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im a many calories???

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hey sorta new to this whole counting calories thing, but i find it really interesting.

i work one day a week as a cashier at many calories per hour do you think i burn? i don't know whether it would be classified as light, moderate or heavy work. i keep pretty active there lol...checking, running to grab smokes, loading groceries into the carts, walking around the store putting items back on the shelf..and on and on and on. what do you think??

thx so much for ur help! u guys are great :)
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Just my personal opinion on this but with the options listed, I'd go with the following:

Standing; Light - Bartending, Store Clerk, Assembling, Filing, Duplicating, Putting Up a Christmas Tree, Standing and Talking At Work, Changing Clothes When Teaching Physical Education

the "light" seems to take into consideration some form of movement besides just standing there, so that would cover the running to grab cigarrettes, putting items back on the shelf, loading bags into the carriages, etc.

If you were doing more, like stocking shelves most of the day, moving products from the backroom to the front floor, or loading *heavy* packages into the carriages a major part of the day (etc), then I'd put you moderate to heavy.  If you were working with hand dollies and stuff, then I'd consider that heavy with some walking and lifting.

(yep, I worked retail   lol)

As for how many calories, you should go to your activity log, and add the activity to your log, with the amount of time the activity was done.  It should tell you (after you hit add) how many calories you burned.  Because its different based on your weight and time spent on the activity, I wouldn't be able to tell you just off the bat.  But the activity log can, provided you have your info on the account (your current weight, age, height, etc).

Hope that helps.
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