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As I am clearly on a diet, I don't want a bunch of candy lying around my house after Halloween. Does anyone have any ideas about things I can hand out to trick or treaters that aren't candy??? I was thinking Halloween pencils and erasers, but i don't know, that might be lame. What do you all suggest?

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Plastic spider rings    My kids love those.

Ooh yes, I think I will head down to the local dollar store tomorrow and see what kinds of little toys they have that I can put in loot bags!

Check out Oriental Trading Company - they have tons of stuff and pretty cheap.  One year I handed out plastic bat rings with a little piece of paper rolled up in them telling all about bats and how they are really good animals.

I always hand out pencis/erasers/plastic rings/mini note pads/necklaces.....

  • Mini tubs of play-dough 
  • Fun Halloween stickers
  • Healthier treats (boxes of raisins, packets of nuts, packets of crackers or pretzels, etc.)  

never underestimate the power that stickers hold over children, but I also like all of the above suggestions of fun rings/pencils or boxes of raisins.

I prefer the house that's giving out Reese's. ;)

I second the Oriental Trading Company.  I like to order their craft sets, stickers, stationery, and those little ceramic piggies you can paint yourself to give out as gifts around holidays.

Candy is dandy but as a kid, I liked those little ball puzzles where you had to roll it through and get all of the balls on the little designated stations.  They're so stupid that you feel bad if you can't get it done and spend hours trying.

Original Post by cptbunny:

I prefer the house that's giving out Reese's. ;)

Yeah me too.

OP, when you're done for the night, dump the candy bowl into a trick or treater's bag. They might even thank you.

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Original Post by cptbunny:

I prefer the house that's giving out Reese's. ;)

Yeah me too.

OP, when you're done for the night, dump the candy bowl into a trick or treater's bag. They might even thank you.

Where I live there are kids that are 14-18 that come, so candy wouldn't hurt for them and give the last person the candy.  But yes, I heard Trading . . . is a great place.  You can also give out nickles or dimes, depending on how many kids you think you'll have.

lol just give out candy. it always annoyed me when people gave me like a juicebox or a bag of pretzels. when i emptied out my bag to see what i got id juss be like WTF is this?

oh, no! you're going to punish the poor children because of your shortcomings? don't do it!

buy the candy at the last minute and give out all of it. if there are leftovers when it's time to turn out the lights, leave them on the stoop for the hoodlums.

I agree with Pg. Don't punish the kids because you're on a diet. As suggested, give the rest of the candy no matter how much to the last kid. Or buy candy you don't like.

Original Post by moonikins:

I agree with Pg. Don't punish the kids because you're on a diet. As suggested, give the rest of the candy no matter how much to the last kid. Or buy candy you don't like.

This is what I do every single year.

I agree that Halloween is supposed to be about treats. I remember as a kid getting other items and thinking why? I remember the people who would hand out hot coco or change. I understand people wanting kids to be healthy yet at the same time this is once a year and a festive time. It is like serving fruit instead of cake at a kids birthday

Why not buy those huge bags with little toys and cheap candy in them? Kids'll love those and if you're tempted to eat've got deeper issues. Unless they've got the vanilla and cherry Tootsie Rolls in 'em. Omnomnomnom.

Or those little, chalky sticks that come in boxes with superheroes on them. Fun Dip? Pixie sticks? Or even those baby bottle pop thingies? All rather disgusting, but kids would flip for it.

Oh! Oh! I know! Hand out those Bug Juice drinks. It's like catnip for children.


Buy something that you aren't tempted to eat, yet others will enjoy. For me, I could never binge on lollipops. That would be something that I could give away without wanting to keep for myself. Chocolate, however, would be something that I'd have trouble sharing. More would go to me than the trick-or-treaters!

I agree that it is wrong to punish kids because you are health conscious. Halloween is about candy plain and simple and it only happens once a year. Imagine if you were their age and someone gave you a pencil or stickers or anything else that wasn't edible. You would be disappointed. It is like getting socks for Christmas as a kid. Holidays aren't about practicality when it comes to kids. Why not just buy a candy that you HATE? If you remove the temptation, then you won't snack.

However, you also need to think in terms of not having your property vandalized. If you actually hand out something that isn't edible, you will most likely be egged, TP'd, or your pumpkins will be smashed (if you have any on your porch). I know trick or treat is just a catch phrase to most kids, but some kids take it a bit more seriously. Here is an eerie thought. Let's say you give out stickers and the next day you come out and the entire front portion of your house from your drive way and all your windows to your garage door is covered in wall to wall stickers. Imagine trying to peel all those off. Or worse, you park your car outside, and your entire car is stickered and peeling them off wrecks the paint job.

Remember you have a wide array of kids ranging in different ages. Not just four and five year olds going trick or treating with their folks.  Two years ago, a woman on my street had her mailbox smashed, her car egged, and her house TP'd on Halloween night. The next day when I came out to do my sprints on the street and I saw her cleaning the egg off her car, I went across the street and expressed my sympathy. Then I asked her what she handed out to trick or treaters and she told me coupons for free donut holes @ Safeway. I felt really bad for her, and I even helped her clean up a bit of the TP. But to be honest, she had no one to blame for herself. There is a reason why the slogan "trick or treat" was invented. Kids can be VICIOUS on Halloween.

If you are still tempted regardless, leaving the rest out on the porch past closing time is a great idea and you could also take the left-overs with you to work for your co-workers.

oh, it's not punishing them!


Last year, my kids got all kinds of non-candy stuff on Halloween and they loved it!

What they liked best was the mini tattoos; spiders, skulls, pumpkins, bats, cats, etc.  They come in little boxes, tiny, cheap.  My cousin used them as part of a pinata filler, once.  I saw them later at Walgreens, I think.

I agree that you shouldn't punish kids based on your own dietary restrictions, but I don't think that handing out non-candy items is punishment.  When I was a kid, my parents made me through away most of my Halloween candy anyway, so getting a non-candy item would've been a treat!

I mean, they let me eat some of it, but not the entire bag!  Perhaps I wasn't the norm though...

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