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Ladies: size D boobs, love em or lose em

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I personally hate mine and think they put seconds on my track record..
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Mine aren't D's...large C's...but hoping they will shrink a bit as I lose weight. They do get in the way and make certain clothes look fugly.
DD's. My mom always says it's better to have a lot then none at all... I do wish they were a bit smaller, finding shirts that fit my boobs and my waist is sometimes hard!!!!! 
Original Post by monarch777:

Mine aren't D's...large C's...
my size too. i like em. but wouldnt want them any bigger.
Ugh, I know. Currently right on the cusp of D-DD, but really hope I go back to a C when I lose the extra weight.  They're just in the way!
I love my Ds Smile 
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I hate the fact that they hurt if I try to walk too fast without wearing a bra. And that they hurt if I try to do anything too jarring without wearing an ultra heavy-duty sports bra. AND the fact that I have to buy clothes very carefully... since most regular shirts hang straight down from my boobs and hide the fact that I *am* hourglass under there even if I'm a little chubby! (Size DD.)

But then again.. soft and boob-ish. You can't HATE them! 

i wear a 34D and wouldn't want anything larger and am praying i don't lose anymore of them!!!

when i run i were two sports bras. it works great! try it and you might change your mind


I hate my boobs!  I am a DD.  Hopefully  some of my weight loss will eventually be in that area.  If not hubby agreed I could get a reduction once I lose the weight and keep it off for a bit.  He of course would like them to stay the way they are.
I'm a 32A. Flat and lovin it =)
34B, perfect little mounds that won't ever sag!
D/DD. Right now, they seem to fit fine with the size of my body, but if they don't shrink when I get near my goal weight, I don't know what I'm going to do with them.
Okay I might be a D or DD when I get down to goal.  Now I am a 36G, yes, one step up from DDD.  Its crazy and certainly difficult for running but the running helps with the weight loss so double sports bras it is!  Truth be known, I love my curves.
I'm hoping for a DD at goal balance out my ginormous butt. ;)  So far all I've lost is band size, dagnabit!
I'm a 32G and I love my boobs! I recently lost about 25 pounds, but my boobs only changed from 34G to 32G...I have a Dolly Parton like profile...
as i have my weight mine got bigger i am a a dd now .i want surgury to fave then reduced they hurt
I've had DD's since I was 13.  I've lost 50 pounds and a few inches around my chest, but they are the same cup size!  I was hoping to get to a C, but it doesn't look like that will ever happen.  I hate them because I was made fun of so much growing up and I still get comments at 28! 

One of the funniest comments to me was a few years ago when I met one of my boyfriend's coworkers for the first time while we were at a bar.  We were sitting talking to the guy (who was clearly wasted) and in the middle of his sentence, he stops and says "those are some huge t***!".  It totally caught us off guard and the way he said it was so funny, I didn't get mad.  I just said "that's what I hear."

Since I was a teenager, I've learned to just laugh it off and make fun of them myself.

But shopping for a shirt is definitely a huuuge pain.

I lovED my D's but as I lost my weight I lost a lil bit of my boobies too so now I'm in a C cup.

What that procedure where they take fat from one place and put it in another? I'd like to get that done, I want my full breasts back. DOn't get me wrong they are still nice but I liked havin 36 D's now I'm 34 C's doesn't pack as much punch lol.

I am a 40D and think that when I lose weight I will be more like a 36-38D, but I'm just not sure.   I am a little worried about droop and will consider getting them perked up if the need arises.  I like having Big Girls.   I certainly would be okay if they went down to a C to go with my trimmer body down the road, but I'm totally okay with the larger set.

Let's hear it for Body by Victoria Full Shaping Bras, even if I do have to mail order them!! 

My boob size has not changed only the back size. At my ideal weight when I was 14 I was a 40 ff and know I am 33 and 6 stone over weight they are still ffs but 44 back size. My boobs are a bit droopy, but the shere weight of them, is a struggle to be any other way, but a bit droopy.

I wear really well fitted bras and have to get them online. They cost 28 quid or more just for 1 at this size and only a few brands stock that size, like panache, vanity fare and shapely figures. I do love my boobs and so does my partner. But they do weigh alot and give me upper back and neck pain, which is not too clever when I suffer with scoliosis. But I have thought long and hard about surgery, but looking into it I rather not. 

They are what makes me, me and I have learnt to live with them this long, so why change now.

Astral hippy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKiss

I was a 38D two years ago, but now 80 pounds later I am a 34/32C and that is just fine with me! 
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