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Houseguests that I want to go home

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This will be my last cranky rant of the day.

My best friend, one other girlfriend and her two children are staying with us.  That is 4 adults and 4 children in one house.  I had to work this week.  Why is it that when I come home they are just lounging around, don't make up their beds, the bathroom they are using is a disaster, kids are fighting, blah blah blah.  I love them all dearly.  I just want them to go home.  i want my house back to normal.  They have been here 4 days, two more to go.

Last night I got home and everyone wanted to know what was for dinner.  WTF, I just worked all day.  So I picked up pizza.  Tonight I left instructions on how to prepare a roast in the crock pot.  Hubby just called and asked what needed to be done.  At least he is thinking.  AARGH!!!!!!!


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I'm not sure of the source nor the exact quote but we've all heard it and know that it is true:  House guests are like fish, after three days they start to stink up the place. 

One source attributes the following quote to Benjamin Franklin, "houseguests -- like fish -- begin to smell after three days."

I think it is wise to remember this when planning to be or to have house guests.

I love the quote.  Laughter is the best medicine.  I am hiding in my office laughing at this.  Glad the door is closed or they would call in the men with white coats Smile

LOL - I thought of that Benjamin Franklin quote too.

I have to admit I think one can be a gracious houseguest by picking up after themselves, making the bed, etc. , I might be reluctant to do anything in their kitchen without checking first, so I can kind of understand them asking what to do for dinner. Then again, if I saw a pot roast with instructions about how to cook it sitting there, I'd probably get the hint!

I hate having houseguests.  I try to discourage people from visiting me.  Last year I had four extra people in the house for a was the longest week of the year.  I don't really mind the cooking and cleaning, I just have a hard time being pleasant for that long.  Frown

I have 17 in laws arriving tonight at various times..have no idea when they will go home...welcome to my world.

Coffincritter - I love that name by the way.  Not only did I leave the instructions we went over them verbably.  I came into work early to escape.  (Didn't work - see seperate rant 'Co-Worker"

Sweetpea62 - I used to like houseguests.  It must be an age thing.  Or an OCD thing.  I am too set in my ways to deal with a mess in my house.  In September we had 6 people staying with us.  It was my 40th birthday.  I had an panic attack because my kitchen was a mess. So it must be me.  I think I will take your tactic and discourage long term guests (more than two nights)

Kae03 - My prayers are with you.  Good luck. 

I have some very good friends that had a couple from out of the country staying with them for 6 months.  There was no extra bedroom, so the visiting couple stayed on a matress right in the living room.  The visiting couple did not chip in for rent, RARELY bought food and were stingy with it when they did.  When dining out, ordered top shelf drinks and the big dinners but insisted that the bill be split evenly.  They borrowed my friend's cars and returned them empty of fuel.  These were really good friends of mine so I spent quite a bit of time with the visiting couple as well.  There were a few times that I got stiffed as well and I really HATE having to ask for money or for someone to pay their fair share.   It was all so stressful for everyone.

The visiting couple finally left last Sunday, it was such a relief.  I feel for you!!

Yeah, I don't like having house guests either. One night is plenty...any more than that and I would rather they get a hotel room. In fact, I'm going over to a friends for New Years and they were like "you guys can stay the night and we can go out to breakfast in the morning". No thanks, no offense but I like my own bed and don't want to walk around your house in my jammies.

Benjamin Franklin once observed that "houseguests - like fish - begin to smell after three days".

Edit: nevermind, someone beat me to it. Thats what I get for not reading responses first.

I always follow the fish philosophy and leave after 3 days and have people stay no longer than 3 days. I've also been known to rent them hotel rooms or I stay at a hotel. I rarely stay at my MIL who I love to death but at some point in the day I need my alone time and shower/bath and lay around without someone bothering me.

I never show up empty handed, always ask what I can do, & pay my fair share.

Original Post by theresa5656:

Coffincritter - I love that name by the way.  Not only did I leave the instructions we went over them verbably.  I came into work early to escape.  (Didn't work - see seperate rant 'Co-Worker"


Oh, thank you. Not sure what time zone you're in but by now you may possibly have gotten home, was the pot roast done?

You know, I love these rants.  It always makes me hope that at least one messy houseguest will read it and think twice about how they behave the next time they visit someone else.

Theresa, I'm truly sorry that you have to deal with such ingrates.  That sucks.

Coffincritter - the pot roast was done.  I got home at 6:00 pm.  I am in the Eastern time zone.  I have to laugh.  i still came home and made the mashed potatos and the vegtable.  My husband set the table, my firends just sat around.  Oh well Today is the last day and I am not working tomorrow or Friday so I will get to relaxation.  Even taking down Christmas and cleaning the house will be fun.

Peaches - thanks for your kind sentiments. 

Happy New Year's to everyone.  May 2009 by great joys to all.


Glad to hear it!
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