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How many inches is a size.....

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ok i am looking for some sort of a chart or something like it. I know everyone is a differant size at differant hights and weights. BLAH BLAH.  I just want to know like, how many inches is the waist and hips on a size 8. or yah know, something like that. if you cant find the chart for me, but have some jeans in that size, or any size under 18, measure it and let me know.

I cant get clothes here in mexico, not nice quality ones anyhow, and my family is coming in about 6 months. I will be much thinner then, and i want to be able to mesure my hips and waist and tell my mom what size to get me. so i just want to know.. like, how many inches is = to what size....  I am wearing a super loose 18 now. but dont know if i can actually put on a 16... i dont plan to be a 8 when my mom gets here. but i would like to be a loose 16 or so help me a 14...  but i have no way to tell her what to get, so umm, yeah.



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i know someone posted a website where you can put in your measurements and see a "virtual" self, but i don't know if it gives clothing sizes.  but you could try some clothing brand sites like land's end or nordstrom's or sears.  maybe they would have a chart like that?

edit: has the size charts---search for "size chart" in their website.
I wear a size 12 and my waist is 83 1/2 cm (about 32-33 inches).

At my heaviest (192 pounds) i wore size 14-16. I dont know what my waist was, im guessing around 38.

Hope that helps.
I agree with elin, however it varries from store to store so ask your mom where she is shopping and check their catalog... or just send your mom your mesurements and let her shop that way than when she gets there you will be suprised with new clothes and finding out your new size
It doesn't just vary from store to store; it varies by clothing manufacturer, and each has their own sizing charts.

(Women's sizing charts, by the way, are one of the most effed up things in the universe. A size 12 in one manufacturer might be a size 10 to another, or a 14 to another. You might easily fit the 10 in one manufacturer, but the way the clothes are cut, the low-hip or rise measurements in another mght force you into a 12, even if the high waist fits on the 10. It's messed up. Of course, men's clothing isn't much better, even though it is sized according to body measurements. Some manufacturers cut to a different pattern, and a 34x32 pair of jeans from Wrangler might fit me, but Levi's definitely do not).

Moral of the story: don't get discouraged by size variations. It's a messed up, non-standard industry. Go by what fits, period.
here's some general charts at

Missy's chart:

Junior's chart:

Plus Size chart:
I was so hoping there was an easy answer to that question I've often wondered that myself. But, I can definately varify that store to store I'm a different size.

Thanks nymo for the links, that's a great guideline. ts/size.htm

That's the UK standard sizes.  Bear in mind the US sizes are 4 smaller (ie a UK 10 is a US 6, a UK 6 is a US 2, etc.)

Here's a wiki for the US sizing: hing_size

Good Hunting.


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