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Jeans for Thick Thighs?

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I have a small waist but thick thighs, and I can never find jeans that fit!  If the jeans fit my thighs, they're several inches too big in my waist.  This usually means that I have to wear a belt (and get that annoying, painful bubble effect) or if I don't, my pants slide and I am constantly pulling them up. Does anybody else have this problem?  What kind of jeans might fit me correctly?  This drives me crazy!!

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I've ALWAYS had this problem and I absolutely hate it. Not only that, but I'm short. So as you can imagine I can never find the *perfect* pair of jeans. It totally sucks. :( I'm glad I'm not the only one in this situation.

This is a good website (that I got from CC a while back) that helps to find jeans that will fit you well. True Jeans.

That's me all the way.. Jeans are too small in the tight area, and then I have to go up a size to get them over my hips. I only found a few pair of jeans that did it for me.. Once in the gap, and then another pair.. My just my size at wal mart, and I'm not sure if they make those jeans any more.. They was crappy jeans, but they fit me.. I didn't have to worry about getting an extra belt loop added to my jeans by a tailor or my fiance's mom.. I was in luck. I don't have that problem with skirts.. It's just jeans, and sometimes I feel my tights are too big for the skirts I go and get.. I love to dress up, and pose for the camera, and I would love to take some more pics in everything new I own.. Well, I got to get a few more pounds off my lovely behind before I can do any of that.. Killer workout for my tights... Power squats with 50 pounds of weigh, and legs presses... I press over 100+ pounds, and you would think.. My tights would have been down few more inches.. He loves them, but I hate them.. How many times can you tell him... I wish I didn't have all these curves, and how many times do I have to hear him say.. But I love them all... My fiance' is good with the buttering me up part. 

I have muscular (the marketing version of "think") thighs and can have the same problem. Plus I'm on the short side. What I find works for me is lowrise jeans that fit around my hips and not my waist. Plus I look for wide leg jeans. I know the latest fashion calls for skinny jeans, but you couldn't pay me enough to wear them in public.

Last thought. Take the jeans to a tailor to have the waist area modified so that they fit you better. If you're not sure, buy several pairs that you  like and take them all to the tailor. The tailor will be able to help you pick the pair that will look best for your figure after they've been modified. Return the rest of them.

Apple Bottoms seem to be made with more room in the rear and thigh. They aren't cheap though.

I know apple bottoms aren't cheap at all.. I have a few pair, and they are on the low rise end. But Nelly that rapper made jeans for women who has a ass.. Ass for days I think, because they fit me just fine.. Makes you want to check your back yard out to see if you do have a apple shape behine.

I'm not going to take a lot of jeans to the tailor. I have tailor, and once I told her my problem with my jeans.. She said.. I know what to do.. I put the jeans on so she can make her loop marking, and I don't have that poke out or gap in the back once I put my belt on.. They fit me like a charm, and I don't mind paying the 5 dollars to have 1 to 2 extra loops put in. She always place them at the back, and it does help a lot. She said, it would be nice for them to add extra loops the designer.. But they forget about girls like me, but Nelly didn't because his jeans fits me to a T.

Low-rise jeans fit better than high-waisted ones.

I have had this problem all my life. Even as a pre-teen, my thighs and butt were much larger than my waist, proportionally. It was the bane of my existence until low-rise jeans came into style. They are not meant to reach the waist, so they don't have to fit you there.

Things I have learned:

Do not buy jeans with no stretch. Even with low-rise, I need some room for the proportions to fit right.

Do not buy jeans with too much stretch. After one wearing, they loosen up enough to fall off and there is no waistline to hold them up, so you end up hitching them up all day. And showing your panties when you bend over is NOT COOL.

DO buy jeans that are designed for curvier women, like the aforementioned Applebottoms or MXM or whatever.

Be willing to pay a bit more for a good fit. It's worth it!

See my body is totally not proportionate. For one I'm short 5'3...Two my biggest parts are my hips and especially my thighs..but here is the killer I don't have a big's would think with the other two being big that the arse area would be too. LMAO.

I seriously wish I was a fashion designer so I could just make my own damn jeans. It's like even if I find decent sized jeans I always have to roll up the bottoms (which looks terrible.) so I don't step on the bottoms which I usually end up doing and then the bottom gets frayed. Ugh.


Silent~ You have 3 inches on me, and I know that's not a lot- but it's more than 5 even. My 13 year old is 4'10, and my 9 year old is 4'10 as well.. They have my shape, but we are pretty sure that the 9 year old will be taller than the both of us.

Now then, when it comes to jeans.. I have to take them to my mother or a tailor to take up.. That's if my fiance mother don't have time to fix them for me. She made me some jeans once, and they fit perfect. She needs to label them and sale them for wide hips and (A).

I can feel everyone pain when it comes down to these hips. I love them, don't get me wrong, but I would like for something to fit me 100%.

Apparently LEVI stores have jeans for every body shape. My bf's friend, who is so tall and thin he has never found jeans that fit, actually found some there without even having them tailored. He said it's like a jeans Mecca.

Also I have seen several times on What Not To Wear, they take the person to a special jeans-making place who custom-fit jeans for people, you can even choose your own thread and hardware....I don't know where to find these magical jeans places or how much they would cost, but it sure sounds nice!

Victoriagirl, I saw that on What Not To Wear too, and I was thinking.. I really do need to go to NYC.. That place is somewhere in NYC, and I think I am going to ask a few NYC people I know on here if they know where that place is.. I'm going up there this Winter, and I don't care what the cost is.. I just want to see if they can make some jeans for my (A). My mom said.. I should wait until I lose the rest of my weight, and have my fiance mom make me a few pair of jeans since she made a pair for me before.

Anyone know what the name of that jean place is? Thanks. :)

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