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i hate smokers

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i went out with some friends last night who are all chain smokers and was forced to breathe in cigarette smoke all night (gross). the thing is, this morning i feel exhausted and keep coughing - i'm really not in shape for my morning workout. could passive smoking have done this to me? 'cause i know it wasn't alcohol since i barely drank anything. how on earth do smokers stay healthy? i guess they don't in the long-term. ugh i hate smokers. they don't care that they're hurting their friends as well as killing themselves. :s
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nobody denies that it's a powerful addiction, csthomas.  tell us this, in all honesty: would more restrictive smoking laws have helped you to quit earlier?
the laws wouldn't stop people from smoking, it just hurts the bar.  I too hate non smokers, or those who have never tried it. Some times a cigarette is worth dying for.
Restrictive areas will not help me quit.  I already work in a smoke free einvironment, so I lightup on the way to and from work.  I'm fine without them all day long.  When at home I usually don't have a smoke unless I have a drink.  I go out to eat and no smoking is fine, freind's houses, no smoking is fine, BUT

put me in a bar with a drink and I'm smoking.  You guys can have your oxygen bars, your fruit drinks bars, your non-smoking bars....Give me my smoking bar with like minded ppl.  I don't  bother non-smokers in their areas and I'm considerate with my smoking; now let me have the one place that it is still ok to smoke!  Non-smokers not allowed unless you don't mind my cigarettes for a couple of hours.

My area has not passed any laws, yet.  One of the legislations they are considering is to let any bar that does not do their primary amount of business as food sales, continue to allow smoking.  Meaning, if you serve mostly alcohol, not food, then smoking is ok.

This could keep a nice balance.  If government must be involved it could be fair.  There would be non-smoking places and smoking places.  You can choose which one you frequent.  You can start your own he-man smoking haters clubs.  And we can sip and blow in peace. 

You can even choose which place you would like to work.  I would choose the non-smoking establishment to wwork in and spend my money at the smoking place.
A lot of my close friends smoke, so I dont hate SMOKERS but I hate Smoking... I find it so gross to be around, and when we are out in a group - one person will start, then halfway through someone else will.  This will continue till the first person starts again and its just way gross to me. 

I know its an addiction and quittign is so hard.  But I hate what it does to their health!!  I love my friends though, so while I hate smoking, second hand smoke, etc. I dont hate my friends for doing it.  I just wish they didnt! :(
really, tinker?  restrictive areas won't help you quit?  because it sounds like the restrictive areas (your workplace, your friends' homes) help a lot. 

the bars and restaurants have been non-smoking here for years, and there's been a huge decline in smoking.  i was a youth worker when the laws came in, and i saw an immediately decline in kids smoking when they could no longer sit in restaurants, pay for one cup of coffee, and smoke for hours (they stopped drinking coffee, too, and switched to healthier, more expensive drinks).

the bars have had to adjust, but most of them are doing fine, because more non smokers go out more often.
I also don't smoke when I'm at home and it's allowed there, so my smoking is limited because of my choice.  If I want to I can go outside with the smokers during work hours and huff a butt every hour like they do.  I choose not to. 

At home, when I so desire to smokle with my wine/cocktail I put in the exhaust fan and blow it on the non-smokers outside.  lol  jkjk  no one's standing outside my window unless I';m being stalked. lol
For those of you who say to stay away from smokey places...that's just not always easy.  Cigarette smoke just travels too darn far!  A few years ago, I had asthma pretty bad and couldn't go anywhere!  Even outside places, like the zoo, a passerby with a cigarette could trigger an asthma attack.  It wasn't a matter of being cooped up with no ventilation. 

Anyway, more and more kids are being diagnosed with asthma these days.  My niece has it and both her parents still smoke!!  We went on vacation with them and her mom had to give her "breathes" in the middle of the night once...but they still claim it was from the pool chlorine (which might have been a contributing factor...but two smoking parents...geez).

Also, one of our fostor children was from a smoking home.  He was seven years old and would wake up in the morning with a cough like a smoker's hack.  After he had been with us for a while (month or two), he blew up a balloon and released the air in my face...smelled just like cigarette smoke!!

Okay, enough's just that it hurts more that just the person smoking!
If you got'em smoke'em

I don't smoke around kids...and i don't smoke around non smokers...i don't even smoke in my house...and most of my smoker friends don't smoke in there houses...i do smoke in my car and outside...we have a law thing about smoking with kids in the car which i think is a good thing...people shouldn't smoke with kids in the car...i remember when i was a youngster my mom and dad would puff away with me and my brother and sister in the back seat...all my aunts and uncles smoked and my grandparents...i started smoking when i was 14...did my parents have anything to do with bro and sis don't smoke and i only have one cousin that bro and sis don't have any breathing problems...but i think that smoking does cause it....but i don't think that the "more and more kids are being diagnosed with asthma these days" msspeech, has anything to do with cigs...i think its just pollution in general. 

i used to be a heavy smoker...about a pack a day now its about a pack a month...because...its not a habit for me a release thing...instead of getting drunk i might puff on a smoke and relax instead.
Maybe a more considerate position would be that you hate smoking, not the PEOPLE who smoke.

