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My left eyelid will NOT stop twitching. Ideas?

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Every now and then it twitches............. for a good few seconds and then goes away.  Then it does it again.

I admit it happens more at work when I am staring at  the computer screens - but what I do about it?  Its driving me NUTS!

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Mine, literally (no exaggeration), twitched for 20 waking hours straight. I thought something was wrong with me since it wouldn't stop. The only thing I could find online said to go to a doctor after three days. Usually, I think, it's stress-related... which definitely makes sense with my case. 

My friend and I have both noticed this while we were dieting...he seemed to have found some literature saying it can be a common side effect of low-carb dieting.  I'll look for more info, but we both had this happen to us while doing South Beach...I am assuming you have been dieting.  I think that this is a kind of interesting phenomenon.  I don't know the reasoning behind it.

i used to get this.  i think it was symptomatic of some kind of deficiency (it was definitely NOT a low-carb thing for me).  i remember telling someone it felt like a tiny little orgasm.

drink some seltzer water with quinine in it.  I forget what it does exactly...but it should stop your eye twitching if you drink small amounts throughout the day. 

After seeing your post, I just realized that the twitch I had for the last few months has gone away.  I guess it's been gone for a couple of weeks now, but I hadn't noticed since I'd become so used to it.

I think it was stress - either vacationing at my SILs house (vacation shouldn't be stressful) or preparing for a Halloween party - from too many things going on at once.

It's stress, lack of sleep, and/or too much caffeine. Sometimes bad nutrition as well. Make sure you sleep 8 hours a night, eat according to the Food Guide, and cut coffee or tea to 1 cup a day. Deep-breathing and relaxation exercises whenever you feel stressed. It will resolve after a few weeks.

I had it too, for a few months at one point. Then it went away on its own.



Sometimes tics are a side effect of certain prescription medications.  If you've started taking any new meds in the past few months (or had a change in dosage) you may want to talk to your doctor.

My eyes twitch when I am tired... not just a little tired, but seriously tired... or stressed... I would try to get more sleep and maybe try not to work at your computer as much (if possible?)... good luck, I know how annoying that is!

Stress causes mine to twitch ... been twitchy for about 6 weeks now and just this last week I've got both eyes going - lol. Someone's gonna think I'm winking at them - HA!

Exercise helps me keep it at bay, I notice after I have a good workout it doesn't twitch for several hours afterwards - which makes sense since exercise helps manage stress too.

Dont worry, your just going crazy....

Enjoy the trip! :D

itS' a mix of stress and lack of sleep.  but if it gets so big that other people see the twitch (usually you feel the twitch, but others don't see it so it'S very small), maybe talk to a doctor about it.  could be a sign of something.

do you happen to wear glasses??? My right eye twitched for months but it stopped when I got new glasses which had a small extra correction. My eyes were just so tired having to focus all the time, especially with computer work. On days I d 8 hrs straight of screen work my eyes would be red and really painful.  And the twitching would not stop only when I fell asleep. Now that I have new specs it is all gone!

If you don't have glasses, let your eyes get checked. You may have need of glasses.


I've had this quite a bit in the last few months. It's just stress, and probably exhaustion, in my case...

If I get really stressed out my eye will twitch also.  You could be stressed.  If you are not stressing out then I would say every few hours try to look away from your computer screen.  Go take a walk around the office for a minute or whatever you can do to stop staring at the screen.  That may help.


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I was told by my doctor that any type of muscle twitch is often a magnesium deficiency.  You could try taking some supplements, it works great for me.

Oooh, I understand just how annoying that is!  I get them, too.

I've had great luck with POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENTS.  You can get them at the health food store or probably anywhere that sells vitamin supplements.  Potassium is important for smooth muscle movement.  Just take them for a couple of days, and it'll go away. 

Good luck!

could be a magnesium deficiency.

My understanding is that a lack of B vitamins causes your eyes to twitch.  It may indeed be caused by stress, since stress depletes B vits (caffeine also kills them).  You also tend to get it more when you're tired.  Try taking some B vitamins, or at least a good multi, and I bet it will go away.

my eyelids twitched for about 6 months. figured it was because of stress.

the suggestions above all sound reasonable

Here is what medline plus says

My first impulse would be to drink some gatorade and then get a pedicure or do some otherwise relaxing and/or enjoyable activity because the times I've gotten them, they were always stress-related


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