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Your last traffic ticket: for what and how long ago?

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Misery loves company. 

No Seat Belt. 
Ive not worn one since when it couldnt fit around me. No excuse now other than pushing my luck.  Course I was checking every car I could wondering how comman it is that people wear them. 

No Front License Plate.
Hey, it was in my car!  Just busted off. I wont say for how long but Argh!

Im not blaming the messenger, my fault, my $300 total fee fault.

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$300!  Consider yourself lucky...

Last September:  Ran a red light.  Total fee: $423 plus a Saturday wasted in Traffic School. 

Bleh.  BUT WAIT!

2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Speeding.  Total fee: $156 plus a point on my license because it hasn't been 18 months since my last infraction.  I can't wait to see what my insurance will be in 6 months.  Oh, and the kicker?  I wished the cop Merry Christmas and he blew me off.  Nice.

If I get another anytime soon, I am going to quit driving.

I am such a goodie two shoes Laughing to date nothing......just jinxed myself now, haven't i Yell

No seat belt.  It was probably five years ago or so.  I was on a gravel road going all of 15 mph and I was pulled over.  Jerkwad.  Cost me $10!

google ticket assassin

My ticket is pending, but I have a chance for a dismissal and if not then I can still contest it again and go to traffic school.

Speeding...pulled over going 75 in a 65 zone, but ticketed for 84...I hadn't been going 84 in the last few miles, plus a nice clear night, folks regularly travel 80+ on that road.  Also I left my license at home accidentally, but that part should be automatically dismissed.  Cops looking for drunk drivers at 3am are not going to find anything with me.


Speeding.  A long time ago, but it's only becuase of sheer luck.  Knocks on wood, wards off the evil eye.

A year ago...speeding at night while listening to music pumped all the way up (it was great).  Ticket!  Got it knocked down...but huge fine.  At least no points on the license and no insurance surcharges.

I use cruise control (when I remember) now.Embarassed

i got one the beginning of January on my way back from the airport (coming from England) and it was for speeding (88 in a 65) and i paid $202. i was so pissed because it was my first ticket ever and now my spotless record is tarnished, Frown

Failing to obey a traffic control device - I made a right on a red light without coming to a full and complete stop.  Now, when I come to the full and complete stop, I almost get rear ended because no one stops at this light! 

Doing 50 in a 25, lol. I should have known better, it was a speedtrap right outside my neighborhood. I got clocked at 46 and the cop was nice and dropped it so I'd get less points. Luckily I had taken a defensive driving class so that also decreased my points. But I was 17 so I had to go to court with a parent, which was a bummer. They even asked me how I plead, and I said "guilty...I mean can I actually deny it? They radared me..." The judge laughed it was funny.

In the end, the court fee was more than the actual ticket. How lame is that?

I really hope you guys all wear a seatbelt now. :s

I've never not wore a seatbelt before, I'd feel too naked. :o

As for me... none (I don't drive to be fair, have my license though). My husband had some parking tickets and a speeding ticket in the past before I met him... but since we were together none... yet.

speeding.  all my tickets are for speeding; other than that, i'm pretty law-abiding.  the most recent one was thanksgiving weekend three and a half years ago.  i'd been stuck in traffic for about 100kms getting out of vancouver, and when it finally cleared up, my lead food made itself known ;)

As they dont give out tickects here i will just post all the bad things i have done while driving here.... (no helmet, no seatbelt, no licence, not stopping at red ligths,stop signs etc...) ahaha But before let me tell you about driving in Cambodia....

So, in Cambodia, there are rules for driving, the only issue is that no one knows them or follows them.. There are signs around, marks on the road, stop signs,red lights etc... but why should anyone respect them and most importantly what do they mean.. Yes they do have driving schools, yes you can buy your driver's license for 50$, oh and most importantly you can pay off the corrupt cops..

Here is a little insight on Driving in Cambodia

" The current traffic law dates from 1991 and is obsolete. A new Traffic Law, which meets international standards, is now under preparation and contains new articles that are not included in the current law, including:

I wonder what it says in the old law....

Every motorcyclist using a motorbike from 49 cc must have a driving license  Really? What is that for? And is there an age limit?
- Helmet wearing is compulsory for all motorbike users; Finally!! (still see a lot of them without one,... i mean its so uncool! and it destroys your hairdoo
- Fastening seatbelts is compulsory for all car drivers and passengers; Both! that is asking way too much!
- Blood alcohol concentration limit is provided;
- Fines and penalties are increased. Yey!! more money for the Corrupt cops!!"

