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what is your Ideal body measurements?

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Ok I found this calculator and thought it was pretty cool!

test it out for yourself!
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here is what it said for me. Now granted its all based on the size of your wrist, i know some of mine are wishful thinking(Bust size)!

"Ideal" bust size 39inches!! That would be nice!

"real" bust size right now 35 inches

"Ideal" waist 27 inches

"real" waist 31 inches

"ideal" hips  33 inches

"real" hips  37inches

"ideal thigh 20.6

Real thigh 20.5 yippee!
Did you feel your measurments where accurate?I'm not sure I see myself having a 28 inch waist again.
I know but I had a 36 in. waist when I started and Im down to 31 inches.  so maybe???  Im shooting for 29 inches right now. I still cant see my abs so maybe I can hit the 27!  its something to look forward to if you get there but Im not going to focus on those.  Just fun to look at.  I know I cant have a 39 inche bust either unless I get a boob job!
Well, it's just an "if you were a Greek statue" calculator <g>

My "Ideal" bust is 38" - not appening without some serious surgery!  BHG be d---d, I want whatever the Greeks were eating!

I can see getting down to a 26" waist again, but I'm not sure these "childbearin' hips" are gonna drop enough inches to get under 32".

Of course, since it's for MEN, I'm not gonna worry too bad.
I'm so nervous to measure my waist because after my hysterectomy all my weight gain seemed to go to my mid section. That's the one part of my body that doesn't seem to be improving. Those darn lower abs (or lack of)!!!! tm

ok here is another one but it says Women may have to adjust
measurements in the area of hips, waist, and chest depending on build.

so those are areas we thought were unrealistic.  Funny I cant find one just for women.
cause the darn ideal changes every few years.  Somebody give me
the "Rubens Ideal" calculator :(  How about Titian?  And I
think Waterhouse's ladies are reasonably proportioned...
this one is fun, but maybe not so useful <g> -aesthetics.htm

and I have no idea why this is linked to gender identity, but wow it's comprehensive... htm
yeah I did the Rubens one!  waist size 22 inches for me! yeah right!  been there and its too small!
I thought this was a neat site, but then I noticed that it seems to be
for men only.  It doesn't talk about the female ideal. 
Although, all the measurements still seemed like they may be kind of
close to what I'd like, except the arms--mine are already smaller than
what they suggested.  Maybe I'm supposed to be a man instead.
lr!  too funny!  I thought I liked the measurement for myself too! some were right on so I would be fine with them, I know I dont have a man figure so it must be the measurements of a "girly man!"
smaller, much smaller. My docter said I have to lose 50+ pounds. That will put me down to what I looked like at 21. Which is a small frame, I have a small wrist. So I will be much smaller. Right now I don't want to know my measurements.
Slappy - your and my results were the same - I don't get the hip one though... I don't think my hips were ever a 33 - and they certainly aren't going back that way after 4 kids - lol!  The rest of it was pretty close though - little more work to do on the waist though.
ahhh dang it.... I am supposed to be REALLY small... lets just say Dolly and I have a lot in common. Man...
Interesting...My chest size should be 39....I'm 34/35

waist 27...I'm 28 1/2 (close)

hips 33...I'm 38

bicep: 14...forearm 11...thigh 20...calf  13 and neck 14 (I don't have measurements on those and I'm at work, so I have no access to a tape measure.)

I don't know if I'd want a 39 bust with a 27 waist.  Seems like a HUGE difference to me.
yeah we realized those are measurements for men!

let me ask everyone what was your wrist size???   mine was 6 inches
thank god those were for men.. it said my ideal would be a 48" chest!!!  i guess i could stop now then! hahahhaha..

my wrist size is 6.75"
Mine was 6 or just slightly under....I measured with a straight ruler since I'm at's not that accurate.  You saw my wrists, we're about the same, slappy.
sad that you can find those for men but the one that was for a woman is like a freaking barbie!
ok, I have small 5.5inch wrists.   There is no way in this world I can picture myself with that "ideal" 25inch waist!   ROFLMAO!! 

My "real" waist measurement is about 30inches and I'd die to reach 27inches.   25 is a greek pipe dream!
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