I quit three  years ago and was and still am determined not to be an obnoxious ex-smoker.  I don't enjoy smoke-filled areas, so I try to avoid them.  Here in my hometown, Louisville, KY, we are totally smoke-free in all public places.

Maybe you should move to Louisville?

Try to understand it is an illness, just as much as heroin addiction or alcoholism.  Avoid the consequences and pray for those still addicted.
smoking is not an illness.

Smoking is fun and cool for some people!

Some of us enjoy cigars, pipes, chew.

Not everyone thinks tobacco is bad!
its sad to say but i'm very thankful my current bf gave up smoking before we met.  i love everything about him but i don't know if i could be physical with him if he smelt like cigerettes.
i've never lived around smokers and i won't hang out with them if they smoke around me a lot.  i just can't enjoy their company while i'm hacking up a lung.  on the otherhand, i don't think it's fair to hate smokers.  you can choose to hang around them. 

and please, litter is litter.  if i eat a candy, i put the wrapper in the trash can.  don't just drop your cigerette butts everywhere.  gum chewers, you too!

to considerate smokers/chewers, thank you, that last statement does not apply to you. 
I hate smoking too! People are always smoking around me. I dont' want people around me not only hurting themsekvse but affecting me! I think that smoking should be banned in public places. It may have been cool one day but now not only is it tacky but its also trashy. Hear that?

Obviously smoking is bad for you.
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Here's a Refresher.

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- Smoking causes lung cancer.
- Second-Hand smoke is the leading cause of _____.

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I'm not a smoker and I'm against the bans in bars (that right should be reserved for the owner).  Here are some interesting studies about some other things that are harmful to your lungs. m tm
Well, just for the record, I'm in LOVE with the bans - but not because of long term health reasons.  I mean, those are fine and all that, but I have more pressing issues.  I'm so allergic to cig smoke that if I walk past people smoking my eyes will swell shut and I'll be bed bound for at least 12 hours.  I have to be VERY carefull about being out and about in places where people might smoke. 

It is so gross.  My eye whites turn this red/clear sort of color and lose their "ball" shape and start to ooze around in my eye socket while swelling up and my lids look like giant blisters as they swell.  I have to first lay back with a HOT HOT HOT pack over my eyes until the stinging/itching goes away, and after I've taken tons of antihistimines, and then as my eyes start to feel more normal again I can use a cold pack to ease the rest down.

Restaurants that even have smoking sections used to be totally out.  I've learned though, that if I can make sure not to touch my face period while I'm out, I can avoid most of the problems unless I get within, say, 2-3 feet of the actual cigarette OR if someone that was smoking and hasn't showered since hugs me or gets close to me.

SO - I guess - there probably aren't many as sensitive to cig smoke out there.  All the same, just know that there is at least one person out there that is now able to be out in public with a little less to worry about.  (Although, truth be told, when places ban smoking it means a lot of smokers just sit RIGHT outside the door smoking so in order to walk in or out I have to cover my face and hold my breath.)
I like the way that cigarettes can actually prevent an athsma attack!

I also remember liking the way a cigarette tastes after some dirty sex.

I wish I still smoked.(and had dirty sex)
lmao Frothy - That's exactly when I smoke.   you crack me up.  :)
Maybe tinker and I should get together and "take five"
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nothing like a pc smoke, and i don't mean politically correct ;)
Original Post by longliv:

i went out with some friends last night who are all chain smokers and was forced to breathe in cigarette smoke all night (gross). the thing is, this morning i feel exhausted and keep coughing - i'm really not in shape for my morning workout. could passive smoking have done this to me? 'cause i know it wasn't alcohol since i barely drank anything. how on earth do smokers stay healthy? i guess they don't in the long-term. ugh i hate smokers. they don't care that they're hurting their friends as well as killing themselves. :s

 I have long ago stopped being friends with people who smoke.  Life is too short to waste it with people who have trashy habits.  Are you in your early 20s or a teenager or something?  (Never mind I just looked at your profile.) Or living in some area of the country where smoking is still socially acceptable?  When I lived in San Francisco, almost nobody I knew smoked.  I would have been really embarrassed to be a smoker since none of the other parents at my kid's school were.  Seriously, you may get a negative reaction, but if it was me, I would just say "I'm sorry, I really like you a lot, but I really hate cigarette smoke and have decided not to hang around with people who smoke.  Please give me a ring when and if you decide to kick the habit." Since your friends are barely out of their teens, a lot of them will probably be kicking the habit over the next couple years if they have any sense.  By the time you're my age, (late 30s), you'll notice that pretty much the only people who still smoke are the meth freaks, drunks, etc - the dregs of society.  It really is a nasty, low-class habit.


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