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How did you hide it?...or pretended to hide the weight?

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I use to stretch my tshirts with my knees, so they would fit losely on my body. That way they wouldnt "hug my belly"..*lol* 

I'm asking this silly question because recently...and since I've lost some pounds, my t shirts look natural without the stretching!..yay!

Also some of the so called tricks to "hide the fat"...actually make us look fatter.

What tricks did you guys use? to share?....and now are you still hiding it or has someone given any advice on what clothes to wear?



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Oh my... My old 'hide the fat' tricks. Lets see...

I would always wear a jacket or a hoodie. And almost always have it done up, unless I was leaning over so it would drape over me more.

I would cross my arms over my stomach. Especially while sitting.

I would (and still do) sit with my toes on tip toe, to make my thighs look thinner (it works too!)

I would put my hair over my face to cover my neck

I would carry large bags thinking that it would make an illusion.

I would wear ball caps

I would cross my leg like a man does (on the knee)

Cant think of any more.
Dang I had a few... haha.

Tunics - I wore a LOT of large sized tunics (some of which I stretched out with my knees), to hide a lot of pudge.  Every T-shirt over sized to cover my stomach and hips. 

Khaki pants with the side elastic.  Big bulky sweaters in the winter.

Yeah, and the crossing my arms over my stomach when sitting.

I know what you mean about shirt looking good without the stretching now - I'm finally able to wear those cute clingy/drapy tops with a lot of spandex in them that taper into the waist.  Heh, heh.....

I remember the first time I felt comfortable wearing a tight t-shirt. I was currious one day while shopping for clothes... and I tried it on. I had tears in my eyes. Ive worn tight shirts before but I was always pulling and tugging on it and Hiding as much as I could. Now I love them!


I wear black or very dark clothing. 

I would usually buy my tops one size bigger so they wouldn't cling to the fat rolls. 

I would also wear tunics, band shirts, or empire waisted tops. 

Pants and skirts with an elastic waist. 

Jeans with a bit of lycra so that they would be a bit stretchy. 

Heels when I wear skirts to make my calves look more muscular.

The crossing arms over the stomach is KEY. I always did that, and I still do it, though I'm trying to do it less. It's partly habit, partly that I still have fat to hide - my stomach has been my problem area for years.  By now I've probably even mastered how to make it look natural!....I hope...

Another thing is wearing a zip-up hoodie and the just doing up the bottom so it covers where my stomach doesn't fit into my jeans so great (I get hot REALLY fast, so I couldn't do it up anymore, even if I wanted to).
I dress to my shape. Makes me look a bit slimmer, and highlights my attributes.
Big skirts, or big pants, with a smaller shirt. No matter what I weigh, I'm smaller on top, so I try/tried to draw attention there and away from the bigger parts. Seemed to work.
My biggest one was tilting me head up to "hide" my double chin. Looking back I realise I either looked pompous or stupid or a bit of both, lol.

I also wore a lot of baggy sweaters and have only recently begun to give them up.
In high school I used to wear one of those body support things, almost like a swimsuit but its an undergarment.  NOT comfy.

Then my gut got too big to even make much of a difference LOL.
Before I lost weight I was always so embarassed. I wasn't even that big I just felt so uncomfortable all the time. Like most of you said, I remember stretching  out my shirts.  I never wore short sleeves because I hated my arms.  Even in the summer I tried to wear long sleeves until I was practically dying from the heat.  I remember I once tried to hold my stomach in with tape.  By the end of the night, I had the worst rash.  And for most of those miserable years I was dressed in black with long, long hair.  Someone else said this about sitting with their toes touching the ground.  I did that so the fat on my thighs wouldn't spread everywhere and take over the world. lol.  ehh I hate that feeling.
i still do :

     -the crossing the arms over the stomach thing.

     -wear hoodies to try and cover my stomach. i use a tight zip-up hoodie and zip it up half way.