Nature of injuries
- In total, 65% of casualties suffer from head injuries, much higher than the world average of 28%.
- 9% of them are considered as severe15.
- 80% of casualties suffering from head injuries are motorbike users. Among them, only
4.39% are wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.(or at any time)
- Only 30% of those wearing a helmet suffer from head injuries while 70% of those not wearing a helmet suffer from head injuries. This confirms the importance of helmet wearing. Really!!! are you sure?

Well thats just the tip of the iceberg... but I have learned to drive a moto here in Cambodia, oh! but you must learn to drive the Cambodian way meaning don't expect anyone to follow any rules.. The bigger vehicle has the priority (well if you want to live you get out of the way!!), If as a foreigner you get into an accident be ready to pay an extravagant amount as its your fault and you have all the money.. Even if there is an accident on the road and you are passing by DO NOT STOP!! or they will twist the story so that you it was you who from out of nowhere came and hit them etc... Cops, ya there are around but mostly in the afternoon (peak hours is nap time), if they stop you.. well give them a buck or two and they will be happy..

No helmet: I was taking my bike back from garage and as it was ready before i knew it would b so i didnt go home and take my helmet... Very bad i know.. on the way back home i see the cops.. oh crap! of course the white foreigner will defintely be stopped.. but too late.. well not really but didnt really care.. so they stop me, started talking in khmer.. i jsut tell them i dont understand (quite funny to see them try to explain and make the gestures), after a minute i give in and say im sorry and bla bla bla.. nope ... i must pay.. but they tell me they want 1$ (this is going to make you smile).. WHAT! 1$ are you loplop (crasy), i will pay 75cts like the locals! and if you make me pay you make him and him and him pay (3 guys around me without a helmet).. i stood on my statement, they tried and tried i said nope nope.. then the angry cop (we know him, he's not happy because his wife left him with all the money.. but he is always angry) and tells me to pay up.. I stood on my statement... i will pay 75cts (ahahah) so at the end i actually had to pay 2$ because i didnt have a helmet, i opened my big mouth and i didnt have a licence ahahah

I mean here, no one takes the cops seriously, no one takes the law seriously, the only thing you must remember is to never get into an accident, if it does happen and your not at fault and that there are only minor injuries you get the hell out of there...(believe me, they will try to extract as much money from you as possible)

I am not proud of saying this.. and im glad i havent had an accident (touch wood) yet.. but i have heard of ridiculous fines (up to 1300$) for an accident that was not your fault.. raffic-law-khmer-version/

Have a look at the second one (great picture of a typical driving day in Cambodia, spot the mistakes!!)


speeding about six months ago.  20 euro fine = no biggie.

i love to give the cops a hard time by pretending not to speak german even though i speak it just fine (not perfectly!).  if i'm in a good mood, i'll at least "understand" what they say in german but still respond in english.

I got pulled over doing 52 in a 40 but i knew the officer  so I got out of that one.

My husband on the other hand got pulled over 2 times on our way home from vacation last year, 1st officer saw my Indiana State Police air freshner ( you have to know somebody to get one of those) and he was a State Officer so I told him that I was a dispatcher and that my best friends husband was a State Trooper!

Then 2 hrs later we got pulled over again and he got a ticket, come to find out the officer that gave him the ticket was my best friends husbands, roomate in the police academy.  He said if he had known I dispatched he would have never wrote the ticket!.

I guess, sometimes it pays to know someone, sometimes it doesn't!

Never received a ticket...BUT:

Received warnings for:

--Headlight out (at least four times for the same headlight...different cops each time, though...had a late night commute...kept telling them I was going to get it fixed)

--Speeding (a few times)

And, my favorite:

--Not keeping to the right of the road...don't ask.

My last one was for an improper turn. I made a u-turn and there was no sign posted saying a u-turn was illegal. Turns out I got the ticket simply because I cut-off a cop and didn't see him because my driver side mirror was gone. He was going to McDonald's and was angry I made him wait 2 seconds, I suppose. 

I used to get failure to wear seatbelt tickets (I got 10 in one year), but not so much anymore. 

My last and first speeding ticket was in June 2008 driving 301 in Delaware 76 in a 55 mph zone.  Fine was $160.  My mom was with me and said to the cop, "I am sorry I was talking to her and she was distracted by my chatter."  Thanks mom that really helped.  I wasn't distracted I had the cruise control set and was tuning you out.

I've had two speeding tickets, one for 86 in a 60, I think he wrote down something lower though, Fine was like 250, which sucked cuz I was working part time at Subway at the time. That was like 2 weeks pay! Second one was last year, as I was leaving work. I was excited, I was picking up my boyfriend to see an advanced screening of a movie we both really wanted to see. Was going like 55 in a 40 or something, but he only ticketed me for 45 I think. What a nice guy. Hopefully I don't get kicked off the company insurance!

3 days before Christmas...state trooper. 90 in a 65 $200.00 :( 

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