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Intestinal Parasites? (VERY GROSS)

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Has anyone here ever had problems with or suspected that they may have intestinal parasites? 

I ask because a couple years ago I started getting very nauseous all the time. My stomach would swell up so bad I couldn't stand for anything to touch it.  A host of other problems ensued but the worst was that I lost 83 lbs in 3 months time.  I thought I was dying.  I was 98 lbs.  I went to dr. after dr. and none could find anything wrong with me. 

This went on for a couple years then all the sudden it seemed to go away.  The going away happened to coincide with me having a sinus and ear infection and taking some pretty strong antibiotics.

I have been better for about a year now and have gained back every ounce I lost. 

Ok, so recently I have begun having symptoms like I had last time.  Nausea, bloating, diarrhea.  Here is where it gets gross.  Tonight I had a BM and blood, mucus and what appeared to me to be worms came out! 

Do antibiotics kill intestinal worms?  I am 41 years old I don't play in the dirt, sandboxes, etc... Where could I have gotten worms?  Are these the kind of symptoms I would have If I had worms? 

I have looked on the internet but it mostly talks about worms in kids and pets. 

Any ideas, advice, anything?

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First off, get right back to the Dr. and tell him what you posted here. If it is worms, your Dr. can give you something to get rid of them--but don't wait around! You already know that you can get seriously sick from them!
I have heard of adults having worms.  Your doctor can easily diagnose and treat it.  I would go to the doc.  It should be an easy fix if it is. If it isn't, then it's still a good idea to go to find out what's going on.

:)  Kelly
Hi Holly,
  Antibiotics are definitely NOT effective against worms or any parasite or virus.  Antibiotics work on bacteria only.  No guesses as to what you have- as mentioned in the first couple posts, you should definitely see a doctor right away to get the proper treatment.

Good luck,
Ask your pharamist, our pharmacy sells worm medication behind the counter.
I take a antiparasetic drug every 6 months at work (Vets) And have high hygene levels becaue of them. worms can be carryed under your nails, and thread worms can be transmitted to you in the air (the eggs) as they are so small. Worms are easy to treat with antiparasite drugs from the chemists. Also, they cannot stand garlic (its not a old wifes tale) so up your intake of that whist you wait.

 Tape worms can be got though beef cysts that you dont reaslise you are eating, and rounsworms can be gotten by low hygene. They can also cause blindness and can migrate to behind the eyes in children.
Go to your doctor NOW!!!!

Go now, don't wait make an appointment.

You can get intestinal parisites by eating or drinking contaminated food or water if you go on vaction in the southern countries or even rarely by eating or drinking contaminated food in your home country.   Or if you don't cook your meat properly!!!

If you haven't gone on vacation since your last episode, you should get your tap water tested.
i agree with everyone, get to a doctor right away. i have had worms before, and they can be carried to or from just about anywhere. in addition to seeing your doctor and having your house checked, keep a spray bottle of bleach solution handy. spray down the shower, toilet, sinks, counters, dorrknobs - everything. change your bedding frequently as well. 
One thing too, certain kinds can do major organ damage.  They kind of burrow into tissue.
OK, so I just got back from the Dr.  They checked a couple stool samples and said I do not have worms.  He has (of course) no idea what is wrong with me. 

There was blood but no worms.  That is good except now they want me to have a colonoscopy.  I had one of these before and swore I would die before I had another.  Looks like I might get a chance to put my money where my mouth is.

Thanks for all the input.
I have had intestinal worms (tapeworm) and it was awful.  I work as an acupuncturist and herbalist so I knew that something was going on as I was bloated and craving sugar all of the time.  I also ate my head off and wasn't gaining weight.  I also work in an allied health school so I had access to students learning how to test for various diseases.  So I got a tape test.

This next part is kinda gross....

 The technician will apply a piece of clear tape to your anus then apply it to a slide.  When they look at it they will see pieces and parts of the worm casing, etc.  That is how they diagnosed me.  I went to the natural health food store and bought an herbal parasite cleanse and after two weeks I felt a lot better.  The cleanse takes about a month.

Antibiotics will only make the worm dig in deeper, so not an option.  It can't hurt you to go on a cleanse just to make sure, even if the doctor doesn't say you have worms.  The cleanse is gentle and won't make you feel sick or weird.

I can't give you specific names of products on this site but there are many cleanses out there that can help you, just search on parasite cleanses or go to

Good Luck!
I just read a letter in First for Woman from someone that was wondering why they felt hungrier AFTER they ate and the answer given was that they may have intestinal parasites- they also gave an answer for something to buy in the health food store but I can't remember what it was. The letter is in the newest First- I believe- it is a green cover with a few woman on the front advertising how much weight they have all lost- It's a good issue anyway....very motivating...
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