     -sit with my legs crossed to try and hide my thighs. if my legs arent crossed, then i make sure my hands are sitting on my thighs to cover them up.

     -wear dark jeans to make my thighs look slimmer

     -wear long, dangly earings to make my face look slimmer

     -NEVER wear shirts with stripes because it makes you look wider

i used to:

     -wear huge baggy hoodies with tight jeans because i thought it hid my stomach.

     -never wore tight shirts, shorts, or skirts


I would spray my t-shirts with a mist sprayer to get the most out of stretching out the belly part of the shirt.  I would either pull my arms in and use my elbows or I'd do the knee thing too!

I also wore a size too big on top so my regular blouses wouldn't cling to my rolls and so it would fit around the hips area because, ya know, I always had to get the longer shirts to hide my wide load of hips and front butt!

I also did what Sarah did...raise my chin up a bit to hide my double chin.  Yeah, that didn't quite work well for me either.  Lol

I loved and still love the "spanks" pantyhose and underwear from Lane Bryant.  (And apparently, even the skinny little movie stars wear them!!)

Thanks for the replies..guys!. It's interesting because this small exercise shows us the things we have in common, like using the hands to cover the rolls. Also for instance, understand other people's situation. For example I use to dislike a girl who  always use to look like she was looking down on people, her head was always high ...stockup I realise, she had a big chin.*lol*

I didnt know the "toes trick" that's a new one...*wink*.

It is funny, when i tought I was hidding my rolls, in some cases I was making them more visible. I guess I kinda looked like a Lollypop (tight jeans & loose t-shirt).

On the other hand, once I put away all the excess weight, I am keeping on the the stretched t-shirts....maybe as a reminder.  

I find my huge cotton tee's I used to wear make great PJ's becuase they are so huge. I like put them on and tell my boyfriend 'This used to be tight on me' and he would be all 'No way. You are Lying. No. Thats just not possible. Lier.'

Or I used to do this strange excersize when I would strech out my neck, like look waaay up (its the big friendly giant. Haha.) and it felt like it was 'toning' or at least stretching out my neck muscles. I used to get really strange looks from people becuase I would do it at work, and I worked at a Deli counter in a supermarket making pizza's and trussing rotisarie chickens...
I used to cross my arms over my stomach. I would suck my stomach in (I still do. It is habit) I too wore baggy clothes. When I wore tight clothes I made sure that my pants were baggy. I wore those tops/jackets that were really tight around the tummy area, but looser on the top and bottom. It created a corset type look. I too crossed my legs at the knee. I also did the toes thing. I also did this thing where I would have my arms over my stomach, and I would hold my arms where the 'fat' was. I figured people would assume that I just had a wierd habit of grabbing my arms, and pulling my fat down.
i broke that arm over the stomach terrible habit.

instead i just held in my muscles if i felt self concious about the area. the bonus is that it finally pays off in a stomach that is more toned and flat (isometrics)

i used to do that tshirt stretch too!
but in pics i just look like a bell or something with that.

other things:
bootcut pants to hide my old wide thighs/hips
darker colors on the bottom lighter on top (bottom heavy)
pinstripe pants
control top stuff under things
minimizer bra
layering a jacket/sweater over a fitted top leaving it open.
(makes you look taller and leaner)
3/4 sleeves to show off my arms(thinner area)

and i used to take water pills on the big day of pms bloat.
when i was heavy i looked pregnant for a day if i didnt.

i swear those things made the bloating worse after a few months and i ditched em and went with eating low carb and lemon water on puffy days. does the same thing a bit more naturally.
and no rebound bloating effect like diurex did.

I wear my tops right at waist length and boot cut jeans.  And I never ever wear pleated pants.  

I think I got it off of Oprah when they had the "What Not To Wear" girls on the show.  People noticed the difference right away and all day long I had people telling me I lost weight.

I also use my boobs as weapons of mass distraction.  (Not kidding)
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