be any activity on the left side and you can see at least one bridge from the left side to the right near the food court.

What do you do?

So basically I give you a little more information than I tell others in the game world, unless they too can see it.

What that information is depends entirely on your characters abilities, what they're doing and the luck of the dice. I only tell you that which your character believes to be true.

I give you what I believe is enough information to make an educated decision, based on the facts as your character understands it. Please note even a good decision can end poorly and vice versa.

And the game continues to unfold from there.

I want to participate, if that's alright. I already have an idea for a character that I'll PM to you.

very interesting! I just pm'd you. I hope that I can keep up the best I can during the week.

Isn't this sort of how D & D is played?

If there's still room, I'm in, ig. This is preying on my obsession with the inevitable apocalypse. I'll go ahead and send the pm.

DnD is one version of a d20 based role-playing game, though dnd is more map/combat based. This is definitely going to be considerably more narrative, even the combat. The numbers game will be played behind the curtain so to speak.

Also, DnD is mostly high fantasy, wizards, gods, inhuman feats of physical prowess... this is going to be very gritty, average folks fighting for their right to live.

If you try to jump out the second story window onto concrete below, you'll probably break your leg.

Rose McFallon (aka superbex): It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, though it’s even better still to leave no trace you were ever there… a ghost in the shell. No matter how secure the code or difficult the lock, there’s always a way around it, all those years in anti-sec taught you that much. Turns out all that neck-beard talk at Defcon about guns and survival following the inevitable collapse of the government didn’t hurt either. You have a keen eye for weaknesses and the patience to wait for the right opportunity to exploit them, always careful to keep your wits about you and your options open.

Nicole Jakowski (aka mjsophia): exceptionally nimble, you found out the hard way when the zombie apocalypse came that you could handle yourself if necessary, but even more surprising you discovered your true calling as a marksman. While you are physically capable, your fame has taught you what all good generals know: grunt work should be left to the grunts. It’s far less risky to rely on your cunning; to trade on your fame and charm to persuade others to help you as much as possible.

Timothy Collins (aka htimsmr): you always were exceptionally gifted, even as a child you exhibited signs of an eidetic memory and the capacity to understand any subject you approached: it turns out dispatching the undead was no different. Growing up, you discovered that friends are hard to come by for a scrawny kid that no one understands, so you tend to avoid conflict. When faced with a problem remember brains over brawn, every problem has an elegant solution even if you don't have time to explain the math.

Tim Kern (aka kotov_syndrome): your time in the military has prepared you well for this next war, you're a force of nature when it comes to close quarter combat and while you're capable with a rifle your aim isn't what it used to be. A private person, you've never tended toward sharing your thoughts, it's probably why she left you... but none of that matters anymore, you have to stay strong to survive. However, while strength is a virtue, you've found you can achieve disproportionate results by working smarter AND harder.

Max Worthington (aka dnrothx): “Winners make their own opportunities,” as your father always said. You’ve never been very confrontational, not that you couldn’t stand up for yourself if push came to shove, but in your experience everything and more importantly everyone has a price and that knowledge is wherein true power lies… well that and an opportunity to exploit it.

Noel Bartram (aka barbarjinx): Your daddy didn’t raise a fool. He may have wanted a son initially, but he loved his daughter deeply and shared with her his passion, pastimes and grit. A rough and tumble gal from day one, you’re no pushover; nor are you a stranger to living off the grid, but it’s your mother’s kindness that gives you an inner strength to which others are drawn. There is strength in numbers if you can find a way to leverage the collective talents of the group.'re basically playing Zombie Sims with humans...I cannot wait to read along.

Finally PM'd you Igs.  Had to ponder things for a bit.

I wonder who made the cut for the two slots...

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