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How do you know if you are bisexual?

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How do you know if you are bisexual?

Are you bisexual if you fancy mainly guys but the occasional girl and you like more feminine looking guys?
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I believe you know you're bisexual when you are sexually interested in both guys and girls.

Being interested in mainly guys and the occasional girl could still make you bisexual.
i think to be truly bisexual you'd have to be willing to have a relationship with someone of either sex. i think "bisexual" gets thrown around far too often by girls who make out with their friends in bars to get guys attention for example. others may disagree, but that's my two cents. i find girls attractive, i've kissed girls before, but i don't consider myself bisexual in any way, because i would never go beyond that.
You don't really know for sure until you've sampled all the merchandise and then decided which one you're buying.
I consider making out as you put it with someone of your own sex as being bicurious not neccesarily bisexual. I think in order to be considered bisexual you have to experience more than just some kissing. I also think if you experience having sexual activity with someone of your own sex but you never want to experience it again ,you were just curious and cannot be considered bisexual. You would have to continue that lifestyle with someone of opposite sex and someone of same sex.
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I am offended by this post.

TOTALLY KIDDING. I'd say if you're attracted to both sexes enough to want a relationship with them (yea, someone said that already). I've also kissed girls, but I'm not actually attracted to them, I'm just comfortable enough in my own sexuality not to care...
Perhaps at the center of this is a difficult philsophical question. How do you define others by.. how they THINK or how they ACT.

Jules817 and tigerlily120 want to define you on actions. That is.. if you don't ACT like a bisexual (that is.. sample both wares), you aren't one.

However, I don't, in this case, agree, because I think Bisexuality is a thought pattern. You can be interested in people without getting hot and heavy with them. That is.. I believe you are defined by how you think, your orientation. :)

A little heavy, perhaps, for this topic, but worth noting :)
Hmm actually this is an interesting topic. I consider myself bi-curious, I've never even kissed a girl but I constantly fantasize about having sexual relations with a female but I don't think I'd ever have the guts to actually go through with it. Although you never really know until the situation arises.
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HK-That wasn't fully what I meant. I don't mean you need to be sampling both the wares in order to be bisexual. I mean that sometimes you can be crazy bicurious until you have sampled the wares, and then find out you weren't into the same sex at all. You know for sure once you know something does or doesn't work for you.
I don't think "willing to enter into a relationship with" should be a criteria, or 90% of the bisexual guys out there don't count as bisexual (and probably most of the girls too). There is still social stigma out there, that can prevent even truly bisexual people from taking that leap. Hell, even some 100% gay people are not willing to enter into relationships with other people of the same sex - it's called the closet. (And don't tell me that you can't be 100% gay if you sleep with someone of the opposite sex - you can, it's just a chore.)

I agree that girls making out with their friends in bars are not "really" bisexual, as they are not doing it from honest desire but rather to attract guys, and are not interested in going further and/or doing it at all without an audience. And I'm not sure whether girls who pick up girls for threesomes just to please their boyfriend count, either - even if they have sex with the girl, it might not be from their own desire.

I agree that the difference between bicurious and bisexual is whether you have tried it and want to do it again. That's the only time you'll "know" for sure (although don't rush to judgment based on only one bad experience - might be the person, not the gender!) Most bisexual people still have a preference for one gender or the other, it just isn't 100% either way. It's unrealistic to expect that someone be 50/50 in order to be called bisexual! If the physical desire for both sexes is there, and you enjoy sex with both genders, that's bisexual no matter what the ratio.

And you can't expect people to have relationships with both sexes for the rest of their lives to count as bisexual - that means they could never be monogamous! If you're bisexual, you could settle down with someone and be faithful, but that doesn't make you less bisexual - if you broke up, you'd still be interested in finding a partner of either sex.

What if you'd tried it .. and had a reltionship with a girl (your longest relationship ever) and you were kind of ashamed with yourself and really don't want to be bisexual but think you are????

Is there any way of stopping yourself from being bisexual??

:S if im making any sense
tigerlily, fair enough. I agree with you.

deadstardust... I don't think so. I think bisexuality is a state of being, not.. a choice. I don't think we should be ashamed of who we are. I think we should accept and love ourselves as we are. That way lies happiness. :)
Are you guys familiar with Kinsey? Well I'm not really past the movie but he did many years of studies on human sexuality which pretty much meant he talked to thousands upon thousands of people and had sex with everyone. I big part of his research is the Kinsey scale which pretty much says everyone has at least little homo in them.

I can get excited thinking about some experimentation but I've never done it and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have an actual relationship with a woman.
and hahaha that Onion article was hilarious

Not everyone was as enthusiastic about the pair's announcement. A 28-year-old female bar patron rolled her eyes at the girls' predictable antics, and was immediately dismissed by Fletcher and Keneally as "jealous." The bartender reported that she'd seen similar scenes play out on countless other evenings.

"You mean the one that flashed her tits last week is gonna make out with the girl who was telling everyone she wasn't wearing any underwear?" Dorman asked while setting out newly washed glasses. "Whatever."

Stardust, I don't think that there's any way of stopping yourself from being bisexual--nor do I think that it is wrong. It is something you feel and there's no reason, in my opinion, to stop it. However, if you do feel ashamed of it, there's nothing to stop you from not having another relationship with a girl (not that I'm saying you shouldn't!) But please don't be ashamed of being bisexual! It could be a part of who you are, just like if you loved animals or something, and I for one don't believe it's morally wrong.
HK- Now I agree with you.

A true bisexual finds physical satisfaction from members of both sexes.

Many are bicurious, and fantasizing doesn't make one bisexual.

Sexuality is a very complex matter...physically, emotionally, morally.

If your orientation is bothering you, it can be a stress factor contributing to your food/weight issues. Best to get some professional advice.
How did I miss this??

I personally think you are bisexual if you are motivated to have a sexual relationship with someone of both genders regardless of who is watching.

ie - participating in a sexual act with another woman just because a guy is watching and finds it hot, but not because you really want to be with other women does not actually make you bisexual.

So, I agree with HK here.  actions mean nothing, desires and thoughts define the person I think.

According to Kinsey EVERYONE is some degree of bisexual. But really it's just a label.... a way to identify yourself.... it's all up to you how you want to do that... there's no set formula. If you can say "I'm bisexual" and it rings true inside yourself with how you view it then fine.... don't let others label you.... identify yourself. :)
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