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I am having the worst inspiration block right now. I have words in my head I want to write down, but just a few words are not enough. I am greedy for inspiration- to write or draw. I'm hungry for the ambrosia of inventors and philosophers, my muse is gone. 

Any ideas of what I can do to spark inspiration? I feel as plain as the notebook in front of me. 

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Look at beautiful artwork or read a book that should get you ideas for a story
Why do you feel the need to write or draw..?

Because it keeps my mind off of things. 

What kind of stuff do you draw? If nothings coming to you do something else? Watch tv, take a walk, have a wank..?

I am not a writer or artistic. I do remember back in high school (eons ago) the creative writing class I took. The teacher would start each class by writing either the beginning of a scenerio or a beginning sentence. We would then have one hour to write from there. I always enjoyed it and would quite often continue after the hour because I was on a roll.

Hope you get some inspiration from somewhere Hon.

sometimes you just need to change your perspective....hang with your head off the couch upside down...look at things around the room from this different view...go for a walk and see how many different colours you can spot in 5 minutes...turn a book or magazine upside down and try to read it.....

Different things work for everyone, I'm not a writer, I be an artist, but talking a long slow walk to think and see cool things is a good one for me, even if I dont draw anything right away it usually helps me clarify things. Looking through art books and websites full of awesome art inspires me even if I'm super lacking motivation. OR, rough drafts, doesn't have to be finished, looking at work in progress is super interesting to me. Podcasts and livestreams of artists working are great too, and sometimes super funny. A few of my friends take breaks when they run out of motivation or inspiration for a few hours or days by cooking, playing videogames, doing sports, anything other than obsessing over their work. Hope something in there helps you. Art block is super frustrating.

Original Post by kirac20:

What kind of stuff do you draw? If nothings coming to you do something else? Watch tv, take a walk, have a wank..?

Ahahaha, awesome suggestion.

Original Post by doll_eyes:

Because it keeps my mind off of things. 

How can you ask your mind to produce when you don't feed it?

This morning as I was doing dishes, I looked up and saw the vine that insists on growing thru the gap in my window frame. It is from this very large vine thing that is outside and my landlord refuses to let me remove the source because his Mom planted it. His Mom passed away years ago and it is one off the few parts of her he still has. Anyways, we tend to give up and forget that is there. Until I looked up and saw this like 6 inch long vine coming towards me this morning. When I instantly thought that I bet this would make a cool story. lol

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