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"I'm Allergic to..." No! You're intolerant!!

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Just have to get this little story off my chest!  I'm getting pretty annoyed at the amount of people (step forward latest culprit Victoria Beckham, who wile in Italy, insisted she was allergic to pasta!) who cut lots of things out of their diet insisting that they are allergic to dairy, wheat, red meat etc....

If you get a little bloating, or discomfort after you eat bread etc... THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE ALLERGIC to wheat!  It means you are potentially intolerant.  An allergy is when you have a more severe reaction to eating something.  My best friend's little boy is allergic to eggs and he swells up like a balloon if he has the slightest touch. Poor mite.

OK - now I've got that off my chest I have to share a recent interlude with a friend of mine.  Whilst chatting to another mutual friend of ours who was coming to dinner, she was informed of all the latest things she was "allergic" to and had to avoid.  The list included among other things, alcohol.  My friends husband upon overhearing this list piped up sympathetically  "Oh - I completely understand.  Whenever I have a few too many beers, I wake up the next morning feeling dreadful!"  Our friend never did quite catch the irony in this statement :o)

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I have no problem with people who have real intolerances to foods claiming that they're allergic to them.  I don't really want to listen to my grandmother explain to the waiter that onions give her severe diarrhea and stomach pains.  It's better for everyone for her to claim it's an allergy.  It doesn't really matter that the physiological response she does have is not a histimine response.

Likewise, I know people who really and truly can't tolerate alcohol.  This is fairly common in Asian populations, I'm told.  And anyone who's had a nasty red-wine headache (the instant kind, not a hangover) can probably understand the desire to avoid the stuff in the future (even though it's delicious and I'd personally be glad to take on the risk).

BUT I can't stand that people claim to be allergic or intolerant to foods they simply dislike.  Just grow up and admit that you don't like them!  Or better yet, try them a few times and see if they grow on you.  But don't sit there and claim you're allergic to broccoli when you just think it's icky, because then when I go to a restaurant with my legitimate and annoying carrot allergy, nobody believes me unless they've actually witnessed my hives.

Grumble grumble rabble rabble rabble.

oh - come on.  who cares?

Just making small talk about a pet peeve, I think.
Original Post by coffincritter:

If I bite anything with green pepper in it, my whole mouth burns and my throat closes up. Is that an allergy or an intolerance?

I guess either way, the main thing is to not put green peppers in my mouth.

 That's an allergy.

Well I also find it annoying when people claim to be allergic to foods that they don't like.  Food allergies are very real and often deadly.

Original Post by nasuoni:

I have an allergy to green grapes, and flax seeds.

How do I know it's an allergy and not an intolerance?

I don't just feel sick, bloated and nauseous.

It's bad enough that I throw up within half an hour of eating them, more often than not if I eat even a handful of grapes, it'll be 5 minutes later that they're back up and out.

I am then sick the rest of the day, and don't want to eat anything at all.

I would think that's an allergy? Or is that a very severe intolerance?

 I actually think that that is a severe intolerance as you don't swell, break out in a rash, have trouble breathing etc.

whilst i can sort of understand your frustrations about this tankgirl124, the whole allergy/intolerance thingy, in my opinion, whether a person is allergic or intolerant to a certain food it doesn`t matter, the fact is it still makes them feel very ill and worries them daily. i wouldn`t say i`m "allergic" to pasta but it makes me really ill, and i mean for days, i have really bad pains in my stomach, headaches, tiredness, severe nausea and on occasions suffer anxiety attacks. i cant understand why i get ill with pasta but not bread or other wheat filled foods. if victoria beckham feels the need to call it an allergy thats her choice, let her get on with it. i`m a person who has bad reactions to pasta too, are you going to mock me aswell?

i once said in a restaurant i couldn`t eat pasta did they have wheat free? and as i didn`t say "allergy" they gave me normal pasta, i was i`ll for a few days, couldn`t give my daughter quality play time and it really pi$$ed me off. prehaps you could see it from a sufferers point of view and not get frustrated with skinny celebrities wording in the future?


Yes, there is a BIG difference to "allergic" and "intolerance".  Having had a real allergic reaction to food - "anaphylactic (sp) shock" isn't something you forget!  I have had it twice!  Didn't know I was allergic to blue cheese.  When one ceases to breathe it gets your attention.   Lots of people are intolerant to many foods - eggs, milk, etc. -doesn't make them allergic does it?

As someone going into the medical field...

"What Are the Symptoms of a Food Allergy?

Symptoms of a food allergy can range from mild to severe, and the amount of food necessary to trigger a reaction varies from person to person. Symptoms of a food allergy may include:

  • Rash or hives
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Itchy skin
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling of the airways to the lungs
  • Anaphylaxis


What Are the Symptoms of Food Intolerance?

Symptoms of food intolerance include:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Gas, cramps, or bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Irritability or nervousness"

-- intolerance

If your eyes swell up, it's an allergy, same if you get a rash. You CAN have allergic reactions to things you stop eating, especially if the reason you stop eating it to begin with is because of an intolerance. An intolerance can turn into an allergy, and some allergies could be passed off as an intolerance...

The best thing to do is just not eat crap that makes you sick. Even if it's just stomach upset. There's no sense in eating things that make you feel ill, even if they're "good for you"... such as salmon and pasta.

And yes, some people can be allergic to pasta. Wheat allergies, gluten allergies and all that DO exist.


Personally, I'm allergic to intolerance.

Original Post by splitrail:

Personally, I'm allergic to intolerance.



Ever noticed how 'intolerances' never apply to foods like chocolate....

I have a violent intolerance to beets.  To the point where my husband almost called the ambulance.  It took two episodes before I realized it was the beets.  Now it's easier to just say I'm allergic to them.

I break out in a rash when I have wine from the Prince Edward County region.  But maybe that's more about good taste than allergies.

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