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Home invaded..... by crickets!

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It's that time of year when a couple or three crickets find their way into my house, but this year, THIS year, they have brought a few dozen of their little chirpy friends with them! They hide in the kitchen, they leap across the living room floor, and somehow, they make their way into the bathtub -- how, I'll never know.

But last night was the LAST STRAW! I found one ON THE KITCHEN TABLE and you know what that means...... WAR!!!!!

Even the cat is bored with them and will no longer go after ordinary crickets! (Fortunately, he is still a search-and-destroy machine for camel crickets, which I detest beyond all reason and which deserve to die if they are in my house!)

And today, today.... I found one on ME! Up my pants leg!! At first, I thought something was wrong with my cell phone, that it was vibrating without ringing, but a split second later, I was tearing off my pants -- in my living room, with its huge picture window -- like a woman possessed because I knew, I KNEW! it was a cricket that had crawled up my pants!!!!!!! IiiiiiiEEeeeeeeeeee!!!!! You've never seen a fat middle-aged woman rip off jeans so fast! (Not that you'd want to, of course!!)

I don't want to kill these crickets; I just want them OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, are they the normal black ones, or creepy cave crickets?  (Also known as camel crickets).  We have cave crickets in our basement, and they totally freaked me out the first time I saw one.  I was sure it was a spider.  So I call the sprickets, because they look like a cross between the two.

Whichever kind they are, I'm sure they aren't welcome.  Good luck with getting rid of yours, I'm so sorry they are all over you and your house like that! 
Sorry, I am OTFLMPO at the visual! 
I have had crickets in my basement for a week now, but not that many. 
I do have a few spiders, though.  I was in the dining room and here was this spider just hanging in front of the china cabinet.  I grabbed a container and put the spider in it and set it on top of the fridge.  The next day I told my daughter to get the container and open it at the back gate.  She opened it on the patio and must have jumped 2 feet.  Laughed my pants off!  I have a really bad sense of humor, still waiting for her to get me back!
We have black crickets here.  There's one behind my refrigerator right now.  Bubba is baffled by them.  He doesn't have a clue that he's supposed to stalk and kill them.  Instead he cries and looks at me.  I think he's saying "get it mommy, before it hurts me"
At my grandfather's house in Cape May, he would have the WORST cricket problem.  One morning, I woke up with one sitting on my chest.  OH MY G**, it was the worst!  I feel your pain...
Catch them and set them free, don't kill them, or karma will get you.
What are Cave Crickets? We don't get them here- just stupid mosquitos and these odd orange beatles (June?) that fly into the house but are dead the next day. Luckily those are only for a couple of weeks.  We have spiders too and I usually leave them alone- mostly daddy long legs aka-Cellar Spiders- I like them. They live in my shower and eat the mosquitos.  My co-worker had a praying mantis living outside on her patio and she is very fearful of Mantis'. Her husband caught it and she brought it to work in a yogurt container- I took it home and let it free in my back yard on the trumpet vine.  I know I'm weird.... I even leave the black widow spiders alone and let them live- provided they stay outside.  My daughter sees them outside on the porch and wants me to kill her. But I tell her no. It's not like they will jump on you and attack. If I had crickets though I don't know what I'd do.... my dog jumps and eats flies and the orange beatles- so she'd probably go after the crickets too....

I got an instant mental picture of your desperate disrobing to dislodge the cricket. (weee! fun with alliteration!)

I am now sitting here trying very VERY hard not to laugh until I wet my pants. It isn't pretty.

And I am a terrible, terrible person for laughing at your anguish. I will now go sit in the corner.
Ha!!! I can so relate.  I dont know what the stinking crickets are in my house but they defy gravity.  They can frigging CLIMB THE WALLS!!!    And sit there sideways on the wall.....I had one land on me when I was pottying.  I still managed to keep all my wiz in the pot.  One crazy cricket in my bathroom.  What are they doing in my house!!!!!!!
Oh my freakin gah! I would have been outta the house in a flash... I'm petrified by anything that is bug like and go crazy hysterical about spiders... I cant even say the word so I refer to them as the "s word" to hubby.

I was once home by myself and there was a huge freakin spider in the house that was running around. So I got up on the kitchen bench crying and started to call a dozen pest control companies and no one was available to come out immediatly to kill it... So my hubby had to come home from work to kill it. But when he got home (an hour later with me still blubbering on the bench) he couldn't find it so I made him stand guard while I got ready cauze I was not going to stay in the house with a spider on the loose. I was even contemplating moving house.. On our way out we found it less than a meter away from where I was crying on the kitchen bench.

I think my fear of bugs stems from when I had a freakin huge spider stuck in my cleavage whilst wearing my seat belt.... that was NOT a fun day for me...

Argh! *scans room for any creepy crawlies*
Yeah, I'm not crazy about spiders in the house, either. That's why I'm getting married, to have someone around to kill the spiders! :-D

I think camel crickets and cave crickets must be the same thing; surely sounds like it! And "sprickets" is a GREAT name for them!! I had never seen such a creature until I bought this house, and oh, I could have easily lived without knowing such a thing exists. I *really* dislike them.

