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help name our bowling team please! Tonight is first night...

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I am on a bowling team which consists of me, my husband, my best friend and her husband. We do lots of stuff together and we love to camp. Any ideas for bowling team names?

We were thinking of XXX Rated, Body by Bowling(guys didn't like), 4 Boobs & Some Nuts, No 'F' in Strikes.
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I sorta like 4 Boobs & Some nuts *shy, evil grin*
I like xxx rated....that's so cute! Such a great bowling name.
Hmmm... The Kingpins?  The Pinheads?  The Alleycats?  Great Balls of Fire?  I can't believe it's not Gutter?  (Can't take credit for all those, I did a google search)

Or if you're a Big Lebowski fan, you could go with the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers...
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hey did you already pick your name as what about totally controlled for the name
How about

Bad Role Models
"Lane Surfers"
Let us know what you guys end up naming your team K?
Bad Role Models... hmmm, how about "Adult League".

Lane Surfers, that's cute!

For those who can handle it, our team name is "Balls -n- Racks"
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I too go bowling with a big bunch of people and our name is our favorite song when we go  " Honkey tonk Badonkadonk" we love it we all say Badonkadonk when someone get a strike or a good pick up. So what is your favorite song and go from there, if that helps!
kipp~ I liked all your suggestions, thanks! ;)

kimmy~ I love it! We're better drinkers than bowlers so we wouldn't be getting to many Badonkadonks, heehee. Although I did extremely well my first game 177!
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I would like help with a catchy bowling name for my team 1 lady and three men I want it different but clean also. We start bowling tomorrow so please send me something ASAP.
I'm a bit late on this... we named our team Balls-n-Racks.

Hapmtonpa~ "3 guys and a girl" That's clean :)

How about Drinking Team with Bowling Problem.

Hapmtonpa - How about 1 Rose, 3 Thorns?

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