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They are obviously out there right.... so, do you ever think that maybe one time you'll be stalked?

When I say stalked, I mean it in a lot of ways... from someone finding you on facebook (without knowing your name... just maybe a google search of your username or something) all the way to ... stalker stalking.

Ever had in internet stalker?

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i was one!! :D :D :D

i wanted to order a super cheap bridal gown from an online store in china... fishy fishy.. especially since it was 200 bucks for a gorgeous dress... and all the testiomies always seem fake... so i stalked one of the testimonies email and first name out on facebook... and she was a real person!! so i sent her a message with why i was stalking her.. and she helped me out by allowing me to be her "friend" so i could check out her wedding dress pictures :)

muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! i'm diabolical!!

end story- i have my 250$ dollar dress (after taxes and shipping and handling even!) and it's freakin GORGEOUS!

hahaha that's an awesome story! I'm guilty of it too! Before I started my new job, I was given some of the names of the employees here... what did I do first? Plug those names into facebook! lol

I want to know who I'm dealing with! haha

That's awesome about your dress!!! And yes, I would be wary of buying something from China! good for you girl!

oh and yes!! on facebook i got this really long message starting with "i know you don't know me but.." lmao. always a bad sign!!! it was an ex friends crazy, psychotic, jealous girlfriend. And she was contacting me worried that he was cheating on her.. and telling me all sorts of sordid details of him cheating on her in his past (internet cheating) etc... and how she just needed to know from me that i wasn't seeing him as well because apparently he told her that we had a thing once when they were together (umm.. ew.. that never happened).. but it was ended and she wanted to make sure etc etc etc. i think she was just trying to fish out details.. and kept contacting me about it.. and i set her straight.. and stopped talking to them lol.

he's still with her. and i mean she is crazy. she goes crazy when he hangs out with guy friends and everything. he's alienated a lot of his life from all his friends now (the group of guys that were all friends for 14+ years)..

i got rid of him on my facebook too so she couldn't track me down through there again lol. crazy person.

i'm also waiting until my little brother is old enough to have facebook... i met him once when he was like 4... first time i even knew i had another brother!! (on dads side).. so when he's old enough i'm going to stalk him out. the dad is a douche... i lived around the corner from him for 3 years.. and he would never come speak to me (left when i was a baby).. but as soon as my mom came to town to visit he contacted her within two days. it's always like that.. he wants my mom but doesn't want me.. i'm cool now because i'm 24.. so i don't need a dad... but i plan on having another little brother!

hahaha yikes pink! that's a quite a story! I wouldn't want some chick bothering me either!!

I stalk people all the time. But not in tooooo creepy of ways. I always stalk out FB when I know someone new is going to start working at the company. or my husbands friends dates. Sometimes I look up my husbands ex girlfriend. I dont really know why. But seriously, the things you find out on the internet about people are so crazy sometimes.

I dont know if Ive been internet stalked before but I had a girl call me once from a blocked number that knew A LOT about me that not even my parents would know. It was super creepy and she was first she made all these weird threats and then she wanted to be my friend and meet me at a restaurant. thanks. Eventually she stopped calling.

Ewww that's weird priceless!!! First she was cyber stalking, then phone stalking, then wanted to be bff's. Hahaa. People are weird!

I always google people's names too.. even my own!

fatanr, I plan to become your personal CC stalker. Beware!


~pops up from behind trash can~ BOO!

Now... is it considered stalking when stalkee wants the stalker to stalk?!


x x x

Original Post by jamibuch:

fatanr, I plan to become your personal CC stalker. Beware!


~pops up from behind trash can~ BOO!


Runs under desk, shaking.

Is it really stalking without a restraining order?

I do read back through posts when one of those creepy anonymous types pops up, though. Just to see if I can figure out whose sock puppet they are. ;)

See, I wish I was good at revealing sock puppets! But maybe I haven't posted enough to master the art!

Teach your ways, mistress kg

Heh. I suck at it. I do get a sense of what the poster is after, though, eventually.

Ah got ya... Are there a lot of them 'round these parts? Sock puppets, I mean?

I had an ex-boyfriend's "girlfriend" first call me randomly wanting to know what was going on between us. When I explained I had a boyfriend and tried to calm her fears, she somehow found me and added me on facebook(I don't know how she knew my last name) She started sending me the most bizarre messages about she and I were destined to meet each other..

She also kept wanting to know what was going on with my ex and I, and I kept telling her nothing. At one point she told me it was hard to even visit her parents because she had to drive past my company to get there, and made it very clear she knew where I worked. That creeped me out.

I eventually found out from my ex that he and this girl were not together romantically and she was lying about being his girlfriend. She began to become aggressive, telling me I need to stay out of their lives and he wanted nothing to do with me. Anytime I would text him or call him or vice versa, the next day I was getting angry facebook messages to "stay out of their lives". When my consistent reassurance that we were NOT seeing each other did not work,  I tried to block her on facebook, but they said she didn't exist in the system.

Then she started texting me and at one point called me at 5 in the morning to find out if it was true I was getting married. Then she again warned me not to talk to the ex anymore. All this because I was trying to be nice to her on facebook.

Some women are utterly off their rocker...

I have a male friend who dated a compete psycho for a while.  Whenever a female friend would comment about one of his facebook status she would make catty remarks.  She did her very best to destroy his friendships and totally alianate him from his friends in particular other women.  One night she lost it and sent me all kinds of accusatory emails [I'm very happy with my OH with no extracurricular interest in this guy].  I thought she must have been drinking or something.  Eventually I reported her to FB for harrassment and told her boyfriend to sort her behaviour out.

She was dumped a couple of months later.  He's with someone much more sociable and friendly now.

My ex-husband (we divorced 17yrs ago) has stalked me off and on for the last 10yrs or so.

I'm remarried, but he just called me last week telling me he was gonna commit suicide because he never should have left me and I'm the love of his life. Unfortunately he had my cell# because I called him to offer my condolences when my ex-mother in law died over the summer.

I'm on Facebook under Phoebe ****** and this isn't even my real name because I'm afraid of Facebook stalking by me ex. My avatar is the same as here.

He still calls my mom and tells her we belong together. He's not a violent person or anything but I was really angry at the suicide call.

Anyway, what's a sock puppet?

Original Post by fatanr11:


That's awesome about your dress!!! And yes, I would be wary of buying something from China! good for you girl!

Right. Because 90% of what you buy doesn't already come from China.

Regarding the wedding dresses, that's a popular thing. You can take in a photo of any designer gown and they'll replicate it for you. It's popular in Shanghai and Beijing.

Original Post by phoebe_luvs_smallville:

Anyway, what's a sock puppet?

On the interwebs, it's when a person creates multiple accounts, either to troll or spam without rousing suspicion, or to support 'each other'. Account 1 posts to say that they love x diet pill, then account 2 posts to say 'thank you so much for this info - it's just what I was looking for'.

Off the interwebs, it's this.

I knew this guy once... he messaged me on one dating site, then found me on another, then found me on facebook. I was being friendly and we messaged a while, then met up for coffee and it was fine, didn't think anything of it.

It was after that, when we were discussing dating, that I'd specifically said that I wouldn't do long distance, and I wanted to be with someone who wanted kids, he said he didn't, but then suddenly changed his mind and was trying to persuade me to date him... that's when I stopped the contact.

He even complained when I unfriended him on facebook... so to appease the gods I readded him, then promptly deleted him. Haven't heard from him since.

On the other hand, I will look up people on there to find out more about them, esp if I'm thinking of dating them. Its not stalking, it's research!lol

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