I still have regular black chirpy crickets in my house, the cat is still ignoring them, and there are little empty Pringle packages (individual lunch size) within easy reach as they work well for catching crickets.

My son gets 3 minutes of computer time for every cricket he catches, and yesterday, was catching them just for the fun of dropping them on the front porch for the feral kitten that hangs around. The kitten thinks crickets are a blast and plays with them until he kills them, and then eats them. Even the legs!

So it's not much fun for the crickets, but I have to say watching the kitten go after the crickets is extremely entertaining! After he's dispatched one, he looks expectantly through the storm door awaiting another. My son even voluntarily went into the scary scary basement, a place he normally will go only under great duress, when I mentioned there are crickets there, too.

I mowed the back lawn last week, and understand now why I have crickets in my house -- it's because THE YARD CAN'T HOLD ANY MORE!!! It was unbelieveable, almost like something out of a movie.... the ground was a moving carpet of crickets trying to get out of the way of the mower!!!

I apologize for any nightmares that mental image inspires..... !
if i still had my bearded dragons, brutus and bytor, i would bring them by for a visit, they would be so so thrilled to help you with those crickets. had them for about 3 years. i kept them out in my mudroom/garage over the summer and someone stole them. hope they took good care of them. sigh... they were soooo fascinating.
I am so fearful of spiders and basically any bug that finds itself in my home. I run from them screaming! BUT, I never want them to die, so I have my boyfriend catch them and put them outside. I don't know what I would do if I had a swarm of crickets to deal with, but sleeping would not be an option. :)

I am deaf in one ear, so when I get a cricket in my house, I can never tell where the sound is coming from, LOL. Which makes it near impossible to track down.
Oh athena, I'm so sorry your yard is so full of them!!  Sounds like you have a system to at least rid a few of them from your house.  Yes, camel and cave crickets are the same thing.  No idea why they need two names.

nubiker - I don't know if these crickets make the same noise as the black ones.  I suppose they do, but I have never heard any chirping from my basement, and there are a lot of these buggers down there.  So the only trouble you would have with these guys is how fast they are!  They are usually easy for me to spot, but they are hard to catch. 
they make these things that emit a high pitched sound that drives rodents and bugs batty -- supposedly drives them away

you plug them into the wall and that's it -- and they work better in a room that has a hard (not carpeted) floor

We've got them in our bedrooms and living room and kitchen, but we don't have a plug to spare in the bathroom, so we have crickets in our bathroom sometimes... they seem to hang out in the closet, but late in the evening they come out - party time I guess.

I bought these thingies at Lowe's home improvement - they were near the other rodent/pest control stuff.

Maybe they will work for you?
watergirl, if you still had the bearded dragons, they'd be welcomed with glee to the hunting grounds! I'm so sorry someone stole them; that's awful.

nubiker, the crickets here have the gall to walk across the kitchen floor, and then beat a hasty retreat, or try to, when someone walks into the room. When they are singing, they are hidden, darn them!

pandajenn, I think camel crickets are silent. At least they have that going for them. The black crickets that have invaded keep up a chorus day and night; there are at least three of them singing in the kitchen right now -- in the middle of the afternoon.

nomo, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! My salvation is at hand!!!!!!
I just looked up at the wall (12 foot ceilings in my office) and there's a praying mantis perched up there.

It's slowly walking along the wall.

1. Will it hurt me?

2. Why does it walk so slowly?

3. What does it want?

4. How can I get it out of here without touching it?
It makes a weird clicking noise every few minutes too.

I'm scared.  :(

and I feel silly too...  :p
I once had the same thing (bug up the pants) happen to me when I was at a picnic at a friend's house... but the bug was a wasp.  SCARED THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME. 

It got half of the way up my thigh,  when I felt something poking me... I thought it was a sticker or something caught in my jeans, then I kind of grabbed it and pulled it away from my skin with my fingers, and it started  to *squirm*...

Some how it didn't sting me... I had to RUN into my friend's mom's bedroom, take off my pants, then I trapped the wasp between a paper plate and cup and let it go outside (putting pants back on first)...of course I had to show it to everybody before I let it go :) 
Nomo, praying mantises won't hurt you... at least I have never, ever heard of them hurting anyone and have even handled them a few times.  They are creepy looking but harmless.  It is probably either looking for a way out or hunting for the tiny bugs it eats.  It walks slowly because it is supposed to look like a branch or leaf, so that it can remain camouflaged and unseen by both its prey and its predators. 

You could probably get it out without touching it by trapping it between a paper plate/newspaper/book and a cup.  Someone with a patient and steady hand would be best to do this.  Praying mantises are pretty delicate so I wouldn't recommend using a broom, unless you don't mind if it dies...I don't think they leave a lot of guts though. 

Do you remember the movie "5 Alive"?  Just think of the mantis as a tiny, green robot-alien thingy and it actually becomes sort of cute...
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