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When does the IRS start accepting income tax papers

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I heard the 16th of Jan. and my husband heard the 9th. so which is it because I tried looking it up online but obviously I am putting the wrong words in to get back what I need to know. Thanks.

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This might help.  I searced for tax filing dates

Tax Calendar

Your employer has until the end of January to get your forms to you. 

We almost always get our w-2s before the actual open date. his work sends ours via the internet. Last year when had everything filed and in que about 2-3 days before IRS started taking them via e-file.

Tax News

2009 eFile Start Date

December 17th, 2008

The 2009 e-File start date is January 16, 2009 for the filing of your 2008 Income Taxes.

The IRS will start accepting tax returns by e-file on that date. If there are any changes or delays we will keep you informed.

Thank you Christie i will show that to hubby when he gets home.

No problem....Glad to help.....

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