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Didn't know if anyone else had seen this yet but I thought it was so beautiful and heart wrenching....get the tissues ready!!!!!


Last moments with Oden

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*calls TB a jerk for making me cry*

I couldn't watch the whole video..I am a sap and easily upset.. but I noticed there were at least 4 or five videos with a similar theme.. Is this a trend of sorts?? I hope not.  

It's therapy for people who want help and feel helpless.

It's just such a beautiful story, reveals how much we love our pets ad how selflessly they give to us. Asking for us to let go is the only thing they ever take from us, the rest of their life is spent in a constant state of giving. 

What I found inspiring is how this guy made the leap from spirituality to unconditional love. Beautiful.

yeah, i'm still bawling.

Blocked.   I am thinking this is a good thing as I really don't want to spend my day sobbing in my cubicle. 

I'll check it out at home this evening and sob in the privacy of my living room.  



Please don't take this the wrong way, but I wish I just hadn't even come in here!

I didn't even watch it all, switched off as soon as I saw the dog.

I guess I am just never going to get over her.

((((amd)))) its okay


I shouldn't have watched that. Cry


My Midge is starting to get up there in age, and I see her turn more and more white, and it kills me to know that I only have a few more years with her.  She really is my best friend.


(((((corgi and star))))

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